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  1. Im afraid that after watching people actually fixing them for themselves it has come to my attention that lots of the components are not well fixed in place in the very devices, but these videos surely showcased some of the more heavier uses of controller (which is not my case since it never fell not hit any obstacle in my studio) and misfortunes with the internal failures from cables snapping out of the boards to very bad trackpad , which i also noticed that is getting a bit lost, until it got totally blue death signal. So i can conclude from a standpoint of categorical elimination of softwa
  2. I tried unpairall a bit after the topic was written. It turns green but not trackable. then i turn it off and on again and it brings back the solid blue and unpairable. It is the same controller that i believe its faulty.
  3. Im going to be specific so i will name it left controller. Okay so 50 hours into very subtle use with no stresstest on controllers whatsoever very reliable pc, the left controller becomes wobbly and gets lost and becomes steady blue after a restart. - Tried unpairing and pairing - cannot pair device. - Tried microusb docking and removing - Tried hard reset holding all but system button, and removing after 5 seconds, - Tried unpairing all devices and connecting them back - All firmware up to date as usual, numerous restarts I tried to hold the pairing buttons and wait for it but blu
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