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  1. I have made a game in Unity for htc vive, I would like to add controls for oculus touch could somebody write a sample code to show how to use oculus touch controles using OpenVR? https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/OpenVRControllers.html Unity manual doesnt have sample code Thanks
  2. I would like to know how to Input controllers. Accesing vive controlers by SteamVR =quite confusing Accesing controlers via OpenVR, even more confusing isn't there something simple like, if(Input.GetDown(ViveControler.Left.Trigger) or if(Input.GetDown(ViveControler.Left.touchpad.axes.y) could sombody write simple sample code for accesing vive controllers with A)steam vr B)Open Vr c).. something else I need to update my game for vive but when I think of using SteamVR sdk once again, Iam geting vomiting impulse
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