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  1. Yes having problems with customer service ,which I dont think exists, over 2months of trying to get faulty controllers returned and nothing from them even after supplying the requested info multiple times and speaking to customers services and on here and chat nothing! I too would be interested to hear how many people are experiencing being treated like dirt by HTC
  2. Good luck getting the cable there is no customer support 2 months after reporting broken controllers and supply requested purchase info nothing
  3. Having the same problem contacted customer service on a number of occasions and supplied all the requested info and you just get ignored,thought it was just me but it would appear this is standard practice with them. Please let us know if you get any satisfaction because after 2 mths of trying to return faulty controllers it would appear some course of legal action is now the only option.
  4. 3 phone calls to HTC customer they asked for serial numbers etc which they were given nothing happened that was a month ago,I get the impression you are given the runaround so you give up and go away how can they expect you to invest further in their product when it would appear the controllers are faulty and they are just ignoring the fact.
  5. So 1 week later and absolutely nothing, sent details as requested and nothing, how hard is it to email a return label when something is within warranty and does work. Customer support is atrocious!!!!!
  6. Exactly the same problem here, pads dont click and are broken, "being jerk around" just about sums it up constant loop of the same stupid questions that HTC know the answer to but there is no action taken...pathetic!
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