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  1. Hello , Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, please see below in detail. For the parameters of DownloadLeaderboardScores: public enum LeaderBoardRequestType { GlobalData = Internal.ELeaderboardDataRequest.k_ELeaderboardDataRequestGlobal /* 0 */, GlobalDataAroundUser = Internal.ELeaderboardDataRequest.k_ELeaderboardDataRequestGlobalAroundUser /* 1 */, LocalData = Internal.ELeaderboardDataRequest.k_ELeaderboardDataRequestLocal /* 2 */, LocalDataAroundUser = Internal.ELeaderboardDataRequest.k_ELeaderboardDataRequestLocaleAroundUser /* 3 */, } public enum LeaderBoardTimeRange { AllTime = Internal.ELeaderboardDataTimeRange.k_ELeaderboardDataScropeAllTime /* 0 */, Daily = Internal.ELeaderboardDataTimeRange.k_ELeaderboardDataScropeDaily /* 1 */, Weekly = Internal.ELeaderboardDataTimeRange.k_ELeaderboardDataScropeWeekly /* 2 */, Monthly = Internal.ELeaderboardDataTimeRange.k_ELeaderboardDataScropeMonthly /* 3 */, } UserStats.DownloadLeaderboardScores(callback, leadername name, LeaderBoardRequestType, LeaderBoardTimeRange, start,end); If LeaderBoardRequestType of downloading leaderboard is "GlobalData" , content will get the user ranking data anywhere in the world. But if it is "LocalData", content will get the user ranking data depending on your location. And you could also set the LeaderboardTimeRange as AllTime / Daily / Weekly / Monthly to get the user ranking during this period. Please let me know if you still have further questions. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Sorry that we don’t have systemic UI to show the achievement status, including the unlock or progress. But if Tsuro has its UI built in to show the status, you could get the status of the achievements through VIVEPORT SDK API Here is the document link: https://developer.viveport.com/documents/sdk/en/api_stats.html Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions to use them. Thanks . Regards, Yaking
  3. Hey Hollowhead: I don't know what reject reason you got for the DRM verification. But did you finish your activity on the DRM OnFailure() callback? Regards, Yaking
  4. Let me clarify once again to avoid misunderstanding. You could see the attached. Developer needs to develope: 1. Remove service on teacher's computer. 2. local service on student's computer and integrate classroom SDK. 3. local app on student's computer and integrate classroom SDK. 4. socket connection between teacher's computer and student's computer. So, classroom SDK only provides an generic IPC approach between two process. Hope the flow chart is more clear for you. Thanks. Yaking
  5. Hello, For Classroom SDK, actually, you need a host app and demo client app on the same device. And do the communication by IPC. If you only have demo client app, maybe you don't have any chance to receive any event. So, can I know the purpose you use classroom SDK? Regards, Yaking
  6. Hi, Actually, you can also do the wrapper-base DRM on your developer console before submitting your content. Your content also has DRM protection by this way. Regards, Yaking
  7. Hi Chiranjeev: Your issue can not be solved by the link? https://answers.unity.com/questions/1229036/callbacks-from-c-to-c-are-not-working-in-540f3.html Regards. Yaking
  8. Hi Immergence2: What the error code on the callback did you get? Regards, Yaking
  9. Hi , Before update your apk, did you increase your version count (the version should be larger than your previous one)?
  10. Hi AdamStreck: After trying your sample project on our environment, we can not reproduce the symptom on our side. If you can, please show your screen by TeamViewer or AnyDesktop for us to see the reproduce steps on your computer. If you can't, could you show more detail in reproduce steps. Btw, assume that the reproduce steps are as following: 1. Launch Viveport. 2. Launch the sample project from Unity. 3. Press "Play/Stop" button several times. Then you can see the Viveport crash. Am I right? Thanks .
  11. Hi: Actually, you can not use steamwork api and viveport api at the same content. So, you need to have two content builds and submit them into two platforms separately. Regards.
  12. Hi, Sorry for late response. Actually, if you are testing in the published build, you can ask us a redeem code for tester to buy your content and do the test.
  13. Hi, From the troubleshooting page on the on-line document, please help check: 1. You have logged in the Viveport and start the content. 2. In the content, you are using correct VIVEPORT ID and VIVEPORT Key in your content. https://developer.viveport.com/documents/sdk/en/errorhandle.html#trouble-shooting-table Let me know if you still get the problem. Thanks.
  14. Hi : Please check below link. https://answers.unity.com/questions/1229036/callbacks-from-c-to-c-are-not-working-in-540f3.html Hope it can help you to fix this issue.
  15. Hi frgaj1: Sorry for late response. From you file, you should do : 1. Api.Init(InitStatusHandler, APP_ID); on main thread. 2. On InitStatusHandler callback function, check the return value is successful. Then call UserStats.IsReady(IsReadyHandler); 3. On IsReadyHandler callback function, check the return value is successful. Then call Api.GetLicense(new LicenseChecker(OnLicenseCheckSuccess, OnLicenseCheckFailure), APP_ID, APP_KEY); 4. On LicenseChecker callback function, check the DRM is successful. Then create a coroutine to get the display name. Hope it can help you to solve it. Thanks a lot.
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