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  1. I have same problem! Should i change headset by warranty? Waiting answers from Vive supporters...
  2. Do they really have to look at each other exactly? The error on my video is a maximum of 5 degrees. From the horizon they are turned down within 30-45 degrees.
  3. 1 month. Can you give the link to your topic?
  4. I have flashing grey screen. This is starting past 20-40 minutes from turn on steamVR. My demo video: The first 20-40 minutes all works fine, and then gray flashes start, exactly when you look in a certain direction. Tried to cover the reflecting surfaces, tried to connect the base stations with a cable (with a change to A and B). nothing helps. The temperature of the processor and video card is normal. But that's why for some reason in any part of the game area and wherever I look, the first 20-40 minutes is all right! Can the helmet get warm and react poorly to the sensors?
  5. Hi my friend in misfortune. I've Exactly such issue! My publications: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/6g88gd/screen_turns_gray_in_some_situations/?sort=confidenceLet's keep communication. If any idea or troubleshoot - we will talk to each other.
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