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  1. @Shawkh Try using an external application to control your power state and keep it simple. When it comes to using SteamVR devices with non SteamVR tracked devices - it's a janky setup at best and always liable to break. Native support is always best. If the basestations themselves are having an "optical" sync problem - that's a much bigger issue. iOS: BS Companion Play Store: Lighthouse Power Management
  2. @incredible With laptops it's always best to check directly with the OEM. The spec sheet for the GS66s say that it supports displayport but it's kind of an afterthought and not something they go into detail about. The Club 3D CAC-1507 is one of the most reliable and widely available USB-C to DP adapters we've found for HMDs. https://www.msi.com/Laptop/GS66-Stealth-10SX/Specification
  3. @ManxJason Applications currently need to integrate the WaveSDK to render to the runtime and firmware on the device. There is no unknown sources directory. You simply ADB Install the APK to the device and it becomes visible in the library. Use sidequest if you don't know how to ADB. It sounds like you're attempting a highly unsupported use-case.
  4. @andyvirt You can record natively on the device - there are UI elements for screenshots and videos. Casting while Streaming isn't really supported right now - it will cause a huge dip in your streaming performance.
  5. @Lane - SteamVR itself is the only requirement for OG Vive. Just download SteamVR, plug in the headset, and boot SteamVR. Some of the other applications have installers because they use a runtime called "Vive Console". That is not applicable to OG Vive.
  6. @jefmes - Full OpenXR support for Focus 3 is anticipated later this year in Q3/Q4. We're working with Khronos to achieve this. Until then, support for Focus 3 comes from integration of the WaveSDK. -F3 does ship with Firefox Reality, however - the Firefox VR team has been greatly affected by layoffs and the industry will need to shift away from Firefox until their VR team recovers.
  7. @nzjason I couldn't get that to work with any headset - it just crashes.
  8. @Abnascher - All gear with SteamVR 2.0 sensors is a little more reflective to reflections than 1.0 sensors. I always recommend in these situations checking for a reflection within SteamVR. See below.
  9. What installer in installing it? Please link? Vive Pro Eye & Facial Tracker are the two products that use SRAnipal.
  10. @AmazingTechVR, The linkbox contains the SteamVR specific Bluetooth adapter that communicates with the base stations and other peripherals. The headset only has two radios, and each is dedicated towards one of the controllers which is why controllers work with Vive Wireless out of the box, but power management takes specific setup. Try plugging in your link-box with just the USB and power connected, no display cable. You actually need to keep the linkbox plugged in if you want to use SteamVR's integrated bluetooth power management system since those radios are in the linkbox. When us
  11. @nzjason -Twimotion is SteamVR enabled so it should theoretically work with Vive Business App Streaming. The limitation right now is that microphone isn't supported on the current version of the streaming client, but that will hopefully be resolved ASAP Do you have a sample scene I can test for you?
  12. @VRCenter - I would recommend dropping a note to support.enterprise@htc.com since that's a deployment side scenario. Beyond VP2, There are specific enterprise device management tools tools for VP1 including a tool to install SteamVR offline or over a network but it sounds like you aren't using them. I would definitely try to get access to the enterprise tools - the Device Management Software is very helpful. @C.T.
  13. @Tacomancer - What is working before this started? When this suddenly crops up on a previously working setup, these types of issues are unfortunately the most difficult to troubleshoot. It's a needle in a haystack situation - could be a ton of things. SteamVR's log system doesn't usually provide helpful info on where to look. Nvidia posted a driver update to fix stuttering earlier today. I don't think this is your problem, but would recommend to upgrade to Problems like this are usually specific to your PC/Operating system. When I have issues like this with SteamVR, I perso
  14. @DAN_di_WARhol you get it from within the Vive Console (which installs from the standard installer: https://www.vive.com/setup)
  15. @jboss I'm not positive about Android - I switched over to iOS for privacy. I could be totally wrong on this, but I think the community prefers Lighthouse Power Management on Android.
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