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  1. Hi Kris, I think our messages got crossed, I have sent you an email on this. Thank you,
  2. Hello , Can you post your computer specs (make and model or if home built motherboard make and model, ram, gpu, OS)? Curious if the installer during the download phase placed a DisplayLink folder here: C:\Program Files\VIVE Wireless\DisplayLink for you? If so can you run the MSI file and select repair and let me know if that changes the behavior for you? Thank you,
  3. Hi Kris, Are you based in North America or EU? If North America please email support.enterprise@htc.com ( as described here https://www.vive.com/us/support/contactus/) for advantage support. If EU please PM me your info and I will get you in touch with the appropriate folks. Thanks,
  4. Hi , Thank you for your writeup and comments. My first reaction is that under no circumstance is there a "hush", "censor", "hush money" (or other derivative) policy at HTC. I understand you went through a poor experience and I believe you have shared this in other threads. I believe the last issue you reported a member of my team was able to assist. If any request was made of you to not discuss your experience, please let me know. I'll try to tackle your questions one by one below, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns: 1. Does HTC Plan on notifying customers in their warranty that accessories are 1 time replacements? This was my biggest issue with this problem personally as I, and many other customers of HTC, were not aware of this even after reading the warranty. Response: The policy is that any warranty request on accessories beyond the 1st request requires a review and approval by the supervisor team. This is to determine warranty defect vs. externally induced damage (i.e. shredding the cable by rolling over it with a chair). These requests will be reviewed and can be fulfilled after the review process. In your case, it appears the review process criteria was not followed and this has been addressed with that specific team. 2. This question is completely different from my issue but a worry for me in the future. How come HTC changed their warranty to no longer protect from sweat? I discovered in previous versions of the warranty it did protect it but now it doesn’t no longer. Response: HTC warranty and policy updates conform to all FTC and other governing policy guidelines and can be reviewed by those government entities globally on a regular basis. The Vive HMD is not ingress protected rated can be susceptible to any form of liquid damage. I recommend the following best practices to prevent liquid damage: If excessive sweat is noticed, pause your play periodically to wipe the hmd with a dry cloth. After usage, wipe with a dry cloth and sanitize (we recommend len wipes such as these https://www.amazon.com/Zeiss-Pre-moistened-Cleaning-Wipes-Count/dp/B01E9NC2Z4/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_200_tr_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=0FD8VY9YD1QMCADFDRE6) When putting the HMD away, especially when engaging in active usage, store the HMD in a vertical way so that any moisture is drawn away from the lens (i.e. with the lens facing down). This way moisture does not risk running into the circuitry due to gravity. Breathable "faux" leather face covers such as those provided by VR Cover can help contain any moisture and provide easy cleanup and drying. 3. In regards the previous question, is it legal to void a warranty for being used under normal use conditions? I mean, it’s virtual reality, and no matter how much you take care of it, sweating in vr is, for the most part, unavoidable. According to some things I’ve heard, HTC is not above the law and normal use condition laws are pretty lenient towards customers in cases such as these. Response: As stated above, HTC complies with all laws and regulations and our warranty across our products are regularly reviewed by consumer agencies across the globe for compliance. 4. Is there any plans to make a new 3-1 cable that’s stronger? My first one died after only 3 months of use and the second one I believe was defective, so I’m curious if you have any plans on making the cables with different, stronger cords. Ex. Rope-like charge cords from 3rd parties for apple devices. Response: I don't have access to roadmap items so I'm afraid I don't have an answer to provide or comment on this. 5. I am one of the many people who had a touch-pad defect less than a month after receiving my vive. I’ve repaired it myself because I had heard stories about the RMA department and I figured it would be much easier to self repair – which it was. The defect with the touchpad is that the glue used for the rubber disc seems weak and extremely cheap. Is HTC aware that this is the issue and do they plan on fixing it for new controllers? Response: As per the warranty terms, HTC will repair any defects that meet our warranty criteria in warranty, this applies to controllers and trackpad functionality as well. Thank you for your time in reading through this and for your comments. Regards, edit: grammar *sigh*
  5. Hello, The HP Z backpack was designed with the original Vive specs (they replicated the linkbox format based on those specifications). Unfortunately the Pro connectivity requires the new connector for the 3-1. My first thought was if you could power the Pro linkbox via the built in power supply of the backpack and connect the USB and displayport/minidp then the All in 1 pro cable could plug in to the linkbox directly. A bit of jerry rigging I'm afraid, certainly wouldn't make for a cosmetically pleasing solution. Unless HP offer an adaptor to alleviate connectivity challenges, I'm afraid I'm not aware of any solution for this. Regards,
  6. I'm not sure I know what issue you are referring to but I certainly would like to know more about it so I can understand where the failing occured. I understand that the issue has been resolved but it doesn't sound like your concerns were addressed so please do let me know. In the meantime I would like to focus this thread on 's issue, feel free to PM me with any specifics that I may research. Thanks!
  7. Hi I've looked up your tickets. I will notify our repair center leadership regarding the new symptoms. Shipping labels issuance is a 48 hour turn around time by default, I realize it's not perfect and we are looking at ways to improve these items. In the meantime, I Xed out your ticket and name for privacy purposes. I will email you separately to follow this repair on your behalf. Thank you, JohnG
  8. Thanks. It has been received. We are going through all of the attachements. Further communications will be via email. Thanks again!
  9. Hi Please email my team HERE referencing this thread and please include your repair ticket (and any other tickets that may have been generated). We will escalate to the appropriate folks. If you run into any issues send me a PM with the info. Thank you,
  10. Hello Please send me a PM with your repair ticket and the serial to the affected base station. I would like to investigate this further for you to get this resolved. Thank you,
  11. All, Thank you for your comments and reaching out. We definitely want to assist but here are some initial responses. For those that ordered your starter kits: We have had significant demand in our accessories that far surpassed our estimates for this scenario. We have new inventory coming in but I cannot provide an ETA at this time as there are customs and transit variables at play for restocking our warehouses. Orders of accessories are delayed and we are working as quickly as possible to have these fulfilled for you. If you want to cancel or return an order: Please contact our care teams via the contact details provided in your order confirmation email as appropriate for your region. They will be able to provide you with next steps depending on your individual situation. If you received a partial order: You will receive the remainder of your order as soon as the inventory is replenished. If you have general problems with your order specific to payments or otherwise: Please contact our support teams relevant to your region so that they can assist. I will follow up with additional updates as I receive them on this thread. Thank you,
  12. Hi Please send an email to vive_care@vive.com with the following so that we may assist: Subject line: Rickzter1 from Viveport Community Name: Vive.com Order number: Your shipping address: Thanks! JohnG
  13. Hello, Please check the Find My Order site for order updates. If you are running into issues, send me a PM with your order number. Thanks, JohnG
  14. Hi Are you connecting to the laptop via any adpators or is it direct from the linkbox to the HDMI port (I'm assuming this is the non-Pro Vive correct?) If you can share your system report that would be helpful to look at as well. Thanks! JohnG
  15. Hello Where are you located? Please send me a PM with your serial number for the base stationa and your contact info. Thanks! JohnG
  16. Closing this thread, please see my response HERE with regards to North America shipments. Thank you, JohnG
  17. Thank you for reaching out, I am closing this thread, please see the reponse HERE for code related inquiries. Thanks, JohnG
  18. All, Your order confirmation email has a ship month. If the ship month says April, it will ship in April. If the ship date says May, it will ship in May. Customer service nor anyone here have any addtional visitbility outside of orders are being shipped every day. Based on what I have seen so far (barring any issues with billing addresses, credit cards rejections etc) we are shipping roughly within 2 to 2.5 weeks of original order date but this is not a committed SLA for North America orders. If you have a specific issues with your order please contact vive_care@vive.com. Otherwise please refer to your order confirmation email you received when you placed your order. Again, beyond what I have written above, there is no additional details that Customer Service or the team here can provide on when your shipments will be ready. Thank you, JohnG
  19. Apologies for this, I'm unsure why PMs are disabled for me, looking iinto it. Please PM with the info. Terribly sorry for this. Thanks, JohnG
  20. Hi Great question and thanks for reaching out. We don't have any information to offer at this time, please stay tuned to our blog for regular announcements regarding HTC Vive products. Thank you, JohnG
  21. This post has been moved into its own thread. Follow the link to the new location, please be sure to keep posts in this thread related to pre-order issues and troubleshooting. Thanks!
  22. Please send me a PM with your order number, name, and billing zip code so that I can investigate. Note that I can only look up North America and EU orders. Link to PM is below. Thanks! JohnG
  23. Brilliant! Thanks for confirming. Love the joke! Bonne année!
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