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  1. Dear friends My patience is over. Following this I will share my case with you all. But, now I think it is time to start coordinating a joint response to CTDI and HTC service in time for Christmas campaign. I would first like to say thank you to and Mrs. Alejandra from EU support. They both have been really kind and helpfull. But HTC is not at the same level some of their staff is. This is what I am going to do to be prepared: I will be writing a detailed report on this case. This report will be published in a blog under a domain I have specifically registered for this topic: ht
  2. Hi all again. Thanks to I was contacted by HTC support during my vacation, and they were really kind and supportive. Thank you for managing this. At first they told me they were going to send the headset to Taiwan, but they have sent me a label for sending the headset to Romania, not to Taiwan. I told them about all of this but they say they will first send it to Romania. This is a bit dissapointing. I have no faith they will do anything different now. Same actions, same expected results :-(. So I think I will get my headset back as repaired just beacause they won't detect the failu
  3. The same here, I also have to recheck that and I am also away now.
  4. Do you know whether your headset was replaced or "repaired"? It would be worring if it has returned as repaired and the problem is still present. Maybe it was not part of the set that are being returned to Taiwan for this study and local technicians didn't know about this forum and this problem. do you think it is any way to find this out? I've been told mine will go to Taiwan, I will include a detailed explanation with links to this forum, just in case... Did you attach a complete explanation? What temperature is your VR room in July? I suspect there is a relationship with te
  5. Someone said "It seems to have started for everyone around the same time, a few months ago. This is good because it points to a problem in software. " Please, don't insist on this without reading the whole thread, I have stated several times my issues started mid march, while most people talks about May. But I am also one of the first owners of VIVE here. There are other possible (not necessarily likely) reasons: i.e. some component may be deteriorating with time based on amount of (continuous?) use or external temperatures. Just to say one. Software treatment of data may be one of the
  6. You are right . 50 mins used to be close to my limit, it is not enough. I was experimenting with that, because I am "depressed" with this thing. Before, whenever I had some free time, I used the VIVE and I was so excited. Now, just thinking I may have the problem prevents me from using it. Just thinking a terrific inmersion may suddenly be broken, or a hard arcade progress may suddenly go into trash... But, even if HTC is right, temp in the HMD should be anyway affected by temp outside. Obviously having 5C outside will cool the HMD dissipating internal heat, while having 40C outside w
  7. After one month without getting the time to do any test, I have found 50 minutes free time and played with the vibe. This time I used air conditioner, my room was at 25C. I measured temp on the front exterior side of the headset with a laser termometer. The hotest areas were surrounding the camera. The closest ir sensors were the ones some people said that were the first to fail. Almost inmediately they reached 35.8C, but kept constant temperatureduring gameplay. I had no greys during those 50 minutes. I went out steamVR and left the headset connected to the computer, but stand-by. I incre
  8. NOPE. My troubles started back in March.
  9. I would really appreciate if HTC could provide us with some data and information. All tests shared here by users seem to indicate that there is a correlation between temperature (in headset) and grey screens. Bur HTC insists on saying that temperature (in room) is not a cause. OK, maybe temperature (in headset) is an effect caused by the 3-1 wire (or any other reason) but, How did HTC get to that deduction? What has HTC found in users data? If failures are likely cause by a faulty power feed, how can it be explained that the grey area always starts when looking at the same spot, directio
  10. I have WiFi, but it is disabled. I also use wired LAN. I am just saying that may be there are different factors whose combination produces not only one but a set of factors that act as a cause for this problem. So it may be very difficult to track. So I think HTC would need to debug on each of our PCs. I would be glad to install any kind of debugger or monitor in my PC to track the issue, or just activate an option on VIVE soft if provided. But I would like to know what is HTC doing to track the problem. We are been given no information and that is starting to worry me. I also have
  11. I have been talking with idanUK and he solved his problem. It was a combination of his wifi and USB drivers. He got his helmet replaced and the problem wasn't solved. He got a new USB card he recommended to me. My problem was not solved. His neither was until he also replace his wifi. It was an interaction of both factors not only one. Scaring!
  12. Sure it is a joke. As for European laws if a product turns out to be faulty or not as advertised (‘non-conformity’), you have a 2-year guarantee, which means the seller must repair or replace it free of charge. EU Product Warranty Directive (1999) Article 5 Time limits 1. The seller shall be held liable under Article 3 where the lack of conformity becomes apparent within two years as from delivery of the goods. If, under national legislation, the rights laid down in Article 3(2) are subject to a limitation period, that period shall not expire within a period of two years from the time of
  13. I agree @KingRangnar, not only I support HTC for all those reasons but also because it has not followed a policy of exclusive launches. I think it shows an intention of competition with quality and not market agreements excluding users. I have not lost my faith yet, I have just bought €200 more in VR titles in summer sale. I think If HTC would think we are only 50 people, the easiest way would be replacing our headsets. I know a couple of guys whose headsets were replaced, HTC service was excellent, but problem was not solved. So I am sure they may be starting to worry before this becomes
  14. wrote: Good idea. I wanted to ask the same. HTC staff, please, write here links to firmware, steam, steam vr , driver for nvidia. All version of this must be from February or first 10 days of March. As I noticed, before the middle of March all was OK. We will try use this. I completely agree, my problem started in March. I don't think it is a problem from May but further in time.
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