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  1. Check the "new hidden" bool .. or use the "Set Visibility" node instead
  2. thanks! worked a treat! Other things I implemented: Some additional script is needed to toggle the teleport on and off when traversing between realities.. A position management script to keep track of the realworld objects and your position in and out of VR really cool!
  3. Before I start implementing standard teleporting.. has anyone done this already for the VR world in the SR works sdk? and if so.. any tips? cheers!
  4. Brilliant.. thanks that now has it running 100% on the laptop.. such a simple fix bro! cheers!
  5. I've tried a desktop class machine with a 980 Ti and it works without a problem.. Windows 7 Pro.. tis a shame I can't get it working on the more capable laptop however..
  6. Yup. Looks like the Admin has moved my topic. Yes I'm using the latest 0.7.5 examples.. I've read most of the posts here around similar issues.. the closest someone had was to unplug additional screens for example.. but given the camera are connect via USB I don't see how the video outputs would have an effect like this.. As for hardware setup I'm using a brand new Alienware 15 R4 with a 1080 qmax on board.. this means using a mini DP to mini DP cable for video.. as of right now everything is working beautifully except that the camera feed is not currently feeding into the app.. Like I said above the preview in the test is sweet and you can see the preview when you are in the steam VR room.. I've got those errors in the log however and this far is my only clue.. I'm going to try a desktop class system today to see if that corrects the issue.. but that being said it should be working on a laptop too.. I'm running the latest nvidia drivers and windows 10.. given that the laptop is new everything is a fresh install.. Look forward to discussing solutions here! Jamie
  7. I can't get the SR works samples working right now. My Vive Pro is setup correctly as far as I can tell, with the test footage showing in SteamVR and in the Dashboard when I enable it. The camera passthrough is not happening in either the unity or unreal sample builds. I do get the following errors and warnings in the log for the Unity demo project however [Vive SRWorks] [2018-07-02 09:21:20] [LOG] ViveSR_CreateModule() start[JSON] [2018-07-02 09:21:20] [LOG] found steam install path[JSON] [2018-07-02 09:21:20] [LOG] using device : LHR-80D5FFBA[JSON] [2018-07-02 09:21:20] [LOG] using system : lighthouse[JSON] [2018-07-02 09:21:20] [LOG] found device config file : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\lighthouse\LHR-80D5FFBA\config.json[JSON] [2018-07-02 09:21:20] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x4E2A] parse faild @CheckCapability:213[JSON] [2018-07-02 09:21:20] [-WARNING-] [code: 0x4E30] serial number not match(HMD-LHR-80D5FFBA & JSON-) @CheckCapability:219[JSON] [2018-07-02 09:21:20] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x4E2A] parse faild @CheckCapability:224 Any help getting this working would be appreciated..
  8. Jamie

    VR for Impact

    .. thankyou for starting this inititive and this is great news for using this technology for positive change! I'm interested in the 'Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources' as I am developing a training sim for Cetaceans experts! I Hope I can be part of this too! Jamie Co-Chair IGDA Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realties Special Interest Group
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