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  1. Thank you very much. I also received a message on Twitter asking if I could send the details to them directly but I'm not able to interact with their account directly/privately. Should I send the details of the order/ticket number/tracking number etc to you?
  2. Hi, I'm posting this here because my previous experiences trying to talk with Vive customer support directly have been pretty awful and they do not respond to my emails. I got a HTC Vive in December, and unfortunately the left lens had several vertical green lines of dead pixels on it. With no telephone number on the vive support website and being busy most of the time that the live chat was available, I sent them an email in early January outlining the issue and requesting a replacement. No reply. I then sent another email a couple of weeks later with the same content - no reply. Finally got a chance to speak to vive support via the webchat. I spoke to one person who spoke broken English who asked me to try a bunch of different things, like different HDMI cables etc. I did this, and he told me he'd put me through to somebody who could process my return. That person spoke even less English, and then got me to try exactly the same things as the previous guy, and then spent a while looking to see if other people had problems with my graphics card (Geforce GTX 1060, obviously they don't, this is a common graphics card that is VR ready and I already confirmed that all the outputs work on my monitors). Eventually after over an hour on the live chat and waiting around for him to just bite the bullet and accept it needed to be replaced, he informed me that I could return it for a repair. I already didn't agree with this as I have had a poor experience with customer service ignoring me, wasting my time and I've spent £650+ on the Vive and they won't even replace it and sort it out quickly for me. But I thought, I was told by the customer service advisor that it would be repaired within 5 days and returned to me, so no biggy. This was on February 9th. I did exactly as they asked, returned it via UPS with the shipping label they provided; I've just checked the tracking number, it's being held by UPS in Romania and I have no idea how to proceed to get HTC to receive it. I followed the HTC process exactly, I've had a broken Vive since December because my emails have been ignored and have been without my Vive for several weeks after spending a pretty big sum of money on it. Please could somebody advise on how to solve this as I need the Vive as soon as possible as I am also a game developer. I expect much better customer service from a company that is selling a product that is not cheap + is trying to compete with Oculus. It was bad enough that I received a broken Vive in the first place, I expect better quality control, but the after sales care is the worst I've experienced from any company. I love the product, but I wish I'd just bought a Rift, HTC have a fantastic product here (when it works) but if I could go back in time I wouldn't have bought the Vive, that's for sure. I just want to know how to proceed to get my Vive repaired/replaced as quickly as possible as it's stuck in Romania after a slow and painful customer service experience, and has been defective since I bought it - please can somebody advise?
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