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  1. The term Virtual Reality has almost become a household term in the new century. What does it mean? Let us look at the origins of the two words. Virtual comes from Latin "virtus" and reality "realitas" or virtuous authenticity. Virtuous, meaning of substance and value and authenticity, meaning true to ones own spirit and character. Interesting!.. By creating the term Virtual Reality are we not meaning "honorably being authentic?" Today, virtual reality has many meanings and applications. We hear the term VR used in gaming, the medical field sectors and education, especially long distance education. It brings to the viewer/receiver the action/experience/intent of the creator/sender. In gaming we are introduced to life-like experiences such as war and sports. In the medical sector, VR is being used to educate and assist the receivers on medical procedures such as surgery. In education, a VR experience includes bringing students into a VR classroom from anywhere on the planet providing education and instruction. How about humanitarian virtual reality? Humanitarian, what is the definition of a humanitarian - "improve the lives and living conditions of other people." So, the term Humanitarian Virtual Reality could mean honorably and authentically improving the lives and living conditions of other people. At AllHumanity Group, we believe that through the development and creation of virtual reality tools and technologies we can better prepare aid workers and agencies, NGO's and UN members, nonprofits and charities, institutions and universities/schools to deliver virtuous and reality-based sustainable solutions in improving the lives and living conditions of people around the world. We believe that by providing the knowledge, education and technology (tools, equipment, content creation and programs) coupled with, the financial resources to implement these solutions, we will increase the impact by organizations and groups 1000 fold. How can this be achieved? Aid workers, charity personnel, mission staffs and international teams are already "boots on the ground" around the globe. By being equipped with the correct technologies that can capture what they see, hear and feel 24/7 and transmit/deliver this back to their organizations and AllHumanity Group, where producers and VR professional can create the correct and authentic content for use as tools for donors, contributors and maybe most importantly, training/educational opportunities to prepare future aid workers and such prior to their deployment into the humanitarian field. This is just one of over 100 ways to utilize the technologies available today to help people in crisis. Poverty around the globe has it bases in hunger abatement, shelter/housing, medical/medicines availability and education. All of these bases can be impacted with sustainable results, if not eliminated over time, if we in the humanitarian sectors, embrace the technologies and make it plausible, affordable and user friendly. https://vimeo.com/165200782
  2. Oral Roberts University is impacting with an All Humanity effort to reach into every persons world with Virtual Reality. Video at https://vimeo.com/165200782. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) are transforming education around the world -- when an entprise approach to AVR is designed and deployed.
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    VR for Impact

    With over 1.5 billion global citizens being disabled, ORU (Oral Roberts University) has made a commitment to help the individuals who cannot leave home do to their disability. We have done this already with telepresence robots, allowing students to teleport into our classes. Now we can enrich this with VR content in/through the new Global Learning Center with the HTC Vive --- allow global citizens to receive a Vive wherever they live and connect to ORU’s students and faculty. We will create ‘Vive in the Box’ and send the units to students who can travel via google earth and the new VR content. The coordinated effort with Robert J. Cipriano and The AllHumanity Group partnering with Oral Roberts University will align Virtual Reality content for humanitarian organizations involved in eradication of poverty, disaster relief, mission development and support, faith based and non-faith based educational content production and distribution and all non-profit humanitarian outreach.
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    VR for Impact

    Fantastic! Way to go ...
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