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  1. Good to know. I just ordered my strap upgrade, so thanks! I've had a lot of friends trying my Vive who wear glasses for distance vision think they can go without when using the Vive because the lenses are so close to their eyes, not realizing that it's focused to infinity, so both near- and farsightedness will effect your vision in the virtual world just like the real one. They'll say, "my vision isn't that bad, I don't need to wear them" imagining they'll be looking at something just a few inches away—and then they put the Vive on, and quickly change their minds. I've been very happy with my VR Lens Lab lenses—I got both prescription ones and Plano ones I put in before others wearing eyeglasses use it—since I've scratched both Fresnel lenses from the hinges on my eyeglasses before I got the prescription lenses. I got it with blue guard but before the RAB was available, but since I had to get high-index lenses for my prescription strength, I think it was less of an issue.
  2. And , I just did a search and saw your other thread on the matter. From that I see you got the Plano lenses from VR Lens Lab, then tried a different manufacturer for the prescriptions. So my question would be... will the Plano lenses stay in place with the Deluxe Audio Strap attached? They are identical in fitting, so that would answer my question. (I don't wear progressives, my age-related presbyopia is JUST bad enough to make me send bug reports to certain developers who put HUD, subtitle, or other head-locked elements too close to my eyes, but it's generally not an issue. Given the low resolution of the Vive compared to real life, if presbyopia did eventually become a problem, I could ask my doctor to give me a lower prescription—just like pushing your glasses down your nose.)
  3. am I correct reading between the lines that the VR Lens Lab prescription lenses don't work with the Deluxe Audio Strap? You said you tried a different make as well that fit differently and seemed blurry, so I'm not clear on whether you're using eyeglasses with the new Strap because the prescription lenses no longer stay in place b/c the frame doesn't lock them down anymore, or because they were damaged or unusable for some other reason, resulting in you trying a different make and now you're using eyeglasses because of that. This would be disappointing as I find my VR Lens Lab lenses fantastic, but I really hoped for the easier on-off of the Deluxe Audio Strap, since I do development and need to jump in and out of VR frequently. Thanks!
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