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  1. If you need the Vive coin to invite your staff to purchase the content and test the leaderboard SDK, please tell me how much is for your content and how many staff you plan to run the test. Regards, Continent
  2. Please send me your e-mail and I will send you the IAP redeem code to you to test. Regards, Continent
  3. I am checking the way to provide this feature to make the connection among PC, SDK and archievement. After comparing with the other competitors' solution, I will update the release plan. Appreciate your reminding. Regards, Continent
  4. Get it. Please pass me your email account. I will send you the refund. Regards, Continent
  5. I got confuse about your user scenario. May I talk to you through Skype call? Please provide me your Skype account information if you allow. Appreciate, Continent
  6. Please tell us what IAP test process do you need? Please provide your user scenario. Regards, Continent
  7. Is there a way to launch the purchase flow from in the game? [Continent] Do you mean you want to trigger the purchase flow from your app? If your answer is Yes, that is not DLC, that is In-App-Purchase (IAP). Please tell me your idea in UX flow. Regards, Continent
  8. We provide the display name to the end user from its account. The following is the display rule. 1. The end user logins HTC account. 2. Viveport allows the end user to set up its display name. 3. If the end user completes the display name, the end user will show the display name on the leaderboard. 4. If the end user doesn't setup the display name, the end user will show the real world first name only on the leaderboard. 5. Viveport follows the GDPR rule for the leaderboard. Please advise us what do you want for the leaderboard. Regards, Continent
  9. You are right. After checking the SDK document and the developer console document, there is no definition about what attached file name for DLC package. I will think about this document content modification. At this moment, you can use any file as you want even it is a text file or other file name is good. We don't limit the attached file name if you would like to use DLC in IAP. The key is you need to upload the file to the developer console to make the connection between the main content and the DLC package. I hope this solve your concern at this moment. Regards, Continent
  10. OK, You need to create a DLC package with Viveport DLC SDK. In that package, you can put any item even it is a document file. That is ok. Second, the end user completes the purchase behavior in Viveport for your DLC package. Once the end user completes the purchase, Viveport system will rewrite the user app for your DLC package. This rewrite behavior will unlock your DLC real file in your main content. The end user can enjoy your DLC now. Continent
  11. Let me clarify the scenario you want. 1. Your locked content already in the main content. 2. You would like to put the locked content information in Viveport web portal to inform the end user you have this locked content to attract the end user to buy it. 3. Once the end user buy it through the web portal, the system will inform the main content to unlock this locked content to allow the end user to play. Is this you want? Regards, Continent
  12. Hello, For your first question, no. It is the separate app ID in DLC and the main content. Do you already have the DLC actually real content in the main content like IAP? IAP is the end user processes the purchase behavior in the main content and the virtual item already is in the main contnet while doing the purchasing behavior. For your second question, DLC is the separate app with the main content in Viveport. Regards, Continent
  13. Hello, Grabgames, We have DLC SDK for your request now. Please check the following web-page path. https://developer.viveport.com/documents/sdk/en/api_dlc.html If you want to use the DLC in IAP, you can start to work on it. Regards, Continent
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