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  1. @Zephroth Thanks for your feedback. I understand your frustration. We are here to help, and these forums are are here to foster healthy discussion. However, I do want to make this clear: - You have been bumping old threads and hijacking current threads. You have been warned about this once, this is against the forum rules. - Our products have a 1 year warranty (or 2 years depending on your region). This is standard practice in consumer products. Repairs are possible after the warranty period however there will be an out of warranty charge associated with this. If you would like your item repaired, please contact our customer support team. I will follow up with a PM with a request for additional information from you. For everyone else experiencing issues with their equipment: please contact your regional support team. If the item is in warranty and the symptom falls within the warranty criteria, your item will be repaired via RMA. If the item is outside of the 1 year warranty period (or 2 year where applicable), then an out of warranty fee will apply to the repair. Kind Regards, John
  2. Hi @Scottyg Take a look at the thread linked below and see if your NVIDIA GPU is actually outputting to the USB C port (it may be hard set to output to HDMI only based on the specs I saw on Amazon). Thread Thanks! JohnG
  3. Hi @dxter77 Before we look at the cable, I suspect the GPU (I assume it's NVIDIA 1060 or similar correct?) may not be mapped to output to the display port on the laptop, this can be confirmed by running the NVIDIA control panel and looking at the PhysX settings in 3D settings. That should tell you which GPU (integrated vs. dedicated) is mapped to output to which physical port. If it doesn't show that the dedicated (NVIDIA) GPU is outputting to the display port then unfortunately you will not be successful in running the Vive via your display port. Have a look and let us know what it tells you. Thanks! JohnG
  4. Hello , Can you PM me the repair ticket number so that I may investigate? Thank you, JohnG
  5. That's great news. Shoot me a PM with your shipping information and I will make arrangements to have a replacement cable sent to you. Thanks!
  6. Please try the USBA-USBA cable that normally plugs in from the linkbox to the PC with your battery/adapter and see if you get different results. Let us know if anything changes for the better and I can make arrangements to get you a different cable. Thanks!
  7. Are you seeing something similar to these steps? https://www.vive.com/eu/support/accessory/category_howto/updating-vive-wireless-app.html Is it failing when press “Install update” or are you not seeing that option? Can you post a screenshot when you have a moment? Thanks!
  8. Hi Can you provide me with the current logs post update going to Start-->Vive Wireless Folder--> Wireless System Info-->Collect Log & Collect System Info and send me the logs via PM. I would like to send it to our engineering team with your symptoms to determine best course of action. Thank you for your time, sorry the update failed. It could be simply reinstalling the drivers does the trick but I would like to get the guidance from our engineering team first. Thank you, JohnG
  9. Disregard my previous reply. Your subscription appears to have been setup using your steam account. please attempt to log in to your viveport subscription using the steam option and see if that lets you in. Can you log in at this url and let me know if it lets you in (not with the Facebook account you just created but with your previous login)? https://account.htcvive.com/troubleshooting Please send me a screenshot via PM with the results. Thank you, John
  10. Hello James, Thanks for your message. As warranty rules and regulations, as well as our policies, vary across every region, please contact your regional Vive support chat team for guidance on how to proceed. If all of the warranty criteria is met, an RMA can be issued by that team. Note that the staff on this forum is based in the US and we cannot comment with certainty regarding rules and policies from other regions nor can we process anything on their behalf. Kind Regards, John
  11. sent you a PM with my email address. Please get in touch and I will be happy to answer any questions you have. Thank you,
  12. Hi Are the security concerns regarding the ability to run SteamVR offline without Steam? The Advantage program provides access to offline steamvr builds and device management options for distribution of builds behind a firewall that may be appropriate for your use case. You can find some preliminary information here: https://enterprise.vive.com/us/dms/ Thanks!
  13. if you require assistance, with your base stations or anything else, please let us know. Otherwise please don't hijack threads unnecessarily.
  14. Thank you for your message. I understand your frustration. We don't have anything new to add to this while our teams investigate and test. Please refer to the original post above. Thank you. JohnG
  15. I sent you a private message requesting additional information. Please have a look and email the address I provided to make arrangements. Thank you, JohnG
  16. Hi You mentioned that another Vive works on both computers. Have you been able to try the unit receiving the error with different set of cables and linkbox (i.e. with the cables from the functioning vive)? Thank you, JohnG
  17. No time frames for refunds have been defined at this point but my recommendation is that you proceed with the return process if it is indeed not working for you. You can always re-purchase at a later date once more information is made available around root cause or fix. I cannot guarantee that there won't be a cutoff date for refunds. Thanks,
  18. Please PM me your order number and email address associated with your orders (and your location/country). Thanks!
  19. Thank you for your feedback and thoughts. I'm not sure what kind of response you are expecting that hasn't already been addressed. Our teams are still looking to identify root cause to design an appropriate fix. As has been stated previously we do not have any additional info on this matter at this time, you have the option to return your item. When updates are available they will be posted in the appropriate channels. Thank you again. JohnG
  20. Hi All, Thank you to everyone that submitted the info I requested earlier. I wanted to send a quick note that all configurations are being examined by our engineering team and partners. As soon as I have an update I will post here. Thank you, JohnG
  21. Hello , PCIE3.0 slots should be backwards compatible with 2.0 cards. Thanks! @
  22. This shouldn't be caused by hardware. Uncheck SteamVR Home in the Steamvr--> settings. Completely exit our of steamvr and relaunch SteamVR and attempt one of your games to confirm performance is still good with those. Then attempt re-enabling and relaunching steamVR. If the same symptoms persist try uninstalling SteamVR and reinstalling. Let us know if the behavior changes. Thanks!
  23. All, Please check your PMs. I have included instructions with what information to compile. Please email the address listed in the PM. If I somehow missed you or you didn't receive a PM from me please let me know. Thanks for your posts. I am notifying my engineering teams. I have not PMd you as you and I have been in touch via email already. Thank you, John
  24. Please reach out to our chat teams to file an RMA for your red blinking light base station issue. They can be contacted here for your respective regions: Regional Chat Support Click the "Contact Us" envelope for chat acces. Thank you, John
  25. Hi All, I'll be sending out information requests individually to you over the weekend. We are investigating with our partners to identify the issue, we are eager to get this up and running for you. Thank you for sharing what you have so far. Be on the lookout for private messages from me directing you on next steps. Thanks again,
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