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  1. Dear, HTC, How long do you working for this issue? After 5 month you haven't solved problem of IDan_UK? (https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/Grey-screen-cut-out-after-about-5-mins/m-p/6396) Why you can't go to one of our homes and have Investigate this problem? We are spending very lot a time and we are nervous. Sorry, but i don't see your aspiration for solve this issue!
  2. Thanks for your test report. My issue is absolutly similar. Could you take a photo from HMD while you keep grey screen (for understanding what see by HMD (recommended wide view))?
  3. JustJabba, very waiting fot your resultate.
  4. Welcome to family! We have the same symptoms.
  5. What you did for reach much less frequently?
  6. No, problem is not gone. I am most worried that the developers have not yet given us a constructive answer.
  7. Hi, Synthesis! Today i tasted with air conditioner, it was about 25C, but it didn't help. When PC doesn't work, temperature of headset riche to X dgrees. And when headset by played 30 minutes, temperature of headset riche to X dgrees (The same temperature)! Say me please, is it normal?
  8. What news about my/our problem? What are you doing for find solution? What should I do for help you for find solution?
  9. When i have played 2 hours - temperature of headset (front side, higher the camera) riche to around 42C. If i just headset connect to power (don't turn on PC) and still it for few hours then temperature of headset riche to around 42C. 42 degrees is estimate by sight, I did not messure. Who has not problem with frey scree - you have the same temperature? Is it normal?
  10. I thought like DevilDuck, when i tested for 2 hours with covered reflecting surface. But in few days grey flushing came back. Gray appeared less, but still it does not allow to play normally. At now my quation for all: When i have played 2 hours - temperature of headset (front side, higher the camera) riche to around 42C. If i just headset connect to power (don't turn on PC) and still it for few hours then temperature of headset riche to around 42C. 42 degrees is estimate by sight, I did not messure. All of them also? Is it normal?
  11. Who know, how can reset firmware for lighthouses and headset? And where i can download old firmware for them?
  12. When a gray screen appears, I cover the TV and the chrome door handles. This removes the gray screen when helmet directions in the corner. But when you look at your feet (the helmet turns straight down) it still flashes in gray. I think like DevilDusk, when the helmet reaches a certain temperature, its sensitivity to signals changes and no significant interference causes the loss of tracking. My PC: i7 4770, GTX 1080, Win10 views from both lighthouses: *Objects marked in blue on the pictures were covered while using the Vive
  13. I totally agree with Echeva. HTS Vive is a very cool thing and he has great prospects. But unfortunately for today though I am its owner, I can not experience pleasure, as gray flickers do not give me fun and enjoy. I ask Vive's team to pay more attention and power to this problem and to solve it in the shortest possible time, possibly with the help of Steam. I (i think "we") try help you by testing on the own situation. wrote: IMHO it seems more related to Temperature than to SteamVR. Testing this should be really easy for HTC. It is true that we, final users, can help with the whole diversity of factors which may have influence: ddrivers, hardware... BUT, testing temperature conditions is something that HTC should do. We, some users, may be happy to do some tests, but testing environment should be HTC responsibility. I don't really think it is so difficult for a company like HTC to get a bunch of testing helmets and try them monitoring the helmet temperature under different environment temperatures. In a couple of days we may have relevant results. Is HTC studying this problem, besides VIVE staff in this forum? Because VIVE staff here are doing their best, but that is not their job and I imagine they don't have necesary means. Dear VIVE staff: may you please update us about whether and how is HTC dealing with this problem? I really think it should be studied and solved before yourTube and other social networks start getting more and more videos or posts and so damaging the VIVE brand.
  14. Yes. For example, when air conditioner starts the engine (every 20 min), if it pluged to one AC point together with Vive, on the screen of headset appears gray for 1-2 sec. wrote: For me it was around 30-35 celsius as well. I actually bought a mobile air conditioning unit because it was so hot. It did not make any difference in regards to greyscreens. Could power strips cause problems? I have to large power strips with surge protection next to each other in the direction the grey out happens. Most of my hardware is plugged in to to those two. EDIT: I am alreadyusing the Steam VR beta branch did not makea difference
  15. I don't have a thermometer. But i can say it's hot, i think about in 30-35 C. If it important, i can make excactly mesure, by buying a thermometer. wrote: What temperature do you have in the room when you receive a gray screen?
  16. Unfortunately:smileymad:, after the change to the Beta version of SteamVR, the gray screen still appears after a while. Do you work together with Steam (valve) on this problem?
  17. Thanks for detailed response. Keep us informed of your tests.
  18. When you notice in first time gray screen? And when did you buy vive?
  19. If the trouble isn't headset then change headset doesn't help. I haven't opportunity change headset. If anybody here who has opportunity to change headset (without change PC and location) try to change and test.
  20. Yesterday, i have changed steamVR version to BETA. When i was tasting for about 2 hours i didn't keep gray screen, but it not enought time that make statement. Soon i gonna tasting more time and tell you.
  21. I have installed programs Vive and oculus, and they running when i start SteamVR. How can i turn off Vive and oculus without uninstall them?
  22. How did you mesuare temerature of headset?
  23. I suspect several reasons. But more inclined to the version of Vildan. (sorry, next text is translete by google) I was able to reduce the volume of flashes by closing the reflecting and chrome surfaces. But if I turn off the headset for the whole night and turn it on in the morning, I will not cover the reflective and chrome surfaces - I can play 30-60 minutes without the problems of gray flashes. This is a fact that speaks of overheating. My friend bought 2 pieces One in Russia and another in Germany. The German copy works fine for long hours. He changed only the headset to the one bought in Russia, without changing lihthouses stations and environments, and after half an hour he got a flashing gray screen. He put a damp cold rag on the headset and this relieved for 10 minutes from the gray screen.
  24. This is good notice! "why this things don't impact on vive for 30-40 min before the flashing start?"
  25. I have buy 1 month ago in a popular chain stores. I don't know which version, but i can say than my vive has 1 cable between headset and linkbox (no 3 cables). Im using all the parts from vive box. I have not thermometer, about 30-35 C.
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