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  1. I keep getting error 208 in SteamVR on my OG Vive when I reboot my PC Driver: 460.79 Steam VR: 1.16.10 Specs: GTX 1080 6700k 32 gigs of ram I have been using my Vive since 2016 though I had to get my Vive replaced via after warranty servicing on January 2020 due to it permanently giving me a 208 error no matter what link cable I used. That cost me 2000 Hong Kong dollars. The replacement Vive I was given was a refurbished original Vive and it worked fine until last Thursday. Now it started with the error 208 BS again, but this the error 208 stops happening and
  2. I live in Hong Kong not the USA. There is no live chat available here. I reopened my trouble ticket located here which I used the last two times my Vive had trouble and had it successfully serviced: https://contactus.htc.com/wFrmMailLogin.aspx?TicketNumber=17PHCW22ENA000314&Email=michaelinhk1982@gmail.com The ticket number is 17PHCW22ENA000314 It's Tuesday and nobody replied. This is ridiculous. And the last time I used www.vive.com/support/contactus was the first time I had to get my Vive serviced (broken controllers) and nobody responded to my messages and I h
  3. Also to clarify the Vive broke 3 days ago, not yesterday. The first paragraph is actually from my support ticket that I opened.
  4. I have been an owner of the HTC Vive for about 3 years now and using it almost daily. Unfortunately I ran into a problem with my Vive yesterday. It refuses to start when I start SteamVR. SteamVR keeps telling me "headset not detected". I made sure that the usb/power/hdmi cable is firmly plugged in both in the headset, link box, and pc. I rebooted both my headset and my pc, and it still doesn't work. I uninstalled my USB drivers, reboot my PC, and restarted SteamVR and it still didn't work. I tried everything in the HTC support page. So I decided that I have no choice but to get my
  5. Hello, I have two problems with my HTC VIve motion controllers. One problem is that the Touchpad button no longer clicks in the 2 to 3 oclock position. One of my Vive controllers no longer has haptic feedback, and this particular controller also doesn't make the beep noise when I turn it on. Otherwise though, both controllers work fine. I bought my Vive in Hong Kong and I live in HK. My warrenty is for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and New Zealand if I remember correctly. However I have been extremely frustrated with HTC extremely poor customer service. I've been trying to do an RMA request
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