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  1. Hi Please email me at vive_care@vive.com subject ATTN: jagiibson with the following information: Dateof purchase: Source of purchase (i.e. vive.com): Order number (if purchased on vive.com): Your contact information (name, address, phone number): Thanks, John
  2. I sent you an email over the weekend, did you get it?
  3. Hello , I received word that our teams were having trouble contacting you at the original number that was provided however it sounds like you have been in touch via email. The HMD did not return any failure during diagnostic at the repair center so there is suspicion that the 3-1 cable may be the culprit. The support team will confirm that with you once you have had a chance to connect. Secondly the repair charges should have been waived, our support folks are working with CDTI on a reimbursement mechanism. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks! John
  4. Hi , I've sent your comments to our EU support team. I will call them first thing during my morning to catch them during office hours their time to understand what is going on. Terribly sorry about your experience. Please grant me one more day of your patience as I navigate through our support processes over there on your behalf. Many thanks, John
  5. Hi I received an update over night. It appears that the fee was waived and the repair is proceeding since you were only within a week of the warranty expiration. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Regards, John
  6. Hi I haven't heard back yet. I will follow up again. Thanks! John
  7. Thank you for your comments. I may have missed it in the thread, were you experiencing the same issues as well? To address your comment, yes, we are investigating this still and making sure all due dilligence is applied. If you have issues not related to this, please feel free to start your own thread and we will assist. If you are experiencing these same symptoms, then please get in touch with me. Thanks! John
  8. Thank you for sending the info. I understand that the EU has specific conditions where 2 years would apply to the warranty, being that I am US based I can't really claim any expertise on this so will pass your info to my colleagues in EU. Thank you again, I will reply back with next steps as I get updates. There may be delays in response time due to timezone differences. Edit: I edited a spelling error on your post thinking it was mine, my bad, no actual contents were removed or altered, just the spelling for "warranty". Sorry about that! Thanks! John
  9. Hi , Typically the warranty period for the Vive is 1 year from the date of purchase. When you have a moment can you PM me your name, email address and phone number along with your repair ticket number? I will try and find out what can be done. Thanks, John
  10. Hi everyone! I want to thank everyone for your input so far and to those we have worked with individually, many thanks. I wanted to update with the current status of our efforts: We are working with individuals on this thread and else where to have their HMDs sent in to our engineering teams for diagnostic testing. As you can imagine due to geographical variance and shipping time, this process will require a little bit of time for logistical processing. Once these units are received they will undergo testing. At this point, I can't really speculate on cause. I don't doubt the symptoms you are experiencing and hope that through testing our teams are able to isolate and identify their root cause. Thank you again for your contributions, I hope to provide feedback when I am I able to once testing is concluded. Thank you, John
  11. Hello Sorry for your experience for your repair. Please PM me your repair ticket number so I can see what's going on. Thank you, John
  12. Hi Thanks for your message. 1. Testing is still being conducted. I've received one result so far, awaiting feedback from others. Too early to say one way or the other. 2. Cables have been sent, I will also be following up by having one of more HMDs in for testing. 3. Too early to conclude anything at this point either way. The test is to see if the flashing and heating occur with a differnt cable source. Thank you, John
  13. Hi Apologies, I did miss your input on page 13. Now noted. I presume you still have your hmd correct? or did you send it in to repair? Thanks! John
  14. Hello all. I've been reviewing and discussing this with others. To those tagged that submitted the information requests, thank you. The overall consensus right now is that operating temperatures (i.e. if your room or environment is hot vs. cold) does not appear to be the cause nor bear out in testing as a cause. There is a hypothesis that perhaps irregular power supplied to the hmd via a faulty/non-faulty 3-1 or other component could be a cause. This assumes that base station positioning and/or interference is not a cause at this stage. Since everyone is in a wide range of locations, it makes things like having your hmd sent to us for testing or any form of individual troubleshooting somewhat challenging but I will work through that. Can you tell me (either privately or in this thread) where you purchased your Vive? Because we don't service your location, the source of purchase will help me identify what region we can potentially provide support in. Same question for you, although for slightly different reason, can you let me know where you purchased your kit (vive.com? retailer?). Thank you for participating. Please PM me, or email me as you have my contact info. I would like to keep this thread focused on the issue reported, which sounds like you are experiencing different issues. Thanks, John
  15. Thank you for your message. We had anticipated more responses to my information request. I will follow up next week with any suggestions or findings based on what was collected so far. I apologize for the time in between responses, as you can imagine there are lots of variables that can come into play when looking into cause. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. My next follow up will be on monday west coast US time. Thank you. John
  16. Thank you to those that have responded to the information requests. I'm putting all of the responses together and will follow up with next steps. If others experiencing similar issues have not yet posted the info request, please do so! Thank you, John
  17. Thanks ! will review and follow up!
  18. Hello everyone, Thank you for all of the information you have provided in this thread. Flashing grey screens can be caused by a multitude of factors (both software and/or hardware). Heat is not something that we have encountered before as a cause for problems however I'm not ruling it out, I have requested info on standard or recommended operating temperatures For those of you experiencing the flashing grey can you capture as much of the below and post back when you are able? We will be reaching out individually for troubleshooting and additional information gathering. As you might imagine, everyone's computing environment is vastly different and we just want to make sure we are accounting for everything accurately. HMD Serial and date of purchase: Grey Screen: does it flicker or stay solid grey? When problem began (more or less): Your location: OS Version: please provide actual version (build etc) by typing "winver" in the run command Computer Make/Model or Motherboard if homebuilt: RAM: Networking or other cards plugged in to motherboard: Graphics Card: make/model any addtional built in graphics as well. Current driver version. General Computing Environment and Set up: i.e. 2 montiors via DP, USB hub, printers plugged in, UPS etc. Steam Version: beta or public release VR Home Beta enabled/disabled: Viveport installed/not installed: state which version if installed by going to Settings Oculus or revive or other VR environment installed: please state as applicable, any development environments you may be running as well. Photo of the room your vive is in: If you can it would be good for us to see how the physical layout of the room your vive is in is set up. You can post publicly if you wish or send via PM to myself or or . As your responses come in we will reach out individually to have you email us your SteamVR logs as well (easier to digest as an email attachment). Thank you for everything you have shared so far, we are looking forward to working with you on this issue and appreciate your patience as we sift through all of the info. Thank you! John
  19. Thanks Had this worked before? The specs you listed are unfortunately below the threshhold for a VR ready machine (I'm not saying this is the cause) and once the output does come out it will potentially result in a poor experience because of how the 960m is configured (which has 2GB of memory if I recall for that chip in that laptop). Take a look at this thread on nVidia for an explanation of the implementation (optimus link to the internal GPU): https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/937700/nvidia-960m-and-steamvr-performance-test/?offset=3 With that said, try the below and let me know if it gets you closer to working: Use USBDeview to manually uninstall drivers USBDeview is a free tool that is automatically included with the installation of SteamVR. The default path to this tool is …\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\bin\win32\thirdparty. This tool allows users to manually inspect all USB devices that have installed drivers, and is useful when it is suspected the Vive drivers are not being removed using the SteamVR ‘Remove all SteamVR USB Devices’ feature, or when it is believed there may be conflicts caused by other USB devices. Non-Vive related USB devices should only be uninstalled in this way if there is believed to be a driver conflict caused by another USB device. Removing Vive USB Drivers Disconnect all Vive cables from the PC. Launch the USBDeview program. From the Options tab, enable Display Disconnected Devices. Sort the list of devices by VendorID (click VendorID at the top of the list). Locate any devices with VendorID 28de (these are the Vive components) and uninstall them.To uninstall, right click the device and select Uninstall Selected Device. You may need to click Yes to confirm the selection. After uninstalling all devices with the 28de in the VendorID column, close USBDeview and reboot the PC. Reconnect the Vive cables to the PC. Ensure all cables are properly connected and then launch SteamVR. This will begin the re-installation of the Vive related drivers. Make sure direct mode is enabled. Make sure to plug in directly to the USB on the machine and not via a hub just to make sure no conflicts. Plug the HDMI cable directly from the PC to the linkbox. Let me know if this provides you with any progress. Thank you, John
  20. Hello , Happy to assist with any errors you are experiencing. Can you share a little more about what issues you are having and what your computer set up is? Thank you! JohnG
  21. Hello , Thank you for your comments, we are certainly feeding this up the chain on our end. PM'd you requesting some additional background info (any ticket info, correspondence, etc) so that we may escalate any outstanding or open issues and ensure resolution. I can completely understand your feelings, I do hope for an opportunity to work with you to correct this experience. Thank you again, and I look forward to solving on your behalf. Regards, JohnG
  22. Hi Let me see if I can find some more info on this for you. Can you PM me your name and contact info (email address and phone number + location)? There may be delays due to time zone differences (I'm west coast US) but will find out what's going on! Thanks, John
  23. Hi , Sent you a PM with some instructions. Thanks! John
  24. Hi , Where are you located? If in the US I can get a repair order processed for you. If in EU or other region I will need to escalate to those respective teams. Thank you, John
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