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  1. Great news! Thanks for letting us know. I'll give this a try when I can.
  2. Based on this: https://masterofshapes.com/thelab/spray-paint-in-vr-with-vive-tracker/ The Trackpad input (pin 5) currently does not register in UE4 with OpenVR. So it looks like between this and the fact that you have to use them in controller mode in order for ue4 to see the buttons at all(Which isn't something you would want consumers to have to figure out), ue4 devs are getting the shaft with no news if it will be fixed. Afaik this is problem is definately on HTC's end since it should be showing just like the trackpad button on the controller when switched to controller mode. Hopefully it gets on Epic's radar as well and they implement direct support for them. So far I haven't see anything from Epic about them which is worrysome since they are pretty big on VR.
  3. According to page 17 of https://dl.vive.com/Tracker/Guideline/HTC_Vive_Tracker_Developer_Guidelines_v1.3.pdf it looks like to trigger the button presses on the trackers you simply close the connection between the ground pin and the appropriate pin for the button you want. This works for the grip, trigger and menu buttons but it doesn't seem to work for the trackpad button. I tried on two different trackers and in a couple different games. Any information on how to make the trackpad button work? Also can we use the pogo pins to do the x and y axis of the touchpad somehow or is that only available through USB? There is also a "Vibrator" or "Digital output" pin with no information on how to use it. I suppose I could get an oscilloscope and probably figure it out but it would be nice to just have some documentation. Thanks guys, otherwise the documentation has been great.
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