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    We had the same question but we found a "sollution" because we decided to "ignore" manifest as we did not found it's template in dev manual. Guess you should update it, because there's no clue to know that manifest template generates on website during submission process.

    Thanks for the feedback - we'll take a look!

  2. wrote:

    Thanks so much for the response. Just to clarify, where do I specify the path to the EXE? Is there a form field where I'll provide this? Also, in the documentation, there's mention of putting the EXE in a folder ("appname\Binaries\Win64") if there are also data folders being uploaded. Since I have such a folder, does that mean I need to create an "appname" folder with a "Binaries" folder with a "Win64" folder and put the EXE in there before zipping everything up? Sorry for the confusion, and thanks again for your help!

    Hi exvrs, sorry about the delay - we had to check with our submissions team. Here's the TL;DR version - yes, you have to create a folder. Here are the details.


    The path to the EXE is specified in the Content manifest section of the Binary Build. Here's a screenshot of what you should see - I've outlined the specific line in red:





    You're going to modify that line directly inside the text box - you don't need to change anything else. (Your content manifest will not look exactly like this one as your variables are different.) As for what you'll put in the binary path line, that varies depending on your file structure.


    When you only have an EXE file and it's in the root directory of your ZIP file, you'd simply place that within the " " after the "binary_path_windows" line. So for a file named 'coolVR.exe', as described in the documentation, the binary path line would look like this:




    In your case, you have data folders. That means we need to create a folder structure for your EXE, as you guessed. The complete file structure is 'appname\Binaries\Win64\appname.exe', where appname is your EXE name. So you'll create a folder in the root named after whatever your EXE is called (just the EXE name, not appname.exe), a folder inside that called Binaries, and a folder inside Binaries named Win64 - in which you put your EXE file.


    Final result, again using the 'CoolVR.EXE' example, the binary path line in your manifest would look like this. Note the double slashes!




    Last but not least - the total character count of the file location (i.e. what's contained between the quote marks starting with 'coolVR' above) cannot be above 72 total. The good news is that the slashes only count as 1 character each. In the example above, counting the slashes brings us to 35, but removing 1 character count per slash brings it back to 32.


    Simple rule of thumb: don't make an overly long EXE name and you should be fine. :)


    Finally, remember our submissions are reviewed by real humans. If you make an error in the manifest path they'll help correct it for you.


    Hope that helps! Let us know what you submit!

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    Hello all -- I have limited development experience but managed to get a little VR game built, and I'd like to submit it to Viveport. Problem is, I'm having trouble understanding the dev guide pdf where it talks about the "Binary Build." It's fairly unclear to a newbie like me how to create the app manifest and zip up my Unity files properly (game exe and data folder). I'd greatly appreciate any help -- thanks!

    Hi exvrs,


    The app manifest is automatically created when it's uploaded. All you need to do is zip up all of your files - EXE and data folders - into one zip and upload that. You'll need to specify the path to your EXE file, but apart from that, the manifest will be taken care of for you.


    Hope that helps (and sorry for the delay). Let us know if you still have difficulties.

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    The Vive Objects SDK sounds like a really great idea. Are you planning to support an export workflow from UE4 in the future, or is the only approach to use Unity? I'd love to get the little droid from my game floating around Vive Home.

    It's ok if your app uses UE4. Essentially you just need an object asset (fbx model and animations) and only use Unity to create the HAB file. 

  5. Navid - 


    Thank you for the question. There are two rounds of judging. First, we nominate based on engagement metrics and overall experience and second, the jury will judge the titles in each category and their average scores determine the awards. Regarding the overall experience, this is where the app is assessed for such features as vertigo, replayablility and how illustrative it is of the award category relative to the other eligible candidates in the category. 


    The Viveport Team

  6. wrote:

    What are the benefits of using the SDK method as compared the wrapper based solution?



    There is no difference between the SDK method and the wrapper based solution regarding DRM protection. We are now planning to add more features besides DRM into our Vive SDK. If you integrate Vive SDK into your app, you will have more features supported in the future. 




  7. Hi Kjartan,


    Both options can protect your content from unauthorized copying and distribution. For SDK DRM, you will need to integrate the Vive SDK DRM in your content by yourself.


    As to the wrapper based DRM, Viveport will add the wrapper for you after you submit your content at the developer console. After applying the wrapper, we will test your title again to make sure it's executable.


    Thanks for your question!

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    I have the Viveport software installed. While testing on the Oculus, I set the Vive services to disabled and reboot. Occasionally the Vive processes still start up and take controll of the VR headset from the Oculus Home SDK and drop me in to the SteamVR / Vive loading screen. I have to use task manager to manually kill off the processes before I can continue developing.


    I don't think users should have to disable the services or kill processes. The Vive processes should not auto load and take control unless the Vive is actively being used. For users that own both the Vive and Oculus, this may lead them to uninstall the Viveport software.

    Hi Jumbi!


    Thank you for highlighting this to us. We are currently testing this and we will get back to you.

  9. UPDATE (9pm PST): The inability to upload a developer image has been resolved. You should be able to upload and image and progress to the next steps of the submission process in the developer console. Thank you again for letting us know and your patience while we fixed it.


    (4pm PST) We have been informed of an issue in the app submission process in the developer console affecting the ability to upload the requested developer image. We are aware of the problem and working on a solution. We will update the post when it is resolved. Thank you for your patience.

  10. Eduard -

    Thank you for the question and a good one. The regions where you can distribute your app and the ones eligible for the contest do in fact differ. Good catch.


    When you submit your app for distribution, you can select global or specific territories where you would like your title to appear. We will be adding Russia and other new markets this Fall to the distribution regions in the developer console. But if you choose 'All', consumers who may already have Vives in Russia could still access your title on Viveport. We roll out new markets officially when we have enabled a localized Viveport storefront and have an established retail presence in those territories as we want to best service consumers.


    Separate from this are the countries where Viveport can legally run the contest. Many countries have different requirements and Viveport worked to get as large as a global footprint for our first contest and are currently already working to grow it so we can include more creators worldwide for our future Awards. This isn't a one time Thank You, it's the first of many expressions of gratitude from Viveport. As for you, Russia is in fact included, so you are eligible regardless of where you choose to distribute your app, so long as your title is published before Nov. 30, 2016. 

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    Do you know how long it takes the headset to go into standby mode? I've noticed when I put my controllers and headset down and walk away, sometimes after a few minutes it will be deactivated in SteamVR. Usually mess's up my tracking and I restart steamvr.

    After waking up from standby mode, it should restart tracking and you should not need to restart SteamVR. Could you share more details about your environment and the SteamVR version installed. Thanks!

  12. wrote:

    I will be working hard for the next few weeks attempting to get an early-access build for you guys!)


    Does this build have to be purely for the HTC Vive or just work with the HTC Vive? I ask this because I am working on a few different methods to allow several different HMD's to work with my experiences. (currently working with Rift/Touch combination as well as OSVR/hydras)


    As it is I do not own a Vive, but I am a big fan of the hardware and want more than anything for Vive users to enjoy my experiences. Thanks for your time!




    Caleb - Your title does not have to be exclusive to the Vive, but as you are developing builds to optimize for each platform we would be honored if you also considered a room-scale build. Demonstrating the power of our platform is something we encourage creators to do, however we will of course be glad to review a build that simply works with the Vive. We look forward to your submission. 

  13. Hi JJ! It's great to see you're using our forum as it's an effective way to reach us so your questions can get answered when our team members may have missed an email or two during this exciting time for Viveport. You should have received an email directly to answer your localization question. Please do not hesitate to continue to reach out directly to her as it's important for us to be responsive, but know the forum is a great resource for many of your questions that both the Viveport team and the community can help answer.


  14. wrote:

    Hello. Is it possible to link 2 developer accounts to one app? we're 2 dev indie team and we use steam sign-in.

    Thank you.

    Currently there is only one email associated with a submission at this time. However, we are looking into adding support for linking multiple accounts in the future. 

  15. wrote:

    Regarding categories: are game (apps) allowed to participate, and if so: in which category? 


    Always classy, 

    Team SVRVIVE


    Hi and thanks for joining the Viveport Community. That's a great question - As per our FAQs here, apps and games will both be considered. The Viveport team will assess the content and determine where a title would best fall within our Viveport Pillars - Discover, Create, Connect, Watch, and Shop. You as the creator don't have to do anything, rather the Viveport team will make the Award category determination. The Award categories are listed below:


    • Discover: Titles that transport and transcend, taking us to places and times in ways never-imagined before VR. Lifestyle and educational titles that enlighten and empower people to gain insight into the world or themselves.
    • Connect: Titles that enable and appeal to the social side of VR life. Titles that help people share experiences communicate, network together, keep people informed or ease collaboration.
    • Create: Titles that embrace creativity as well as tools for design and utility that transform our daily lives. Titles that inspire new forms of art or music, those that enable storytelling and ones which encourage productivity.
    • Watch: Titles that are innovations on storytelling or sharing 360-video and 2D video experiences. Scripted or unscripted narratives, news to sports, animation to documentary, virtual theaters to aggregators, these VR titles.
    • Shop: Titles that transform the retail experience and those that reinvent the relationship between consumer and brand. Immersive store design, virtual storefront tools, reimagined products displays and branded narratives that drive new forms of brand affinity.


    Do I need to select an award category when I enter the contest?

    No. The Viveport team will review all eligible apps and assign Award categories during the evaluation process. Developers will not be asked to self-submit for VDA categories. The only categorization developers need to do is select from the available categories and genres offered in the developer console during the regular app submission process. Award categories will not appear in the developer console during the contest entry or as part of the standard app submission process.

  16. Viveport builds on the successful offering of VR games readily available on Steam and opens up the marketplace to a wide variety of VR categories with its own app store exclusively dedicated to immersive VR and 360 content. It is a unique yet complementary distribution platform to Steam with distinct experiential and monetization features and a broad portfolio of content ranging from fitness to fashion apps, news to nature experiences, and creativity to productivity tools. In respect to VR games, developers will continue to distribute independently through the Steam platform and submit gaming titles to Viveport for distribution in China only.

  17. Viveport’s mission is to unleash consumers’ imaginations from the limitations of reality and deliver a diverse set of apps and features across a wide range of categories - including but never limited to art, creativity, design, education, health, fashion, fitness, food, music, news, productivity, shopping, social, sports, travel, video, and more - that reflect people’s everyday lifestyles as well as their aspirations.

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