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  1. Check your spam for the shipping and confirmation email. If you still can't locate it send me your order number via private message and I will follow up tomorrow (US West coast time)
  2. The code for any bundle we offer is inside the box. Look for a 6x8in card with a code instructing you to visit vive.com/code to redeem. This will present you with options to get the fallout 4 code.
  3. Send me your order number via private message please so I can have a look tomorrow. Thanks, JohnG
  4. Please send me a PM with your name and contact info as well as the ticket number for your RMA. I will investigate and provide you with next steps tomorrow. Thanks!
  5. I sent you a message requesting more info regarding your order, please have a look and respond at your convenience. Thank you.
  6. Hi Were you given a ticket number for your chat session? If so could you PM that to me? If not please PM you email address and name so I can try to locate. Thank you!
  7. All, I have some updates for you. For EU customers: The delays are a result of inventory sell through. We are replenishing inventory this week and shipments will commence again once that is done. This could take up to a week to complete. For US/Canada orders: Some orders were delayed but began shipping again on Monday. I've been in touch with some of you that reached out and provided updated tracking. If you have additional questions or concerns please reach out to me directly via PM. Thank you all for letting us work with you through this. I've been assured that our teams and fulfillment centers are working as fast as they can to get everything moving again. Regards, JohnG
  8. Please PM me your order number when you have a moment. Thanks! JohnG
  9. Thank you . As soon as you get that RMA number send it to me in a PM. Sorry for your troubles. Regards, JohnG
  10. is having technical difficulties with the forums and has not been able to respond to you. You are not being ignored. We have all of the info you sent. Please stand by and thank you for your patience. Thanks! JohnG
  11. Please send me the ticket repair number they provide you after you complete your chat. I would like to inform my colleagues in our EU support of your case once you have filed the repair. Thank you, JohnG
  12. Hello all, If you are ordering outside of the US, you will not be able to order from the US check out flow. For customers in the EU you will need to purchase from www.vive.com/eu Let me know if I misunderstood the situation. Thanks, JohnG
  13. Please PM me your order numbers and location please. I will look into what's going on. Thanks!
  14. Hi When the sign in pop up came up how were you trying to login (was it email address and password? using steam? using facebook). Are you able to authenticate on viveport.com without errors? Please describe your system for me: OS: Antivirus:Any additional background apps running in the system tray? Thanks!
  15. Hi Can you provide your repair ticket number(s) via PM to me? We will find out what's going for you. Thank you, JohnG
  16. Hello Please accept my apologies regarding your repair experience. Can you PM me your repair ticket and contact info? I can look into what repair process was performed at the repair center. Thank you agian for your feedback. Regards, John
  17. All, I have reopened the thread to new replies. I believe in open dialog and want it to continue. This thread is being monitored. I ask for your trust that as soon as I have more information I will update this thread and elsewhere where necessary. At this time, my most recent update still stands: we are trying to reproduce across several units. Once testing is complete and full reports are available I will share what I am able. In the spirit of dialog I also request that we all extend respect for the teams that monitor these boards. We work hard on a number of issues and our number one reason for being is to serve as advocates for our customers and that will never change. We are a small passionate team and we push to get resolution for our customers. Thank you again for letting us work with you and being a part of the Vive family. Thank you, John
  18. All and others: - Our engineering teams have received the HMDs that were captured. They are running through and attempting to reproduce the symptoms described in this thread. - At first test the symptoms did not show under normal circumstances. They have to simulate conditions as described here and in a controlled manner and account for a variety of variables. This not a simple 5 minute or one hour test, especially if the symptom does not manifest immediately. - The process for any kind of testing requires to be able to reproduce, and since we are only working with a single component (the HMDs that were sent in) in a completely different location, under completely different computing environments, again, these variables need to be accounted for. Where do we stand today: All samples are being tested. Our engineers also have other duties that they need to adhere to so everythign needs to be scheduled and conducted properly. These are being looked at and due dilligence is being performed to a) reproduce the symptom and b) confirm a cause. Our teams have not uncovered nor reproduced the symptoms for this yet, they will continue to work to do so. In the meantime, I will request that this thread be locked for a small period until which time I have additional news to report. I wish I had more to report but all I can say is that this is still being actively pursued. Thank you, John
  19. You and i have been corresponding via email. I have sent a final request to our support teams to get next steps for you. I'm also trying to understand which component (if any) were found to be defective. I presume at this stage that you have not received any communications via email and you have only had a single missed call from the support team as the area you are in has poor cellular coverage correct? Thanks, John
  20. Hi , We can assist with this. What has most likely happened is a subscription tied to a different account under the same email address (for example you can log in with your gmail address or using the gmail authenticator, same address two accounts). Can visit this site and copy and paste the details into a PM for me? https://www.htcsense.com/troubleshooting Also please include your name and email address you used for your subscription. Thank you, John
  21. I'm not clear what you are asking for but HTC cannot issue refunds for orders placed outside of our site. Regarding your buddy's rma issue, please have him contact vive_care@vive.com with his ticket number(s) and contact info so that we can look into it for him. Thanks! John
  22. All, I'm sorry for the delay, I'm still waiting for feedback. Some HMDs have been sent and others are in transit for testing/inspection. As soon as I get more substantial updates I will post. Thank you, John
  23. Thanks Sorry about the email not reaching you. I'm glad you were able to get in touch with support. Did they clear up the charge? Thanks!
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