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  1. I was referring to the non-stop redirecting on the redeem-page as decribed by someone at the top of this thread (or issues with that page in general). My solution was to open an incognito tab in chrome and redeem as a guest. Once I would login, I was sent back to Vive's homepage, no matter what. (Sorry to say, but this is really simple stuff, everyone gets this right, how can a support website for a very premium product drop the ball on small stuff like this website? I can't even sort the messages in this forum, when I click on the link after SORT BY, it opens a drop down menu AND instantly reloads the page resulting in: 0 results... It just really feels like no one cares if stuff this simple doesn't get fixed. I'm a first time HTC customer and the company is leaving a really, really bad impression --also due to the faulty HDMI cable that came with my Vive and lead to hours upon hours of frustration before being discovered. /rant). (Update: all of the Steam VR games work. None of the Viveport games load. Please hire better coders, being this bad at tech is, well, bad for a tech company.)
  2. Ah! That's the problem. I never received a confirmation e-mail. The Vive also suddenly popped up on my doorstepped, UPS'ed without warning. Which was cool and all, but weird. Also: Vive's HDMI cable was faulty, which I discovered after three hours of rising frustration... UPDATE: They DID send all the e-mails. Not to my Steam-account mail, not to my HTC nor to my VIVE mail (I use the same adress for all of these). For some reason, they send everything to the e-mail attached to my Paypal account (which I ONLY ever use for paypal....).
  3. This is a really inadequate description of an inadeqaute error message: you're customers are not that stupid. They know they need current drivers and connect the cables in the right way. When eveything else works but the Vive won't connect, it is the Vive and its drivers. Please, please provide more possible solutions, many more. I'm using a GTX1070 and I guess the issue with this card is different from people using an AMD.
  4. So, I haven't even installed my Vive and already I'm facing problems that HTC acknowledges exist, but won't fix (code redeeming page seems to be broken since weeks...). Main issue: where is the code for my $50 for Steam wallet? Nothing in the box, nothing in my mail, nowhere to be found on this site... You advertise with it, now deliver it, please. Also: why is your download speed so freakishly slow?
  5. It's still there and it's still super annoying. Not a very good first impression on a new customer.
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