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  1. Has anyone ever run a fully-charged Vive Power Bank for the wireless adapter down from a full charge to dead in one run before? If so, how long did it last? I need to plan for a six hour event and will need to bring additionally, fully charged batteries. I’ll have a quick charger available, but still, I want to make sure I’m covered. Same question for controllers too...what’s the standard maximum play time from fully charged to dead? (I never play more than 30 minutes or so at a time and often don’t put my headset on for days or weeks between play.) Edit: I see from the Vive website, th
  2. Well, after telling myself that I wouldn't install Viveport because of all the troubles I had with it long ago, I decided to take advantage of my two month subscription offer and then try to purchase the five very popular titles for $1 each. I did manage to purchase, via the website 2/5, but alas, the others were sold out. I'm fine with that. I'm NOT fine with Viveport STILL not working right. I was able to launch SteamVR without any issues just now, but when I tried to luanch ViveportVR, no love. I get to see and stand on the Viveport platform, and I get a progress bar for "acquirng c
  3. I would like to run the app GeoGebra on a Vive Pro setup. However, the app requires a Microsoft Mixed Reality headset. I would think that the stereo camera pass-through would work well enough for this app- but is it possible to somehow fake an app to use the Vive Pro as a mixed reality headset?
  4. David, Thank you once again! Your answers are always very helpful and concise. I hope your superiors are watching- you deserve a raise! Out of curiosity, would it be possible for a third-party developer to create an app with that same ability for SteamVR, or is it something that is cordoned off to developers?
  5. You might want to consider getting the WiGig adapter for your classroom use. The tethered cable, while it has no latency or video compression applied, can really be a nuisance for students. They'll get tangled in it, step on it, pull on it, and it ruins the effect of immersion. (Doh! You're going with the backpack modality...sounds like a problem waiting to happen in a school environment, students drop things, break things, etc. and recharging and weight becomes an issue. I'd consider going with a fixed, higher performing desktop with the WiGig. Though, honestly, I've not tested two WiGigs in
  6. Which headsets are you using, VivePro or HTC Vive? If you plan on using the original Vive HTC, then you'll have to very carefully locate the lighthouses so that one play area does NOT interfere with the other. One way I've done that in a setting where we had multiple setups was to put the lighthouses BETWEEN the two areas pointing towards their respective areas only. It's not ideal, and better if they are diagonally opposite each other, but it worked. (DOH! You stated the "pro", I missed it as it wasn't Capitolized!) If you're using the Vive Pro with basestation 2.0s, then you could load the
  7. David, Thank you for that GREAT explanation of why the Vive should NOT be set up outdoors. I was aware of the "burn-in" issue for the fresnel lenses/display, but I was unaware of the other potential issues as regards the sensors and the "giant IR emitter" we affectionately cal "Sol". I was hoping to do some outdoor demos with a pop-up, fully enclosed shade structure, but I think you've persuaded me against doing so. Robert
  8. John, Is there a way to see what the promo code that was packaged inside our Vive Pro was for? Due to keeping things clean and less prone to problems, we are not installing the Viveport component on four new Vive Pro stations at our school that we just finished the installation on today. I really don't want to plug the code into the Vive website to find it's just two months of Viveport, as we won't be using that on these stations. However, I'd love to get a free copy of Tilt Brush if that's what the promotion code has in it! Thanks!
  9. Well, we now have four functioning Vive Pro stations all working with SteamVR within the same area, served by 6 base station 2.0s. As we added more base stations to the perimeter of the space, the tracking seems to become more stable on each of the setups. The number of differently "seen" base stations differs on each setup. One base station is not visible to one of the setups at all due to the odd configuration of the room's interior walls. But even that station sees three base stations. One station sees all six base stations, though, of course, will only utilize four for tracking. We used t
  10. Well, out of the blue, well after it was mounted properly on a wall and was working for many days, a base station 2.0 has started blinking red. I’ve tried to power cycle it, but it’s still blinking red. The base station was never abused or damaged. It was carefully mounted on the wall, and power was not provided for it until it was securely attached to the support. Nor was it ever moved or adjusted with the power turned on. This is the second base station I’ve had turn to blinking red status. The first one was sent back to Vive and was replaced. Disappointing to say the least. My IT depart
  11. Is there a way to pair an iPhone with the Linkbox without having to install the Viveport app? I let my Viveport subscription expire and don't want to install it due to some huge conflicts I had with the application running on my machine. I'd rather just stick with SteamVR alone. I would like to receive notifications in my HMD when I've got incoming calls.
  12. I'm not seeing any way to configure the channel numbers for the base stations. I have fourl up with my WIGig adapter connected to my Vive Pro, and all base stations are GREEN on SteamVR, but two of them have channel 2, and I can't seem to find a way to change one to channel 3. So, they are currently 2, 1, 4, 2. When I get the Sync On Beam Channel Conflicte message and hit the Configure button, though I am able to check the box to Enable Bluetooth Communication, the red X below tells me the Link Box with Bluetooth capabilty not detected exists. Do I need to provide power and---- EDIT: Sure eno
  13. As the OP, I can tell you that a blinking red base station must be returned for repair. I sent mine in, and about a month or more later I received a replacement. It did look like the one they sent me may have been a refurbished unit. The serial number wasn't the same and the unit didn't have that "brand new" look. As I have more base stations that I needed, I did not retest it yet, but will be doing so tomorrow to see how four base stations work together with a Vive Pro.
  14. There still seems to be an issue with base stations needing to be no more than about 15’ away from each other though? I know when I set two 2.0 BS up recently and they were about 18 feet apart, I received the alert message in the SteamVR app that they were too far apart. So, do they “see” each other to determine that?
  15. Oh, I didn't see that that was the case. I thought it was still a beta ability. GREAT! So, if I have a room where I can install four base stations for three headsets, all of them should be able to track pretty flawlessly, in theory, if they see at least two, three, or all four base stations? Do the base stations all need to see each other, or can some be obstructed from the views of others? Do they all automatically sync up with each other? Do they negotiate channels with each other, or do I need to assign a channel to each somehow?
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