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  1. , I just did the whole setup over again but I'm guessing it was unecessary - I could've probably just downloaded the vive software and have been good.
  2. This happend to me at first but I just uninstalled only the vive software (left steam as it was), rebooted and then redownloaded/reinstalled vive. Now it works but only games through steam...viveport games dont work for me unfortunately. I'm actually considering returning my vive and getting an oculus instead cuz I prefer viveport games/apps rather than steam vr games. :( ...anyways, I hope this helped.
  3. Please help me someone - nothing which I've downloaded from viveport works in VR mode, it instead loads two-dimensionally in windows desktop. I've done everything troubleshooting-wise which I have found scouring the internet regarding this. So far I've tried resetting USB drivers and of course reinstalling them, I've tried disconnecting PC side cables from linkbox (and would see drivers installing upon reconnecting...sometimes), I've tried logging in/out of everything, tried reinstalling viveport, checked to see if updated gpu drivers and stuff (they are), and also my htc and steam library is synced. I've also tried loading viveport and vivehome with and without steam running in background (also as and as not administrator). Also, nothing which I've downloaded from viveport shows up in my steam library. I have manually adding them but it still doesn't load it in VR mode. However, all of my steam games run smoothly.
  4. Yep..BDS said it, I have the HDMI from the link box going straight into the gpu hdmi and then from the TV hdmi into an "hdmi to display port" adapter...then the adapter (displayport end) into one of the displayports on gpu.
  5. Hi there, I've been pulling my hair out tring to understand why my viveport apps/games are not loading into vr mode through the headset. I've tried loading it as administrator as well as loading it with and without steam. When I open it I can hear the audio but the app only loads in desktop. Please help me.
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