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  1. Edit: Looks like we posted at about the same time. Glad it is working for you. Thanks! @GruntFX Sorry for the issues you have gone through. I have seen a couple of cases such as yours. The way the redemption works is the inbox code unlocks whatever promotion we are running at a given time, in this case it unlocks a 6 month Infinity subscription (that you can apply in your Viveport software) and Half Life: Alyx (that you apply in Steam). I will need some info from you, I will send you a PM. Thank you, John
  2. Hi @Coryh4225 I'm sorry you have experienced this. If the spec is indeed behind the lens or the micro fiber cloth is not able to alleviate the symptom then our options are fairly limited. Did you order directly from vive.com or elsewhere? I can look at replacement options for you if ordered directly from vive.com. If you did order directly, send me your order number via private message and I will look at options for you. Thanks!
  3. Hi @JeQ Do you have any spare USBA->USBA cables that you would have used to plug in the linkbox to your PC in a wired set up? If so please use that cable to connect both batteries to the wireless units. I just want to rule out any cable related issues (apologies if I misunderstood in your post if this was tested already). Let me know if your symptoms change for the better. Kind Regards, John
  4. Hi @Zacware For Vive Pro the only option is repair. I assume you are in the US or Canada? Please send me a DM with your ticket number so I can look into this for you.
  5. @TomCgcmfc When did this behavior start for you? Are you running the latest SteamVR hotfix that came out on 11/22?
  6. @Jakey I understand your desire for wanting to fix the nose guard however as @VibrantNebula stated we cannot advise and self-repair for liability reasons. We can have this corrected for you via an RMA. If you are interested in pursuing this route and are in the US/Canada please email my team at THIS ADDRESS and we will process the RMA directly. If you are in another region, please reach out to our support team by visiting www.vive.com/support/contactus Let us know if you have questions or concerns. Thank you, John
  7. Does this happen to any of the trackers around your waist or do the symptoms only affect the one specific tracker (and do these symptoms follow that tracker regardless of placement)? @LXVII
  8. Glad it was resolved. Can you share what the issue was?
  9. All, I understand there is some confusion on this so hopefully this will help clarify. The inbox code that comes in the box with your Cosmos (or any of our other kits) unlocks whatever current promotion that is active. In the case of the Cosmos pre-order 1 year Infinity subscription offer, this promotion expired in early November and is now a 6 month offering. If you missed the redemption period we can still help you get your pre-order promotion! If you missed the redemption period for the 1 year pre-order promotion, please redeem the current six month offer
  10. All, I understand there is some confusion on this so hopefully this will help clarify. If you purchased during the pre-order but missed the redemption period for the 1 year, the inbox code will unlock the current promotion, which is 6 months currently. Go ahead and redeem this and follow the instructions below for getting the remaining period of your subscription. Please get in touch with our escalation team by emailing THIS ADDRESS with the following information: Your Name and Location (EU, North America, etc): A screenshot of your Viveport Account ID from this
  11. @Fink Have you already redeemed the inbox code at vive.com/code?
  12. @Fink As long as you apply your redemption code to the same account it will just extend the available "free" time on that account if that makes sense. @T Nobody is trying to deceive you. The redemption dates were provided on our Cosmos pre-order and Vive Infinity promotion pages during the pre-order. I will contact you via PM with some additional questions.
  13. @T The code that comes in the box unlocks whatever promotion is running at that moment in time. Each promotion does have an expiration date as new promotions are enabled. If you sit on the inbox code you run the risk of promotions changing. The 12/21 date in the card of the box is the expiration of the master unlock code of the box, not the promotion that is being run.
  14. @schwaBAM Where are you based out of? Our return period is 14 days of item receipt date. Please send me a PM with your vive.com order number so I can look into this for you.
  15. Hi @TomCgcmfc Thanks for bringing this up. Typical PayPal integrations such as ours will have the funds charged immediately. This is actually listed in the cart as you check out but clearly the messaging in the confirmation email is not stating this. Our estore team are working to update this so that it is clarified. Unfortunately this isn't an element we can change on our end as far as the account being charged immediately for PayPal. I have attached a screenshot of a sample cart for your reference. I apologize for the confusion this caused.
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