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  1. I live in Hong Kong not the USA. There is no live chat available here. I reopened my trouble ticket located here which I used the last two times my Vive had trouble and had it successfully serviced: https://contactus.htc.com/wFrmMailLogin.aspx?TicketNumber=17PHCW22ENA000314&Email=michaelinhk1982@gmail.com The ticket number is 17PHCW22ENA000314 It's Tuesday and nobody replied. This is ridiculous. And the last time I used www.vive.com/support/contactus was the first time I had to get my Vive serviced (broken controllers) and nobody responded to my messages and I had to make a big stink on the forum until a mod reached out to somebody that opened a ticket. @jagibson
  2. Also to clarify the Vive broke 3 days ago, not yesterday. The first paragraph is actually from my support ticket that I opened.
  3. I have been an owner of the HTC Vive for about 3 years now and using it almost daily. Unfortunately I ran into a problem with my Vive yesterday. It refuses to start when I start SteamVR. SteamVR keeps telling me "headset not detected". I made sure that the usb/power/hdmi cable is firmly plugged in both in the headset, link box, and pc. I rebooted both my headset and my pc, and it still doesn't work. I uninstalled my USB drivers, reboot my PC, and restarted SteamVR and it still didn't work. I tried everything in the HTC support page. So I decided that I have no choice but to get my headset serviced. So I opened a support ticket 3 days ago at HTC's website, and so far nobody has responded to it. HTC's negligence with their support is well documented and people frequently have problems when trying to get their headsets fixed. Just look on /r/vive and you know what I am talking about. Can a mod please help me get HTC to respond to my support request? Since the headset is out of warranty, I am willing to pay HTC to fix my headset. I've paid HTC 2 years ago to fix my headset and they did a good job with it as long as someone responds. Can the mods please have someone at HTC respond to ticket number 17PHCW22ENA000314 ? I just want my headset fixed or replaced for a fee so I can get back into VR. I don't want to buy an overpriced Vive Pro or the lemon that is the Vive Cosmos. When it worked the original Vive worked out perfectly for me. @Synthesis
  4. Hello, I have two problems with my HTC VIve motion controllers. One problem is that the Touchpad button no longer clicks in the 2 to 3 oclock position. One of my Vive controllers no longer has haptic feedback, and this particular controller also doesn't make the beep noise when I turn it on. Otherwise though, both controllers work fine. I bought my Vive in Hong Kong and I live in HK. My warrenty is for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and New Zealand if I remember correctly. However I have been extremely frustrated with HTC extremely poor customer service. I've been trying to do an RMA request for two weeks without any luck. According to the warranty, I need to goto Vive's Hong Kong website to contact Vive in order to do an RMA Request. The only way to contact Vive on their Hong Kong website is to fill out an email form. I've done this several times and NOBODY ever responds to my emails! This is extremely unprofessional and extremely shortsighted for a company with so many financial troubles as HTC. HTC will never be able to recover as a business if this is how they treat their paying customers. Customers will remember their terrible customer service experience, and it'll hurt Vive long term even if they save a few pennies in the short term. LG is coming out with their own VR headset soon, and Oculus just did a price cut. HTC will be finished if they don't improve their horrible customer service quickly. My experience isn't an isolated case. Several people on the Vive Reddit forum have shared their customer service nightmares. Most of them told me the only way to reach Vive is via their live chat because they don't respond to emails, but the HK website doesn't even have a live chat option. In addition, even when you do reach customer service, they just jerk you around constantly before giving you an RMA. I haven't even gotten to the "being jerked around" phase yet since NOBODY is responding to me!!! I am really angry about this, and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's really compelling me to buy an LG headset as soon as it is released unless someone helps me soon. Can someone on here from HTC please help me? If I do not recieve help soon, I will file a complaint on the ripoffreport, I will create a blog detailing my bad experience with HTC customer support, and I will also create a youtube video talking about my experience. This way when future potential HTC Vive customers google about the Vive, they will see my bad experience and maybe they'll buy an Oculus or an LG headset instead. In addition I plan to file a complaint with the consumer protection department of HK customs and the HK consumer council. Please don't make me do this. If someone actually responds to me and helps me RMA my controllers, I'll be fine and I won't spend my time and energy doing this. I just want Vive to honour their warranty and not ignore my emails! I really do enjoy the Vive otherwise. The headset itself works great, and the motion controllers were awesome until this touchpad button click problem came up. The touchpad button issue is a very common problem and is probably related to a manufacturing defect because, I noticed that many Vive owners have this problem.
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