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  1. Good points on the video. HTC's biggest mistakes ever were overpriced products, and rumors of bad customer support. Apart from that having owned OG Vive and Vive Pro (currently Index and Quest), The Vive Pro it's still one of the best all round HMD on the market to date. Having a few trade offs with Index, but it seems in terms of hardware quality it lasts longer than Index for sure. Vive Cosmos was really a mystery to me in terms of it's place on the market being the most expensive inside-out tracked HMD. I really wish one of those top VR manufacturers finally figured out a proper inside out where occlusion never exists (maybe a camera placed on a bump or some sort of plastic antenna - like pointing down 45 degrees), but unfortunately so far it seems that Oculus have been the closest one to provide a decent inside out tracking yet far from perfect.
  2. , As long as it's not restricted from per game developers - sure. But I believe most seated VR apps features mouse/keyboards/gamepads/wheels/joysticks depending on the game.
  3. , It's not possible. Lighthouses are tracking headset and controllers. If for some reason your headset is not being tracked it will automatically turns the screens grey and I believe that's intentional since if you're stuck with one frame (picture ) infront of your eyes even when you're moving your head around it will make you puke in less than 20 seconds :smileylol: I believe though you can run it with one base station while seated for race/flight sims where tilt your head no more than 180 degrees in any direction.
  4. , No you can't. So 1.0 stations can track OG Vive and Vive Pro , while 2.0 can track only Vive Pro set up. You can't mix 1.0 with 2.0 base stations.
  5. , 1.0 base stations can only operate up to 2 per set up. You can do a set up with 3 up to 16 only with 2.0 base stations.
  6. , You better hear what official support has to say about it. I am no expert but my two cents here is that CPU and RAM might be holding you back. If you look at the wireless page on the bottom there's a minimum requirements and where it says i5-4th generation. Trust me this thing is taxing on CPU not just GPU. Also you have more than enough RAM but at slow speed ... If you have a friend with better specs just go try it there. "also keep in mind that so many people with i7 8700 with 1080ti are having same issues as me" - do not trust anyone on the web" usually I am not getting into argument unless I know what I am talking. Issues sure , lots of issues are resolved by software fixes and lots of issues are caused by the mixture of software that may affect the hardware ie. GPU drivers , Steam updates , even Vive updates ... my point is that I guarantee for a couple of friends with wireless and Vive Pro (which is more demanding) have a more than enough to play competitive shooter in VR. So, best thing to do first is to go to a friend with better CPU and faster RAM and see how it goes.
  7. , Just out of curiosity - PC specs ? As a part of my favorite VR game community in it's discord server I know couple of players with Vive Pro + wireless and they have no issues. Also keep in mind that these very same players are in competitive league of that game so they would hardly accept such flaws. I'm just trying to say that there might be a solution to your problems, as the only known issues regarding the wireless is the incompatibility with AMD CPU's as far as I'm aware of
  8. , Well it looks like you're already selling 2.0 base stations in Japan .... so the question is .... EU launch date ? :)
  9. , If you're sayin all's working well now that means they're not 2.0 as they don't work with OG Vive system. You might be talking about the newer version of 1.0 which has a different array of LEDs.
  10. , Hi . Are you trying to say that you ordered replacement base station for your 1.0 bundle , but you actually got shipped 2.0 instead ? Cause if that's the case it's really weird as lots of Vive Pro owners would like to buy that but not able due to they're not officially available right now outside of the Vive Pro Full Kit ???????
  11. , Also could you please (when you have the time) take a look at my log to confirm if I have certainly reflective surface issues ? Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/s/i8uy9c77vs0sqd5/SteamVR-2018-12-19-PM_09_21_26.txt?dl=0
  12. , Thanks for the quick respond. It's nice that reflection issues can be seen in the report now.
  13. , Can you please me tell me what in the log files gives away that back-hits ( reflection issues) as I would like to take a look at my logfiles as well. Trying to figure out something on my 2.0 bundle. Thanks!
  14. , , Sorry I haven't make myself clear. I meant software wise install/uninstall . Thanks for the quick response though.
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