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  2. Hullo all, We at PotatoFaceGames have developed multiple titles on Steam and Viveport as well as dozens of business applications for clients, constantly making new experiences. Recently Oculus reached out to us and sent a care package with an Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, and some Oculus swag. Does anybody know if Vive are still accepting requests? And if so, where and how would we apply? We would love to be able to develop some AR functions for some of our current titles + be able to develop for the Focus and Vive Pro.
  3. P.S: Even if we're eligible for a discount on some stuff that'd be very appreciated!
  4. Hey there everyone! We develop virtual reality video games for the HTC Vive. We made a game called "Space, VR!" a while back and have been working on our second project! The problem is our team is expanding and being an Indie we don't have the resources available to buy VR headsets and computers, etc. I've heard about developers receiving hardware and special support from HTC and I realized I've never actually reached out to ask for it! We're doing a lot of mixed reality and even having a tracker would be nice for us to permanent mount our camera too. Does anyone have ideas on this? Who to talk to or something like that?
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