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  1. it turns out that the settings about the user stat should be modified as the following image
  2. Hi Rockjaw, My subject is wierd and I think I figured out why. I think I accidentally clicked the suggested subject the web page provided when I was typing my subject and I didn't notice it. BTW, I wonder if there are someone who can answer my other questions in this forum. Thank you.
  3. Somehow I clicked the "START A TOPIC" button and nothing happened. I tried to refresh the webpage but had no luck. Finally I signed out manually and sign in again then I can post new article with the "START A TOPIC" button. Anything wrong the login status check? Why doesn't it show notification about invalid login status when I pressed "START A TOPIC"? Thank you
  4. Hi, Somehow I suddenly can't upload user stat by UserStats.SetStat and UserStats.UploadStats. Everytime I upload the new value, restart my app and load the user stats, it alway gets the old value which I uploaded a couple days ago. Is it related to my settings of User stats? I thought the new value can always replace the old value. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I wonder if the Achievement APIs can store the progress of achievements (for example, an achievement will be unlocked if you kiled 10 enemies, and the progress is the number of enemies you killed)? If the UserStats.SetAchievement only set the achievement as unlocked, does it means that I need to use another UserStats field to store the progress? And here is another question, what's the meaning of the returned int value for UserStats.SetAchievement ? Thank you
  6. someone said that Unity 5.6.1 has problem with VR, so he upgraded to Unity 2017...
  7. Hi, I'm confused about the usage of Viveport test ID and test key. I can use noraml Viveport ID and Viveport key to retreive Leaderboard data. But if I use test ID and test key, I always get error when retreiving Leaderboard data. Thank you.
  8. I think this question has been asked here, but it seems no one answered him. So I'm gonna ask again. From the leaderboard I can get other user's name, rank, score but no avatar url. Is there a way to get other user's avatar url? Thank you
  9. it turns out that this problem has to do with the "sort type" in the leaderboard edit panel. When the sort type is set as "ascending", player's score only gets updated when his new score is less than the his original score. I probably misoperated the score update workflow. Thank you
  10. Hi yakingkuo, The first value is 100(this is the value which successfully uploaded). For the second value I tried 200 and 11, none of them works until I switch the Update Type to append then switch back to update. The process of uploading each value is the same. Thank you.
  11. As the subject stated, the score for leaderboard is not updated if the update type set to update, as the image below. The scenario I use to update the score is as following: 1. use API UserStats.UploadLeaderboardScore(UploadLeaderboardScoreHandler, leaderBoardName, score); to update the score for leaderboard 2. use API UserStats.DownloadLeaderboardScores then UserStats.GetLeaderboardScore(i) to retreive the score. Then I always get the score I uploaded at the first time. However, if I switch the update type to "append", the score will be updated. If I switch the update type to append then switch to update, I can upload new score with update type as update. But the score gets updated only once, the following score uploads are not working. Do I have anything wrong with my leaderboard settings or other possible causes for this issue? Thank you.
  12. As stated in the subject, I tried the unity sdk to test leaderboard functionality then I always got error code 50012(Client unknown error, according to error code list) for downloading and uploading leaderboard data. OK, never mind, this got fixed after I restart Vive.exe Thank you
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