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  1. We just got our vive trackers yesterday and we tried to play around with them. While doing so we realized we could not use them with anything in lue of a normal controller. We couldn't even use it for mixed reality off the bat. Hopefully I am just missing something. Is there a way to make a game think the tracker is just another controller (and create an external offset config because of the different coordinate system?)? The idea here is we create a gun controller for another game or multiple games (that we didn't develop, have access to game code, or want to update). Examples "Space Pirate Trainer", "Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades", "Hover Junkers". A consumer buys our general or specific use gun for the game(s) and sets a config file for the game (for the offset in coordinates) then the tracking puck shows up as a normal controller and they can play the game. Right now I tried using the puck as a hand controller for a game we are making and it doesn't show up as the second controller even when all the controller are turned off. I know you can use the sdk for unity to call for the Tracked_Object not Tracked_Controller, in unity in a game you made, but it makes this tracker only work for games that spend the time to add the code to their games. And takes any control away from a user or home maker who may have a 3D printer and make something on their own for their favorite game. Any insight would be helpful. I read through the "HTC Vive Tracker Developer Guidelines_v1.3.pdf" and my scenario was not in there. Look foreword to the reply. Also is there any word on doing mixed reality with the tracker by default? Thanks
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