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  1. and anyone else with order questions. Please send me a PM with your order number, name, and billing zip code used in your order. We can only look up orders in the EU and North America. Thank you, JohnG
  2. There will be a master code in a 8x6 card/pamphlet in the box with instructions to redeem and ulock your content bundle on vive.com/code. Thanks! JohnG
  3. I believe you should have been contacted to get your controller replaced. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks, JohnG cc
  4. Thanks Unfortunately we don't have a mechanism to transfer the subscription. The login system will not recognize your email address as an existing account, you would need to create a new account with that email address. When you used the Google SSO, the HTC account used an authentication token to create the account, not the actual email address for your Google account.
  5. Hello I may be misunderstanding, it appears your bluetooth is not running int he system tray correct? Are you able to access the bluetooth functions in Windows Settings (assuming you are in Windows 10)?
  6. You can create a new account with the gmail account you used to sign in for the Google account. This will register as a new account (not under the Google authentication mechanism). The challenge is if your subscription is already associated with the Google Account authentication, you won't be able to migrate that over. Let me know if I misunderstood your post. Thank you, JohnG
  7. Hello, You will need to contact UK/EU support and provide your proof of purchase. UK Chat: https://www.vive.com/uk/support/contactus/ EU Chat: https://www.vive.com/eu/support/contactus/ I believe the DoomVFR codes were only distributed during the black friday/cyber monday sales. Thank you, JohnG
  8. There is nothing I can think of from USBDeview that would have caused this. The computer should respond to plugging in with the drivers uninstalled. Have you considered uninstalling steamvr and redownloading/reinstalling? Not the entire Steam client but just SteamVR. Might be worth an attempt to see if it forces the drivers to be recognized again. Does anything show up in Device Manager as an unknown device or some such when you plug in the Vive/linkbox etc? Thanks, apologies for not having a solution for you on the first try.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. If you do have concerns about your shipment (and this goes to anyone else) please feel free to email vive_care@vive.com We can only look up EU and North America orders at this time. Thanks, JohnG
  10. Thanks for the screenshot. Do you have a thumbdrive? If so, let's test the following: 1. Keep the linkbox plugged in to power. Unplug the 3-1 cable from the linkbox. Keep the USB cable connected from the PC to the linkbox. Plug a thumbdrive into the linkbox and see if windows detects the thumb drive. If it does then we can safely say the linkbox is communicating with the PC (move to step 2). If it doesn't, plug the thumbdrive directly to the USB port that you had the linkbox usb cable plugged into and see if it detects then (if it detects the thumbdrive directly then we may have a faulty linkbox). 2. Make sure the 3-1 cable on the headset is well seated across all connectors: Completely shut down Steam and SteamVR Open the cap on the top of the HMD by pushing it forward with both hands. Remove gently each cable and plug them back in tightly.Make sure the 3-in-1 USB cable is connected in the USB port of the middle whenver possible. Align the ridge on the cover with the tabs on the compartment, and then push the cover until it snaps in place. Push the top cap back into the HMD, fitting it properly into place. 3. Plug the 3-1 cable to the linkbox again making sure it is properly inserted into each respective port. Relaunch SteamVR Let me know your results. We are light on monitoring in forums these next few days during the holidays. I will be checking in but my follow up responses from this post will be delayed. I will follow up again to any response you provide tomorrow. My apologies in advance for the delays. Regards, JohnG
  11. Hi I appreciate that it's frustrating. Every set up is unique, are you asking for assistance? Please tell me more about your set up (OS etc.) Can you also double check and confirm whether the Vive is being detected as a monitor? Right click desktop-->display settings. Thanks! John
  12. Hi Ryan, Please send me whatever info you have sent to as he is out for the holidays. Where are you located? If your vive was purchased within the last 12 months then it is in warranty. Our repair centers will process the repairs assuming no user induced damages occured. If you try to repair yourself, that will void the warranty for that controller if you do need to send it in. Thank you, JohnG
  13. Based on your hardware info, can you please make sure the Vive is plugged in per my previous instructions, launch USBDeview and take a screenshot (ok to post multiple) so that I can see all of the components. Make sure to sort everything by vendor ID and get as much of the information visitble (i.e. fullscreen) as you can. Thank you, JohnG
  14. Locking this thread, all followup responses can be found here: https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/USB-driver-s-won-t-install/m-p/13572/highlight/false#M4491
  15. I see that you also posted here: https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/Error-108-nothing-works/m-p/13565#M4485 For continuity's sake let's keep it to this current thread. Here is the info you posted on the other thread: "I just got the HTC vive for christmas and got the error 108. Here's a list of things that I have tried: - Went to device manager and disabled "allow the computer to blah blah" for generic USB hub. - Tried to reconnect all the usbs a thosand times. - Tried every USB port (2.0 and 3.0) - Tried to restart my PC multiple times - Tried to plug all the orange cables directly to my PC instead of using the Link box. - Downloaded the program USBDeview and uninstalled all the usbs except for mouse and keyboard and then connected everything again. This resulted in that when I try to connect a USB now, nothing happens. The drivers won't install. Tried to restart my PC, still won't work. At this point I'm so lost. I don't know how to fix this and I've been trying for hours. My PC specs: i7 4790k cpu gtx 1060 Z97S SLI Krait edition motherboard"
  16. Hi Where are you based out of? It looks like you've tried a few things but I'm a little concerned that nothing is being detected on the PC. Can you describe your set up a little more (PC make/model motherboard + graphics card + OS)? Make sure that the linkbox power adaptor is plugged in both to a power source and to the linkbox. Plug the USB to the link box via (preferably) 2.0 USB port and the HDMI cable from your graphics card (not any built in motherboard HDMI) to the link box. When plugging in the 3-1 cable to the linkbox plug the power plug first, then the HDMI and USB, verify if the drivers install, if you get an error 108 still, let me know if your headset light at least turns on, even if it is red. Thanks! JohnG
  17. Hello Can you send me the following (either post in the thread or via PM if you prefer not to share)? - Screen shot of the room overview when you are facing the direction that tracking gets lost: SteamVR -> Settings -> Devloper -> Room Overview - Picture of your physical set up (overview where theroom, base stations etc are located and close ups of the base stations. Thank you, JohnG
  18. Hi We're excited for VR to continue seeing its way to new platforms. Apple have recently opened up VR development for their Mac OS X platform. Steam VR is available in beta form today for Mac OS X but it is still in its infancy, you can read more info here: https://developer.apple.com/macos/ Content developers will need to optimize their content for Mac OS X, I'm sure we will see more consumer ready things in the near future but for right now it is targetted for developers and content creators. That's a sweet machine for sure. If you get one let us know how it runs! Thanks, JohnG
  19. Hello Where are you located? Did you email or contact support via chat? Thank you, JohnG
  20. Please respond to when you can. We will discuss options with our Australia colleagues and hopefully come back with a reasonable solution for you. Thank you, JohnG
  21. Keep us posted on the code status from your end. Be sure to check your spam folders as well as sometimes these can end up in there. I have sent your order info to our EU team requesting status as well. Thank you! -JohnG
  22. Not sure what is going on yet but did you receive the follow up email with codes as indicated in your original email? Those codes should allow you to reorder the same package. Sometimes when there is an issue with the platform or fulfillment center we need to have the order cancelled and re-ordered to get it through again. I realize that this is inconvenient but rest assured you shouldn't be missing out on the original promo for black friday. Thanks, John
  23. Please send me your order number via private message so that I may get a status for you. Thanks! John
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