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  1. Hi, I was thinking about trying to start up a "VRcade", or whatever the technical term is, and while looking I found that it can be very difficult and expensive to get licenses for games for such an arcade, and that the Viveport Arcade is intended to help fix that, and I found some prices for game time, but am unsure if they are correct: It appears that it would cost $10 for an hour of gameplay? This seems to be too expensive to be viable. I say this as, at least where I live, $10 is about how much I could charge for an hour, and $15 (which would probably barely cover rent + game fees, not to mention startup costs) would be a stretch to sell, and not many people would be willing to pay that much. Are these numbers wrong perhaps? Or am I misinterpreting them? Or is my idea of how running the arcade wrong, if so can you tell me what I should do to make these costs viable, or give me a link or source explaining this? Sorry about all the questions, it just seems like with these prices, going to individual devs may be the only way to profit from setting up a VR arcade.
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