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  1. Hi John, Thanks so much for the reply. I took a few days to reply since I wanted to give it some usage time before replying. It initially worked, however unfortunately it doesn't seem like a "solution", but rather only a temporary fix. After doing that everything seemed to have went back to normal, but after a few days the issues came back - sometimes not waking up from sleep (forcing me to unplug and then replug the base stations), and sometimes not going to sleep. Perhaps unrelated, but it seems like the headset is being kept on at all times as well (green light on the side, heads
  2. Hello, As much as I enjoy the Vive when it works, it's getting really frustrating to use it regularly. My most common issue is the bluetooth link not working, which either causes the Base Stations to never go to sleep, or not wake up. Clicking Restart obviously doesn't do anything. I tried power cycling everything. Link box first then stations, and the other way around. Tried uninstalling the drivers and re-installing them, unchecking the "use bluetooth" in the settings and re-checking it. Is there a magic solution I'm unaware of? A very specific sequence of actions to make this
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