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  1. You can do this via lighthouse_console.exe with the command 'poweroff /serial xxx' and use the OpenVR API to acquire the correct serial numbers.
  2. The tool is no longer available. SteamVR now supports custom controller mapping which allows you to do what this tool was originally meant for.
  3. We took the tool down awhile ago because users were ignoring the multiple warning messages. Where did you both obtain the tool from?
  4. Hi /, Apologies if this is an inconvenience but we are just trying to prevent any additional issues this tool is causing other users. As I previously noted, this is temporary until I can figure out a better way to update the tracker ID without inadvertedly affecting other devices. It's really about managing a potential increase in the number of users affected versus inconveniencing our beloved developers. At the time of the takedown, the users affected by the misuse of the tool was greater than the latter, so we made the decision to halt distribution. This should not be taken as Vive's reduction of love for you all. We were just trying to do the right thing for everyone. Until the tool is perfectly sound for distribution and is not bricking headsets, it won't be immediately available to everyone. For extreme cases that cannot be resolved using Dario's posted method above, feel free to DM one of us. (Also, this technically shouldn't be seen as an officially supported solution from Vive. It was a tool I put together in my own time to help alleviate issues a number of our partners were running into.) Cheers! FOO
  5. Try disabling USB Power Management: “SteamVR Settings/Developer/Disable Power Management”
  6. If you're planning to distribute this to a customer, unfortunately not. Mixed Reality requires a tracked device to track the virtual camera in your experience. However, if you just want to test, then what you can do is expand the "Enabled Mixed Reality" panel and set the Camera Tracker node to either one of your controllers via "Get Valid Tracked Device Ids". https://api.unrealengine.com/INT/BlueprintAPI/SteamVR/GetValidTrackedDeviceIds/index.html Here is a basic guide on how to set up MR: https://uploadvr.com/make-mixed-reality-video-livestream-two-realities/ FOO
  7. I believe it's a setting in the software to set the correct device to be used as the LIV virtual device. I would pose your question to the LIV Discord channel for further assistance. I'll try to see if I can reproduce your issue on my end as well.
  8. It looks like you don't have a VIVE Tracker or 3rd Controller connected. Either plug a third controller in via USB, or connect a Tracker and it should work as soon as you enable MR.
  9. VIVR should support the Tracker out of box. Can you expand on the issues you're seeing?
  10. Can you send over the logs from the crash? Thanks for catching the missing externalcamera.cfg.sample file. I'll fix that in the next update. In the meantime, I would recommend using VIVR from the Steam store to generate your externalcamera.cfg file.
  11. Is your tracker showing up in SteamVR at all?
  12. The public beta of the plugin has been released. Please refer to the following thread: https://community.viveport.com/t5/Developer-Support/UE-4-16-Mixed-Reality-Plugin-current-version-0-8-Beta/m-p/19766
  13. This plugin brings Quadrant View Mixed Reality Compositing that has been supported on Unity, to Unreal Engine. Simply drop it in your project's plugin folder, enabled the plugin and wire up some blueprints. It replicates the existing Unity method for compatibility and frictionless play for those with existing MR setups that already support Unity MR. Features: Support for Controller/Tracker/Tracker Pro as camera. Leverage existing Unity-based externalcamerca.cfg calibration file. Enable hotkey for manual activation/de-activation of quadview Most externalcamera.cfg options supported (x,y,z,rx,ry,rz,fov,near,far) Full resolution output (MR output resolution based on resolution of screen, e.g. UHD/4K will output 1080p quadrants) Instructions: Please refer to the attached PDF. Download: VMR_Plugin-Unreal-0.8.zip Example BP: Sample MR output: FOO
  14. Beta testing an MR Capture Plugin. Unlike the MR framework plugin supplied by UE, this is not in-engine compositing. It replicates the existing Unity method of quadrants for compatibility and frictionless play for those with existing MR setups. Example BP setup: Sample MR output: If you have a fully baked experience in 4.16+, please reach out to me. *Only accepting a couple of developers for now. Apologies a head of time if I don't respond. FOO
  15. The headset's idle mode is only to keep the LCDs longevity. I believe it only turns the LCDs off. The rest of the components in the headset should still be working and thus tracking. I woudn't recommed keeping it on all of the time. You can confirm this yourself by "Display Mirror" via SteamVR context menu. What is the reason you need the LCD to be on? You can launch any experience and it should wake up the LCD panel, albiet it for a short amount of time but that may work for what you need. FOO
  16. *** UPDATE: We are taking the tool down temporarily since it's somehow modifying some user's HMDs. If you still have the tool and are still using it, please remember to DISCONNECT ALL STEAMVR DEVICES before running the tool as well as carefully read the instructions presented to you. Otherwise you risk bricking your VIVE like some have already done. Due to high demand, I'm reposting the Tracker Changer with some updates that hopefully will keep your trackers from bricking. This tool is to be used only be advanced developers that have a need to change the way a tracker identifies itself to SteamVR. If you don't understand what this means, then you should probably not use this tool as it can brick your device and void your warranty. Please only use this tool if you really need to, otherwise, if you are developing for your new application, we recommend using the VIVE Input Utility. Features: Support for Tracker Pro (SteamVR Tracking 2.0) New! Change Tracker to identify as a Controller Revert Tracker to identify as a Tracker Backup/Restore Tracker configuration New! Recovery for Trackers with corrupt configurations New! Steps: Unplug VIVE and all SteamVR devices from your computer. Plug in the tracker via USB cable. Run tool and follow prompts. Restart SteamVR. IMPORTANT: REMEMBER TO RESTORE YOUR TRACKER BEFORE UPDATING ITS FIRMWARE. FOO
  17. I took a second look at the video and I think the tracking may be drifting because it seems as though most of the sensors are being covered with your hand and controller. Because of the size of the pucks, it's pretty easy to obscure the sensors, and unfortunately, the more sensors you obscure, the less tracking quality you're going to get. How are you planing to mount these trackers for your experience? Regarding the offset, can you shoot a top down video of all of the devices inline with the virtual view? Also make sure the firmware is updated on all of your devices, including base stations. FOO
  18. Hey Adrian, Sorry that you're having problems with your tracker. It's very interesting that this is happening to all three trackers. I have not seen this issue before. I'm assuming that all of your devices have the latest firmware and SteamVR installed? If not, please do that and try again. If you have the latest software, try this: While Steam and SteamVR is shut down, in your config\ folder, remove chaperone_info.vrchap as well as the lighthouse\ directory and all of its contents. Default Steam config folder locations: C:\Windows\Program files (x86\Steam\config\ ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/config/ Power down your base stations for a minute or so for good measure. Start up SteamVR and see if that fixes your problems. Let us know if that works. FOO
  19. Does your tracker have a serial number imprinted on top? It should begin with a "E" or a "D" if there is one.
  20. The codes are regionalized so make sure that the code entered is from the same region as the site that you're entering it in.
  21. Theoretically, you can have as many trackers as you have radio dongles. The limitation would be wireless frequency crowding which would be dependant on your existing wireless environment. Connecting via USB cable would sidestep this issue. I've been meaning to do my own tests. I'll report back as soon as I do.
  22. The tracker uses the same radio as the controllers. The dongle is basically a radio dongle and plugging it in to your computer is essentially adding to the two radios that already are in the headset. It is possible to pair the tracker to one of the radios in the headset if one is available and isn't currently connected to one of the already paired controllers. I suspect that's what you're seeing.
  23. https://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-Tracker-Development-Support/Vive-Tracker-Role-Changer-current-version-0-8/m-p/6602
  24. VIVE Tracker Role Changer v0.8 This tool is for changing the role of the tracker to read in SteamVR as a controller. This is only required for applications that doesn't yet recognize the device correctly, e.g. mixed reality. Directions: Unplug the Vive from the computer. Plug in the Tracker via USB cable. Run tool and follow the prompts. Tool will report what the tracker is currently reporting itself as and give you the option to switch it's role reporting. On completion, unplug the tracker and restart SteamVR. Reconnect everything. Note: While your tracker is reporting itself as a controller, while it shouldn't ask you to update, if it does, do not update the firmware until it's reporting itself as a tracker again. Hopefully I didn't miss anything with the tool. Let us know how it works. Also, if you guys need this tool for another issue outside of the MR issue that we're aware of, please let us know. VIVETrackerChanger_0.8.zip
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