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  1. Vive Home will soon make all of your essential experiences available in one place. Today Vive owners can watch videos and add personal photos and shortcuts to their favorite VR apps in Vive Home. In the near future, they’ll be able to personalize their Home spaces with a library of unique 3D objects. With the Vive Object SDK, we offer developers the tools to add to this growing collection of custom objects. Download the Vive Objects SDK Beta to create: 3D shortcuts that launch your app from Vive Home. Your customers will be able to walk up to a 3D object that represents your app and tap it to launch the experience. Decorative and interactive 3D objects. Create anything from a statue, a piece of furniture or a plant to complement the Home to interactive objects that can detect and interact with customers based on touch or motion. Maybe you’ll create a robot cat that quacks when you pet it? The possibilities are about to get endless. We invite you to join the fun! The Beta version of the Vive Objects SDK contains an object exporter for Unity and the Vive Home simulator so that you can test your objects. Later, you will be able to submit your objects for inclusion in Vive Home and Viveport. Download the Vive Objects SDK Beta and documentation. 
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