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  1. I would like to update that any and all efforts to be a Vive reseller has failed. I gave up months ago. I was given the information I needed about your one and only US distuributor. Only to get denied because "Regarding the Consumer Edition, that headset is restricted to select Brick and Mortar and .com retail partners. " If this has changes could someone tell your distuributor, I would love to actually sell product related to the arcade I run.
  2. So let's start from the beginning. Around early July both my controller track pads started failing with the well known "issue." I make a ticket as my headset is less than 2 months old and send in the controllers. Three weeks later and constant hounding. No updates, No emails. I get both controllers on my door "fixed." One controller did indeed get fixed. The other one was WORST than when I sent it in. It had a completely locked up trackpad and was missing screws. I was told I would have to send it back in at my expense to have it repaired again. Since I didn't break it the 2nd time I refused to pay for shipping. 2.5 weeks go by and I finally get the a paid return slip from you guys to send it back in. Cool, appreciate it. I check in on the status as I have every day for the last 4 months. First they lost it. Secound they didn't have the parts for the repair. Third time they "elevated it to a higher teir." Fast forward to last week and they don't have an update. The next day I get the controller home. No email, no updates, no tracking, no warning. In what seems to be one working peice, with all it's screws..... MISSING IT'S WRIST STRAP. Whatever, as long as it works. I've used it for a little over two days of casual play. Couple hours a day. Guess what.... TRACK PAD IS BORKED AGAIN! WOOO YEAH! HTC Repair and Support team is 0 - 12 at this point. I'm done. I bought an Oculus. If this is how you guys handle things for your private consumer edition customers. I'm scared to see how you handle things for your BE customers.
  3. Why would HTC take a cut? Does your phone take a cut every time you use it to buy something on Amazon? Viveport has their own arcade payment model that's listed in it's FAQ. First, you need to create a business plan. Then find out what your local laws require to open a business. Next ????. Finally Profit. Honestly, I'm not going to go into too much detail. I'm getting ready to expand to multiple states by the end of the year and the less competition the better for me. (We are selling franchises if your interested) Best of luck to you though. Sometimes you just have to go out there and do it. I will warn you. You're going to hemorrhage money for insurance.
  4. How's it going Jose, A little about myself. My name is Richard Jones, owner of a VR entertainment company in Las Vegas. I'm currently working on my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and I'm looking to use VR and the active style games VR offers to help those who are disabled recover some of what they lost. Generally this including educating clients, patients, and customers both medically and technologically. There is an organization called the VRARA (VR AR association). One of their goals is to assist companies with information on how to achieve their VR goals. Beyond the scope of entertainment that is. You could also try calling the California State Libary department for information on who is running their VR section. Currently, they are putting the Oculus (boo) into many libraries as educational tools. Pick their brain and such. Best of luck Jose.
  5. I'm sure there will be a reason given in time. I'm not worried about it. I'll probably be buying some third party leather padding for my business ones. Unless they are using some sort of anti-bacterial foam, then... cool?
  6. So what does HTC say. Do I go ahead and wash it to see what happens?
  7. Heya Good, I saw your post on another thread and posted that I too had the issue when I tested my headset yesturday. I'm glad I did. I'm not about to buy this product for comercial use. I don't need this stuff coming off on someone.
  8. You can also just buy the BE warrently seperate and use it for a consumer model. If you don't want the deluxe head set or extention.
  9. It's worst when it was damp. I let it dry and it did it less.... still did it but less.
  10. So I just finished a 30 minute session of Space Pirate Trainer... and the foam padding is rolling and flakeing off like dead skin on a sun burn. O_O
  11. I just got my strap a few minutes ago. I'm going to be using it for a 3-4 hour stint before buy some from my company. I'll let you all know what I find.
  12. So what you're describing is a couple 3rd party dealers that have their own propirtary set up, hardware, and fees. Companies like Virtuix and infinity VR are hardware makers that use their own systems. Honest if your want to start a VR arcade. You just do it. I'm going to tell you something. Arcades, even VR Arcades, don't make money. The fees for each unit (state and local), feel for monthly subs for games, hardware fees for third party stuff, Sanitation costs, employee fees/insurance/ect. Even if you run it like a themepark or do per minute. You need alot of stations. If you want to run an arcade as a means of making bank. It isn't going to happen. If you want it as one extra flow of income, sure go do it.
  13. So I own and operate a VR Kiosk and Mobile Entertainment VR buisness. Currently we build custom PC's for clients who want to be Vive ready. However when asked if we sell the headsets I had to tell them no. Normal means of contact with the Vive help desk have left me frustrated. Stores like Fry's sell them. Does anyone have any contact information to get in touch with HTC's wholesale department?
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