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  1. Thanks CataPulT, that's exactly what it is. I did a chat with the Vive people and they said they'd be sending me an email with return instructions. Of course I never received it. I went ahead and ordered another controller from Amazon. I figure if they ever do send a return autho I'll go ahead and send it in. Maybe they'll fix it under warranty and I'll have three controllers. I'm not sure if I'm dealing with people in Bangkok or Timbuctoo, maybe its a cultural thing. Hope they honor the warranty though. I will report back to let everyone know. Many thanks CataPulT! Cpt. Good
  2. What is the procedure for warranty service on a controller? One of mine is malfunctioning intermitently on the jump function. The other controller is working fine. Is there another place to turn in a repair ticket? Also, seeing that a previous poster has been waiting weeks for his repair/replacement, is this the norm? Thanks in advance. Cpt. Good
  3. Vive says, "we're investigating it". "we'll get back to you". Thats about it. Ther're a good company, they"ll make it right. I'm sure they're concerned and will figure something out. In the meantime I think you could take a pic of it, then go ahead and wash it. I just put the original strap back on myself. I may wash it later. Take care, Cpt Good
  4. Thanks for the video links Marty. I will probably try that out. I like everything about the Deluxe Strap except for the gross black stuff. It adjusts well, the balance is much better than the stock strap and the audio is as good if not better than my gaming headphones. So other than the foam it's a winner. I do hope that HTC sends out a replacement foam piece. I consider that would be the right thing to do. Thanks again Marty. Cpt Good
  5. The Deluxe Audio Strap foam is coming off in my hair and if you rub your finger across the foam it turns black. I logged about 3 hours after receiving the strap this morning. Nothing more than normal use. Need help! Do you have replacment foam available? What is the remedy to the faulty foam? Patiently waiting. Take care, Cpt Good
  6. I received my Deluxe Audio Strap this morning and have logged a little over three hours battling Robotron. And, sure enough, the Deluxe Audio Strap foam is scaling. It came off in my hair and if you rub your finger across the foam easily de-laminates. Bummer for sure as I really like how it fits and how the audio is much more convenient. I'm not going to gripe about this but those who reported it were right. Faulty foam. Take care, Cpt Good 3:10 pm CST edit---Apparently there is a workaround. MartinMarty has a link on the tech support forum where the guy on youtube just scrubbs the top layer of the foam off under hot water. I will wait to try it hoping not to void the warranty. I trust that HTC will replace. Thanks Cpt Good
  7. I chose the Vive after much deliberation and trying both out. Allow me to say up front, they'll both be antique electronics in 2 to 3 years. Vive; Pros, 1) field of view wider than Oculus. Huge difference in room scale shooter games. 2) tracking, marginal difference in room scale games 3) plug and play, nice for the Cpt Cons, 1) Heavier, more face pressure with stock strap 2) more difficult to mount base stations (light houses) 3) more $ Oculus; Pros, 1) less $ 2) slightly better resolution 3) lighter weight Cons, 1) tracking issues, you will need 3rd tracking device. Comes with two 2) Tracking devices connect thru USB, lots of cables 3) glitches, experience with fellow players in Robotron So, to sum up, East Coast or West Coast. Which is better? I chose the Vive, not disappointed at all. It's not perfect but it is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Truly, regardless of which device, totally blew me away. I don't care if they become antique's, this stuff is amazing. Good luck with your choice and my advice is to get it done quickly. You can't imagine what you're missing, hope to see you soon in Rec Room/Robotron. Take care, Cpt Good
  8. Regarding the foam padding, if this is the same open cell poly foam that comes with the HMD, I doubt that sweat alone has any effect on degrading or scaling of the foam itself. I would think that it would take a combination of things. The guy making the complaint specifically mentions that there was no hair product involved. Maybe not that time but how many times before the video was made. He made it sound like it was used for three hours and then the scaling starting. Something doesn't sound right with that. I am familiar with this type of foam if it's the same as the face cushion foam. It takes a ton of abuse and there are very few things that will degrade it. Some oils can have an effect over time, but we're talking weeks, maybe even months, not hours. Not to mention what those type of oils and solvents would do to your hair and skin. I would like for the moderators to chime in on whether this is the same foam as the face cushion. BTW, my deluxe strap is due in this Friday, after that I will give you a personal experience report. Take care, Cpt Good
  9. I'm like you and others that I have talked to, you get used to the SDE. I don't even notice it when fighting in Robotron. I notice it in the dorm room, which really doesn't matter. I also agree that VR is in it's infancy. The Vive equipment that we're using today will probably be an antique in two years. That said, I wouldn't miss it right now while waiting for something better. This is the most awesome gaming experience I've ever been a part of. The difference is being in the game rather looking from the outside in. Really cool stuff. Cheers, Cpt Good
  10. I have never seen that error code. A couple of questions that might help. What is the model of your video card? Are you sure that you're plugged into the HDMI on the video card and not the HDMI on the motherboard? Are your video card drivers up to date? That's about all that I can think of, hope you get it up and running soon. Make sure to try out Rec Room when you get on. Take care, Cpt Good
  11. I did not know that, many thanks for the response. That headset looks like a future acquisition for the ol Cpt. Much more convenient. Cpt Good
  12. Question regarding the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap. Where's the microphone? Is it built in somewhere? Is there no microphone included? Thanks Cpt Good Apologies for repeating the question but it wasn't getting much action where it was posted.
  13. Question regarding the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap. Where's the microphone? Is it built in somewhere? Thanks Cpt Good
  14. I decided to edit my post as it came off negative about a supplier, which was entirely my fault. Apologies, Cpt Good
  15. There were a couple of you that suggested "Rec Room" as a program to download when I first received my Vive. I want to second that suggestion. I have had a blast in Rec Room and I find most of the adults there are very helpful in getting started. Yes, there are kids in Rec Room whose silliness is annoying but to go into the different area's and learning the different games is truly awesome. Robotron, a very cool shooter game. The treasure game, battling different fireball shooting robots, is also tons of fun. My favorite is Disc golf. I scored -4 on the one with the fans, which is incredible. Lining up a foursome for some golf is a lot of fun, plus some great camaraderie. It's kind of interesting that about two thirds of the participants are using oculus, with the remainder using Vive. All good though, everyone seems to be having fun. If any of the forum members here would like to get into Rec Room and need an adult fellow Vive brother to get them started, I'd be happy to do so, just let me know. I have met friends from different parts of the world and most have been really courteous. I will say that I'm having a blast with the Vive. My advice to you is don't be shy. Have all the fun you can have. Take the leap and take care, Cpt. Good
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