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  1. This board does call out USB 3.0/3.1 separate of 2.0 and I can disable/enable them independently. I no longer have a Vive to test this with as I shipped it back to HTC and I have also already reinstalled Windows. Shortly after, I discovered that a 6TB archival drive in the machine (which was being written to during the last crash) was malfunctioning so checking/repairing it consumed the remainder of the evening. Thankfully, that's been repaired without issue or data loss. If you need a guinea pig, I can certainly set up the system to do that however you'll need to provide a headset (which
  2. The only Asus utility I use is AISuite3 for overclocking purposes. I tried with and without that installed and the system would still be broken by the Vive being plugged in though. I'll get you a list of drivers and revisions when I get that machine running again.
  3. Windows build is whatever was most recent as of this past weekend. The first thing I do is update the OS after installing motherboard/system drivers. The system would crash irreparably regardless of the monitoring tools once the Vive was plugged in. At this time, I have not had a chance to reinstall Windows as I gave up last night due to frustration. Yes, I am located in the US.
  4. Yes, once the Vive was plugged in, the BSOD would result. Asus X99A USB 3.1 Intel 5820K 32GB Corsair DDR4 PC3000 GTX 1070 FE RAID0 Samsung 850 Pro SSD array Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  5. This issue is still alive and well. Viveport broke my Windows 10 installation SEVEN times this weekend. Each time, resulted in a BSOD that rendered my OS unusable and irrecoverable. The Vive has been packed up and is going back to HTC this morning. My friends have said I should try again but without Viveport but honestly, I'm so frustrated and incensed that I'd rather deny HTC the profit from the sale and return the unit than go through the process of setting it all back up again.
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