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  1. Well done guys, really well executed. Mediamarkt is a big name in Europe, so I expect You will grow this quickly.
  2. Hi Stephen, Apologies for late reply, for some reason I did not get any updates from here. At present, solution You offered is not yet viable. 80% of our customers are new to vr, with 20% returned business. Those new guys want to try it all to see if they like it, which is hard if You have to ask them to swap - first it inconvenient,2nd - other booths might be occupied. I agree with You that for returning customers , who know what they want You can organize it this way. As marketing - I meant as HTC marketing their product and mentioning where people can enjoy it, in localized way. For now You do it with currys and scan but not with arcades. I understand that You need to do quality control - but we will be more then happy to have You check up on us. Also - while we let people try - we do it for free www.vr-here.co.uk/freevr , could we not be given rights to sell Vives to customers?
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