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  1. which games you are going to use with racing setup. are there any steam commercially available licenses for racing games?
  2. I am new to the scene here but in same boat as other operators who are posting here on forum. I have registered on viveport site. still waiting to hear back from them on how can I subscribe on viveport program for my new arcade in USA. Steam site licensing could kill new budding operator's business. Seems like ViveBE is advertised, but operators posting here were not able to get one available for purchase. May be those who have opened now are using consumer verison which , from what it seems like no different than BE, except operator shells out extra money for very limited warranty. Has anyone been able to find a way to reduce moisture related damage to headset for prolonged uses? i do not think headset has any fans built-in to take that moisture out. Any recomended arcade setup diagram for 6 to 8 stations in 20ftx50ft space? Thanks in advance to anyone who replies with info that can help a new operator.
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