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  1. Hey folks,

    I've used the Vive Pro Eye in the past, and have had no problems with the Eula. For some reason with the latest project, using the latest SDK, and in Unity 2019.4 eye tracking just won't work.

    I accept the Eula, but the project constantly tells me that I need to Accept the Eula in order for eye tracking to work.

    Any help would be appreciated


  2. This is really exciting stuff.


    I do a lot of R&D for a large University, as well as teach a VR Development course. I have a Vive personally (which I love), but I'd like to start bringing hardware in-house professionally so I can make it available for research efforts, staff training, sponsor engagement, and my VR development classes. Is there anyone I can talk with to discuss getting hands-on with this tech?


    I have a Vive developer profile, which has my organization, e-mail and physical address (it didn't ask for phone).




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