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  1. Hi everyone!

    So, 40 days have passed since i got my HMD (replaced motherboard of HMD) from service centre in Moscow.

    I playing everyday for 2-3 hours, and i don't get grey screen.

    When i just plug hmd to AC when it cold, i dont get grey screen anywhere. Then, if i have playing for ~1 hour, and HMD get hot, i get grey screen when position of my HMD over PC table and very close to it. Perhaps, reflections of objects on the table, interrupt beam trajectory, and i think it's normal reason and not is not attribute of malfunctions. I expect any heated HMD be losing tracking in similar cases.

    Now, I am satisfied with the result. But i spand a lot of time and power for find decided. I should was ask for help to service centre, not community.

    Thanks for everyone, who tested and shared own results and search this problem.

    , did you to HTC service center?


  2. So, it looks i found deside of this problem.

    I handed over to service centre and they to replacement motherboard of HMD.

    Then I used it about 2 weeks without grey screen. But i dont sure, becouse the reason is more cool temperature in the room. My sessions was continuos to 2 hours. I will be testing for 2-3 weeks then set status for this topic to Solved.

  3. Dear , i have big request for you!

    Please, could you swap only HMD in your "Arcade" (cables, linkbox and other components stay in their places). It's very interesting what will be result.

    I'am betting that HMD is reason of problem.

  4. Big Thank you  for answers.

    it is noteworthy that,

    I also have many other things to do and therefore i had limited time for tests, but i can have managed do it and made more fully review of my tests than yours (i had pictures, videos and annotations).

    Okay, i will wait news.

  5.  I am also inclined to this opinion. I meanwhile lost interest to Vive. It seems to me when the problem will be solved already in the trend of other devices. And it will be possible to buy Vive in ebay for $ 100. The time virtual reality is probably not yet arrived.

  6. How can i use mobile by Vive?

    I already tried connect phone (iphone 6) to Vive, but it request everytime to make pair and it's not useable. And i don't see whatsapp messages in HMD.

    May be there is other applications for this functions?

  7. I bought in May 2017 the flagship of VR HTC Vive for 1200 USA dollars and PC for 1500 USA dollars. When HTC solves the problem, how much will cost my Vive.

    I can't use Vive now (i don't want play for 20 minutes).

    "Time is money"!


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