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  1. I have a GTX980 and an i7-4770k (few generations old now). Everything works great! True - a better card would be nice for supersampling, etc. But with out quickly cards are beating eachother out - I'm going to wait until I HAVE to upgrade. Great little DataBase here by TechPowerUp that shows your card VS others - https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/2621/geforce-gtx-980 So my GTX980 is roughly as good as a GTX1060.
  2. Have you ran any of the "Is your system ready for VR?" applications? LINK - http://store.steampowered.com/app/323910/SteamVR_Performance_Test/ This will tell you if your machine is good enough!! Also - I LOVE this site - https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/2621/geforce-gtx-980 Great Card DataBase and it shows how yours stacks up to others. I happen to have that GTX 980 which surprisingly is about as good as a GTX1060 (give or take).
  3. I had a piece of paper in my box with my codes - here's a picture (code censored, though I've already used it) I've also heard that they come via e-mail... /shrug. I got mine via Amazon, and it was in the box!
  4. Hmmm... Guessing if I failed after the 2nd question I'm not entered for one of the Immersion packs ;-)
  5. - Yeah.... I know ;-) I as just hoping for a Demo! That being said , a demo might get you more backers... Reading-up, it sounds like you have a LOT currently done. Build a single level / room showing off a few mechanics? /shrug
  6. Oooo! Looks like it has potential! Any Demo? I'd love to give feedback!!!
  7. This looks awesome! Sadly just not my cup of tea. Maybe add a secret mode with zombies and guns? ;-)
  8. - There seems to be some odd issues with that page when using your codes. The easiest solution we've found is : - Log out of VivePort, OR just use an incognito Window. THEN - Go to vive.com/code - Add - When you are asked to log in - continue as GUEST. - Finish check out as GUEST. You will then be given GAME CODES to use in VIVEPORT. That worked for me and a few others at least!
  9. - Yeah - with purchases that large that makes sense. Amazon wasn't able to fully resolve my issue, but was able to make me feel content enough to stop complaining. So it worked out! is the best, he'll be able to help ya out :-D
  10. Browsing around the other day I found Vive has an Android App! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.htc.vivephoneservice&hl=en Just looking at it - looks like it allows me to answer texts / phone calls whilst playing. Which would be EPIC! My wife could easily text / call me when I'm lost in VR. It also beats having to have someone walk over to the PC and 'knock'. Anyone have an experience with it? Currently the ratings are quite atrocious :-(
  11. Huh - my experiences have been basically the opposite. I jump on Live chat and get very quick helpful responses! Heck, one of the guys was working with me for over 3 hours trying to figure out an issue I was having! I do want to note - I have experienced similar issues with other large companies (not Vive). But for example AMAZON, BestBuy, etc. Some times accidents happen and there are some large gaps in communication. I hope everything works out well for you!!
  12. - Have you tried the live chat? - https://www.vive.com/us/support/contactus/ That always works for me!
  13. - Odd.... so my Vive is hooked into my GTX980 via HDMI - and my monitor runs off of DP. I think there are a few things you should check - 1. Drivers - all up to date? 2. Firmware on Vive device all up to date? 3. Resolution you are trying to push to the TV. - If you have your Vive running and you are also trying to display your desktop on your TV at a 4k resolution, you may have some issues. Try dropping it down? You say only when playing "heavy" games - if you check the load of your machine whilst playing those, where is it being hammered?
  14. - Cool! I can't say I actually get much motion sickness at all!
  15. Make sure you LOG OUT of the VIVE site. Head to the url vive.com/code Hit next. CONTINUE AS GUEST Then you will be able to get your games with your code, etc. If you log in, or are ALREADY logged in - it will not work. Anyhow - when you finish you're given CODES for the games you can then use in VIVEPORT application. I already reported this to them (figured this out with a rep over chat). So they KNOW it's an issue... dunno why they don't fix it in any way. Or maybe put a sticky at the top of th ehelp area.
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