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  1. 800$ is bad enough for what is essentially a medium upgrade at the most. But just for the HMD itself - are you kidding us? 500$ would maybe be fair, and then maybe 800$ for the full V2.0 set with wireless! But that is not the worst. You see, for the European customers, its not 800$ - it is 879 EURO with is the same as 1085$. 1085$ for Europe, and 800$ for US.. Both prices are too much, but the difference is insulting!
  2. Thats ok guys, I just figured it was a pretty simple yes or no question. Like if I asked if the new Pro comes with a bluberry Unicorn on the side, you could sort of confirm it by now :) I guess the lenses is still up for debate? Because then you have my vote to replace them with some new and improved ones! all the best wOOOOt
  3. Any new info on this? You must be able to confirm if it is the same lenses or some new and improved?
  4. No you cannot just pick up older games and play them in VR. And Vorpx is not a real option, since the games are not made for VR, so they are not fully playable. But some old games are being reworked, modded and remade for VR. Bethesda announced Doom, Fallout4 and Skyrim, all coming in 2017 for VR. Other old games are either playable or being worked on, like HalfLife2, Quake2, Payday2, The alien horror game and Dirt to name a few.. However you sound like a guy who want an easy solution, and VR is not easy, since VR is not perfect. It will not give you the PC game you are used to, in perfect Virtual Reality. VR demands a high end PC and a lot of patience! But its worth it :)
  5. Thank you VN/DavidR for your reply and interest. If you look at the solution with tracker in mind, then I have a ton of notes and ideas to support and expand on the possibilities. Just contact me. And of course, if Vive developers takes interest in my idea, I would expect you to make a Vive Tracker solution, because that is in your own tracker-selling interest :) Making the solution with 1 tracker (1 is enough) is of course the easy solution, because then you go from tracking headbobbing to the pace of knee bending, or maybe a combination. Please give me feedback from the teams, if they like the idea, or dismiss it if its bad or too difficult to make work? Thx wOOOOt Aka Jesper
  6. Hello everyone. For a long time, I have had this special idea on how to make real natural locomotion for VR. I got the idea ½ year before I could afford my Vive (in may), and now that I own it, I am constantly reminded, that there must be a better way. And yes, there are more than 20 different current VR movement ideas/solutions out there.. - But this is new! (prove me wrong) Btw - since this is the first time I share this, I would love and appreciate some feedback. Do you get the idea? does it have potential? will it work? can it be done? is it rubbish? =) The reason I "waited" to post about it until now, is that I think this idea is so good, that I would be able to actually partner with someone, and maybe earn a little money on this. But reality is, that I have no knowledge on how to develop it, and I have not been able to find the right people, or get response from those I contacted. - So I give up on persuing this myself, and now choose to share it here. I hope the idea will work, and benefit all of VR. "True Move" - My idea for ingame VR locomotion, to make movement easy, natural and maybe even help a little with reducing nausea. Disclaimer.. This is just an idea. I have no clue, if the tracking is possible. I expect it to be possible, but I have no way of making and testing it. My idea is basically based on movement on the spot - "simulate walking". Yes, others have figured this out - there are some who track head bobbing, by walking on the spot by lifting you feet. But this is too hard to do for a longer period, and running is not an option. Lets admit it - a lot of VR gamers are not too athletic.. So we cannot make a system that leaves the player sweating and gasping for breath after 5 minutes.. How will he survive Fallout4 open world lol. Instead, track the head bobbing, by walking on the spot, but BY bending you knees only - left-right-left-right etc. Stand with your feed a little apart, facing forward and shifting the bend. An easy rythimc motion, that anyone can actually do for hours. That is the basic move... - Then we expand: - Walking: As mentioned, small knee bends, 1 knee at a time, in a walking pace. - Running: Same motion, but quicker pace. So ingame you can run and walk. It can be a 2. speed version, or more advanced, pick speed according to the knee movement pace. - Jumping: Just a simultanious small, but deeper (than walk) bend of both knees. Tracking wise, the deeper "headbob" should be recorded as a jump. And the length of the jump should be based on the speed up to the jump. So 3 versions. Standing jump, walking jump and running jump. - Steering: On normal PC, we steer with the mouse. In VR I have 3 solutions. Head, Turning or Controller. If head-look-steering is possible, it would be great, because that would leave the hands totally free, for like aming in opposite directions while doing advanced movement. - First thought is of course to just turn your body in the real direction. However that will interrupt the walking/running motion. So I dont know if it can work? - Head Steering: this is probably not a good version, since I expect it will cause nausea. But it should be tested, if turning should follow where you look. Alternative for testing could be just tilting your head left or right for turning direction. But that is just me brainstorming options =) - Controller steering: Probably the best way.. use/push the trackpad for direction. This will also solve walking backwards. - This would be possible, even with items in both hands, like duawielding guns/blades. - Crouching.. Well if walk/run has the headbobbing at hight X, then let crouch be at a little deeper kneee bend, like jump, but staying down is a crouch. Like hight X-5 inches. Its a bit harder, but you can still headbob, in this position, it will be a bit more of an ass/hip wiggle. - Walking stairs - just keep the walk motion. - Walking ladder - just keep the walk motion, or if a contact is needed, reach arms forward while walking? - Sidestepping.. If you have controller steering, then tilt head for strafing sideways. If you have head-steering, then use touchpad for sidestepping. Those are the basic moves of my idea. Hope you like it! I had this idea long before anyone else picked up on tracking the headbopping. But they use the wrong motion for it. Originally my idea was also to use 2 trackers, attached on the side right under the knees, for more specialized tracking. But doing it with no trackers will make it more accessible to more players. With 1-2 trackers however, a lot more options opens up. I have a bunch of more ideas for this, but you now got the basic idea, and I really hope that someone with the skills can develop it, not just for yourself and your own game, but for all of VR, to make VR movement better for everyone. I want to see this solution in games like Skyrim and Fallout4 for VR - So Bethesda, if you use it! Send me a nice fat bonus please! :) If someone wants more ideas on this from me, feel free to contact me. Best regards Jesper
  7. Im no lawyer, but they sell in EU, so they must abide by EU rules of warrenty! I see they are helpful in here. I hope you get a new set of controllers. Vive is not much without them.
  8. Its still 10% on the unfair side after VAT. At least Steam treat $ and Euro equally. You should do the same!
  9. Ok, so I add tax. I live in Denmark, on of the countries in the world with the highest tax. On Import goods we add 25% in tax. 599$ + 25% = 748$ That is still 72$ More we pay in EU, than in US. Is that fair?
  10. My bank says that 599$ = 510 Euro! Or the other way, your 699 Euro = 820$ Why is it that Europe gets fu***d that hard? Why do we pay 221$ MORE than the Americans? (just to be clear, this has nothing EU vs. US in it - its just a rant over the unfair currency difference!) I really love my Vive and really wish to cheer for Vive - but you make it hard.
  11. I am sorry guys, its a lovely idea. But - it is still dependant on real body movement. Lifting your feet like that to walk around in a VR world will be like jogging to most gamers. Seriously how far do you think anyone would get in Fallout4? lol.. Don't get me wrong - I'm all for a good cardio game. But like I said in other threads - Games that I play for fun, should not be exhausting. I want to play 2-3 hours in Fallout4, and not give up after 20 minutes, because my pulse is about to explode my head :D Yes - Im not in good shape - but honestly - how many gamers are? Anyway - we need to find a better solution, where everyone can walk/run in VR for long periods, without being worked out :D
  12. Europe always get $cr3w3d when it comes to sales and prices. Just the fact that Steam and others set 1$=1Euro is a robbery. I live in DK, and bougut my Vive 2 months ago for 7300 Dkr, the best price I could find. 7300 Dkr equals 1.107$ (todays $ rate) and "only" 982 Euro.. So if I bought the Vive today at normal 899 Euro rate, I would actually pay what equals to 1.013 $. So 114$ is what Europeans pay too much, just because the shops say that Dollar and Euro is the same rate. Then Add 25% Vat + shipment to get it to Denmark. Just saying we get shafted hard over here!
  13. So, I am just a normal gamer who own a Vive - because I could afford the expensive **bleep** :D And I just wonder - VR is so awesome, so why is the market not exploding with HMD's and bigger game developments? The answer is naturally a mix of supply/demand, pricing and limitations. We all know that Vive and Rift are too expencive for the mainstream consumer. Prices will fall in time, due to competition, evolving solutions and growing content. And I want to talk about the content part. Besides price and other problems, then content is the major factor here. We all know the dilemma: AAA titles will only be developed when the market is big enough, and the market size is small because of the lack of AAA titles. There is a lot more to it, but I ask all of you here: - How big a role does AAA content play vs. the numbers of High end HMD's sold? - If it cost like XXX millions of $ to make a new AAA title, how much is the cost to convert older AAA titles to VR? 10%? 50%? - Take Fallout4 as an example. When Fallout4 releases for VR, everyone will buy it for Vive (except those 10% who are too butthurt about the price.) As I see it, Bethesda is on the right path for VR right now. Take great normal PC games, and make them work on VR. - Will Fallout4, Skyrim and other titles like Halflife2 not boost the VR sales? If yes - why dont we se more companies like Bethesda make VR versions of their old AAA's? Many of you probably know a lot I don't, so please elighten me - what will it take for VR to grow from a niche for the "rich" - to mainstream like a PS4 owner. And Why the hell is VR so expensive? It seem like HTC and Oculus sell at 500% the cost price, because its a new cool tech - but If they sold it cheaper, the market would grow exponentially faster. - Im just guessing numbers here. But lets say Vive cost 200$ to make, but is sold for 800$ because "they can".. What If it as sold for 300$ - earning less per unit, but it would suddenly sell 10X the units, making a positive snowball effect for the VR market, boosting their income on software. I know im just rambling here, not knowing half of it. Please explain it to me. =)
  14. Suction cups sound like a bad idea to me. The motor in the lighthouse vibrates a little, and if its not firmly secured, then you might have problems. I dont know if there are suctioncups that sit firm enough, but I doubt it.
  15. The solutions for me was to unplug all vive cables, reboot and plug them back in. Also read somewhere to try and change the usb and use different ports on your pc. Hope it helps
  16. Im not Vive staff, but I am very sure the answer is a big "No" :D Unless you get the sellers steam account and/or Vive account, where the software is installed, then you are out of luck.
  17. No problem until now.. Now the foam on my "Deluxe" also turned to mush. And this time i was also just a bit more sweatting, enough for the foam to be moist, and just a gentle rub on the foam, with no pressure made it just shread apart like the pictures in this thread, just worse. - My bet it happens to everyone, if they just sweat some, so like when the front foam gets wet, so does the back. Maybe its more when I have short hair? Also I have no products in my hair, this is just from sweat. We need a FREE replacement from Vive on this!
  18. But which is it going to be? TPCast or Display Link Xr? - Are we not talking about 2 different potential solutions? And just how is the last one going to fit on the new Deluxe Audio Head strap? It sits where the thightening-knob is...?
  19. Thx for answer VN =) Any news on when we will see a US/EU release?
  20. +7ms delay sounds like too much?
  21. Worst 3 minutes of my life LOL. Im in the bathroom, and the girlfriend is playing with my Vive. - Then I hear a "bang" sound like something hard hits the wooden planks of my floor. Second later GF shouts, "Sorry Hon, I have to leave you - Bye".. Those 3 minutes in the bathroom - I lot of thoughts went through my head LOL... CRAAAAAP.. So yes, she dropped it from about 1 meter/3 feet, and lets just say, she did not look proud hehe. Fortunately it still works, I can not see any difference - PHEW - GF gets to live a little longer :D My question now - It seem to work fine still - But is there something I need to know when you drop your Vive? Can there be some damage I cannot see, even though it works? Is there something I need to check? Scary moment - Had to share =)
  22. Back on topic of the hinges. I got my DAHS yesterday - thx for fast delivery! Easy to replace with the old one and it feels great. Then my girlfriend tries, and I haven't told her about any potentiel problems. And first time she has to remove the headset, she get a hold of the side "arm" and it came off instantly. This is really bad design! - It should have a firm locking mechanism! Like the old headstrap had.
  23. Ok, forget the "hinges" - What the hell is this?? Looks like the padding cant handle a little sweat?? This looks really bad! https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/6fqbuo/foam_padding_deteriorating_deluxe_audio_headstrap/
  24. Yea, looks like Bumble broke it himself - and HTC was kind enough to send him a brand new Vive to repleace the broken. I hope I get the same service if mine breaks lol. Another thing tho - Just got mine today. Impressive speed, I ordered Yesterday, and it was sent to Denmark in 1 day. Im at work now, so will open it later, and hope it fits perfect =)
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