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  1. Hi, thanks for this. Does the new API for Pass through 4k mean that the pass through camera image is improved?
  2. The latency can be an issue when a scene is busy but this translucent pass-through is a great trick to supplement with the SRWorks pass-through. It's good to realize that this can be adjusted with the Vive SR_HMD Camera Shifter script. Thanks for pointing this out. The translucent pass-through is misaligned vertically - a stereo no-no. SRWorks aside, is there a way to shift vertically?
  3. Hello, The SDK is a real boost. It's unfortunate that cost and perceived convenience has taken attention from the Vive Pro. The stereo passthrough camera offers a great potential for AR , there is still nothing that touches it for this. AR with the Vive Pro is a lot more appealing than what can be done with a handheld mono device. There doesn't seem to be much discussion around techniques for triggering animations using the cameras. Has anyone had success using image triggers to situate animations moving or in place? If so, what is the approach? It would seem that it could come from the SRWork
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anything was been developed to over ride the timeout issue. Ideally I'd like to have the tracker on all the time and have it powered by USB. Is this in the realm of possible modifications? thanks, Willy
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