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  1. OK, so it seems more are chiming in with regards to having the same issue. 1. This sux! :smileysad: 2. Wasted a few hours on this over the last two days. :smileymad: 3. At least I'm not alone anymore. :smileyhappy:
  2. OK, I've uninstalled Tilt Brush from the 2nd PC and then shut it down. I've now turned on my primary PC, logged into Viveport and confirmed that Tilt Brush is installed. NOPE! No difference, still error code 43201. It sounds like the issue isn't on my end, as other single PC owners have started chiming in. If this is a trend and others were just waiting to check the forums/support for help, I think we'll see soon enough if this is a widespread issue. First the Star Trek Bridge Crew code screw up (I still don't have THAT code), and now this. :-(
  3. Thanks Since I have two Vive's running on differents machines, I've installed it onto both PC's, using my single Vive login. If what you state is possible, then it's the ONLY time I've ever had a licensing issue such as this, and I have hundreds of Steam titles and quite a few Oculus titles on both PC's, with zero issues...I can login and play anything on either PC without restrictions. Same goes for gaming consoles, no restrictions per single user account across multiple same consoles. I will test out your theory and login/uninstall Tilt Brush from one of the PC's, then check to see if it will work on the other. Will report back on the resultsASAP.
  4. I've successfully redeemed the codes which are included with the purchase of a new Vive , downloaded, and installed all 3 free games . These are currently Tilt Brush, Everest, and Richie's Plank Experience. The last two titles work on both the Vive app as well as Steam, and can be launched from either app. Yet every time I attempt to launch Tilt Brush it reports an error code "43201". The full dialogue reads " Launch Failed : Viveport app does not launch Tilt Brush (43201). According to this chart, that means : 43201 http 400.201 (403) -> policy violated, exceed maximum allowed devices https://developer.viveport.com/documents/sdk/en/errorcodes.html I've tried uninstalling and re-installing both the game and all of the Vive software, nothing fixes that Tilt Brush error. I have two Vive's and two VR PC's, both run the same software, and both are giving this error message. I highly doubt that "exceeded maximum allowed devices" is the issue, as both PC's are only ever signed it at any given time with only my own account, and only one PC is ever powered on at any given time. Any help or insight would be appreciated. Would REALLY love to play around with Tilt Brush sooner than later.
  5. Surprisingly, the PSVR has the highest pixel density of the big 3 HMD's currently on the market. The RGB sub-pixels make a noticable difference, the SDE is virtually (wink-wink) eliminated, leaving just a subtle textile effect....far less noticable and obtrusive. It's actually quite remarkably what they've done with the technology on hand. Cheers, and enjoy that 1080Ti....must be awesome!!!!
  6. No worries, figured I'd give you the heads up, since there are differences between the HMD's. BTW, it sounds as though you are holding off on a new HMD based on what you've already experienced with the Vive and that 4k'ish Pimax one. Trust me, the one on sale now is much closer to what the criteria you have stated you are looking for. True 4K is going to require much more PC than most people already have in their possession. Either way, figured I'd let a fellow user who dabbles in cockpit style games/sims know about the recent price drop/sale. P.S. Did you stock up on VR games during this last Steam Summer Sale? I got a ton, which is why I'm grabbing another HMD to use for the living room PC....sort of a social thing and also one for workout/cardio based games.
  7. Sorry but I haven't seen any official announcements which were obvious to us early adopters, definately not for over a month. Was there an official sticky or pinned thread with a headline such as this here in the forums which stated that fact? All I ever read, even up until last week that they were investigating the issue, with no ETA on a resolution, and that there were "adjustments" being made. In the end, what improvements have been made to the new straps we'll be receiving, or were they simply washed, as another poster had jokingly mentioned? I will contact the appropriate department now that you say it's fine to do so. Thanks
  8. Hi CaTaPulT , Did you see that the "other" HMD can now be had for a HUGE discount now? $549 all in with the motion controllers bundle if purchased directly. If you were ever curious and considering picking one up, there's no better time. I'm going to order a second one for myself....this is just too good of a deal to pass on. Figured I'd give you the heads up. Usually I wouldn't promote the competition on a site like this, but since HTC/Vive are being completely silent and not letting us early adopters of the "not so" Deluxe Audio Strap know how/if they are going to make things right, I could care less what they think.
  9. Whaaaaaat?????? "Adjustments"????? I certainly hope that any improvements and adjustments also apply to those of us who took the leap of faith and bought the DAS on day one, as I did. Either by user upgradable parts shipped out, or an outright exchange. The Steam Summer Sale just had a whack-load of high intensity VR on sale, some of which are considered to be high cardio titles....and I stocked up. Even though I wear a sweat wicking skull cap under my HMD straps, it'd be nice to know my foam isn't gonna be crumbling away. Please post info ASAP as it becomes available. Thanks
  10. Hi CaTaPulT, It's Kranky Pantz from the ISRTV forums. Funny finding you here, small world eh? Did you ever receive your Deluxe Audio Strap? I ordered mine from Amazon.ca on Tues June 6th and received it on Saturday June 10th. So far so good, and it's definately an upgrade from the original strap, but all of these reports of hinges, and especially disintigrating foam defects have me concerned. Funny thing is, when I place the Vive and the Rift side by side, the Vive looks like a Tank in comparison. The Vive pretty much weighs twice as much as the Rift now, which will most likely make the Rift my go to HMD for extended sim racing sessions. I still plan on keeping both, as they have their exclusive games and offer a nice contrast to each other experience wise. I'm even keeping my Oculus DK2, as I just can't give it up for it's ability to play some older titles which don't work on these newer HMD's (Alien Isolation, GRID:Autosport, etc.). Hope all is well on your end, and it's nice to see a fellow Canuck such as yourself here on these forums as well. Cheers, KP
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