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  1. @Pieter Moller Unfortunately, the Quadro M2000 is quite a bit below the minimum requirements for Vive (NVIDIA 970). Quite simply, it's not going to be able to support any Vive hardware or VR content. Furthermore, you cannot use a displayport to HDMI adapter for VR. It will not work. You can use displayport to minidisplayport if needed, but you can't change standards from DP to HDMI. That's probably the reason you're not able to detect the hardware. Thank you, -Jack S
  2. @viveuser1982 Thanks for letting us know. Just to clarify, our operating hours and support hours for the US and CA are 7am-6pm PST 7 Days a Week. Can you please tell me where you went to get support for Vive? www.vive.com/support/contactus is generally what we recommend for the fastest response. Did you contact live chat? If you sent an email, can you please tell us what email address you sent it to? Thank you, -Jack S
  3. @moonowen Hi, thanks for asking here. It's not a firmware issue, it's a hardware issue. The firmware update changes the detection threshold for rotor speed, meaning that it now more accurately catches failing rotors. Are these new base stations or unused for a while? There shouldn't be any recent updates for 1.0 base stations that have been in use. We can get them repaired under warranty, though. Please send me a PM. -Jack S
  4. @Heleno Can you please tell us what you have tried so far, what error messages you've received and what changes you've made to your system lately? We need more information. @MDC1961 I saw your PM and replied. Thank you, -Jack S
  5. @DLT So it sounds like one of your base stations just won't power on at all now? No lights, just dead? You'll probably need to RMA it for repair, but first check and see if it's the power adapter that died rather than the base station itself. Swap it out with the one that works and see if it changes. What type of base station do you have? Thank you, -Jack S
  6. Hi @Zhaine Sorry for the delayed response. The holiday season is usually very busy for most of us and sometimes it can take longer than average to reply to posts. B and C channels are what you want for standard wireless use. However, if you're having trouble with the C channel, you could use the sync cable and switch over to A and B channel. This configuration will only work with the sync cable connected. I would check the power adapters too. Swap them and see if the behavior follows the power adapter. It might be that something is going bad in your setup. Thanks, -Jack S
  7. @Krogenit Those systems are almost identical. The motherboard is actually the same, aside from the branding and some minor details. In my experience, the issue does seem to be related to the PC hardware, though it's been very difficult to determine exactly how it happens. It doesn't seem to be related to the adapter itself, from what I've seen. If I were to take that adapter and set it up on one of our wireless stations in the office, it would probably work flawlessly like any other adapter would. However, in your case, it sounds a bit more like a bad cable or port. The reason I say this is because you're losing video, but not audio. If the wireless adapter wasn't working right, you'd just have no signal at all. Please send me a PM and I'll see if there is something I can do for you. Thanks, -Jack S
  8. @dal.and I wonder if it partially installed some drivers which were corrupted by putting your PC into hibernation mode (Never, ever shut down your PC in any way during installations or uninstallations!) and now they can't be properly identified or removed. This tool may help with that. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2748-WEIK-9562 Thank you, -Jack S
  9. @Tom17 That isn't a feature that we support with Vive or Vive Pro. The bluetooth module is used to connect to the controllers and is not intended for any other purpose. Thank you, -Jack S
  10. @Marco Please send me a PM with your contact information and the ticket number. I'll do what I can to help, but it sounds like the Carrier, UPS lost the device, so what we are able to do may be limited and you might just need to wait for the lost package claim to be completed. We'll see what we can do. Thanks, -Jack S
  11. @GaryMansell Do you have any other microphones (or webcams) attached to the PC? It's possible that it's switching over to them automatically once windows cannot detect the headset (it goes into sleep mode or is disconnected.) Thanks, -Jack S
  12. @jkornacki Hi there, We didn't see your post earlier as there was a bug with the forums that didn't alert us of new posts properly. I'm going to send you a PM with some instructions, but I want you to know that we're going to take care of your headset for you and resolve this issue. Thank you, -Jack S
  13. @TheRadziu| Have you tried connecting Vive to HDMI and attaching your monitors via displayport? Sometimes adapters don't work particularly well with Vive and it's best to try to use as few "extra steps" as possible. What was the specific cable brand/model you bought for that purpose? Thank you, -Jack S
  14. @Hawckey Thanks for asking. Answering your questions in order: -Yes, in general please stick to the default supplied cables that come with the kit. -I can't say for sure if it's impossible to solve that issue as it's going to depend on many factors beyond our control once you start using 3rd party equipment. -It might help, but I can't say for certain. Thank you, -Jack S
  15. @MrNiceGuy That's very interesting. It sounds like the card itself is fine but for whatever reason it won't work on that motherboard. Were you able to test the motherboard and see if you could get other PCIe devices on it to work in those slots? I supposed there's a slim chance it's the specific motherboard that's the problem. Thanks, -Jack S
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