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    Just wanted to share this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4124195 HTC Vive Wireless Dual 30mm Cooling Fan. 2x - 30x30x6mm 12v Fans @ 7.5v (Low speed fan resistors I had sitting around) 1x - 1.3 ID x 3.5mm OD DC Jack This was built due to Grey/Blue screen flashes on the HMD, Falling through the world or slowly losing tracking on the Vive Cosmos during wireless play. Looking at logs in C:\ProgramData\Vive Wireless\ConnectionUtility\Log The HTC Vive Wireless would start with temps reporting [2020-01-19 17:36:58 +10 0xB70 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=36, R_Temperature=33 -After 20minutes play time- [2020-01-19 17:56:46 +10 0xB70 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=91, R_Temperature=62 After the modification was performed the log output reported [2020-01-24 14:45:39 +10 0x4394 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=30, R_Temperature=23 -After 20minutes play time- [2020-01-24 15:05:19 +10 0x4394 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=48, R_Temperature=49 Both of these were experienced with the same room temperature of 24c and 20minutes of playtime in Beat Saber. After extended use it originally used to display temperatures reporting [2020-01-07 18:19:42 +10 0x32B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=99, R_Temperature=63 [2020-01-07 18:19:52 +10 0x32B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=100, R_Temperature=65 [2020-01-07 18:20:22 +10 0x32B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=102, R_Temperature=66 With a grey/blue HMD flicker every few minutes. This has cut cut the temperature by half and resulted in no drop outs after hours of use. Cheers
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    There currently exists only one primary production model/SKU of Cosmos that's been released as of this point. Any variation you may currently see are small things like the box color or are limited region specific things. "Rev1" isn't coming from us.
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    @davide445 Quite easy to answer: if you opt out of beta you automatically go back to the latest public version which is 😉
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    Vive wireless Noctua Cooler Mod 👍🙂 ...no more grey screens,overheating 😉
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    Funny. Boneworks works ok for me. (I just play like shit) *contains course sailor tongue language*
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    Just buy the cheaper one before they are all sold out and save yourself $50 imho.
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    Pushing, It is fairly well sealed and you can feel the air coming out of the vents on the lower half of the unit. I didn't like the 40mm fan mods and how they were just blowing over the device or looked bulky, This mod ducts the air through the vents creating static pressure internally. Have also partially made a single 40mm version however I can finish if people are interested. This could also be powered via 5v from the USB-C connector on the HMD or using a USB-A Splitter and getting 12v from the battery directly. Up to the user what they want to do. Cheers
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    I have a fan on mine and it keeps the temps down to around 50 but still have the issue. Also as joellipenta said it happens with both the HTC and third party batteries. @Synthesis
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    You are not forced to buy faceplate mod or basestations, its optional. Also that is the whole point of HTC updating the vive cosmos constantly so you can use rifles in game without the tracking dropping. I wouldnt really say its a meme in the public eye though,
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    Tested now and it works, confirmed you need to restart the application after setting the new resolution.
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    Alan, that item is simply a replacement for the Link Box that came with your Cosmos and is a little more compact. However, there is not much advantage to this for most imho. To go from Wireless back to tethered (I have done this a couple of times btw) you first go to your Vive Cosmos menu, wireless, and disable this. Then you need to hook up your Link Box again. Actually you can leave it hooked up when wireless as long as you do not power it on = green light. Then disconnect the short wireless headset cable and replace it with the long wired one and reconnect it to your Link Box. Restart everything, power on your Link Box, startup your Vive Cosmos console and you should be good to go. If you want to go back to Wireless; exit your Vive Cosmos console, power off your Link Box, change headset cables, startup the Vive console, menu, wireless, and re-enable it (you may need to re-pair your wireless connection). Just my opinion but if you go wireless and you are happy with it you should just keep it wireless and avoid switching back and forth. Constantly plugging/unplugging/plugging your headset cable may eventually damage the headset's connector imho.
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    Who has said this is a hardware issue? I can't see anything from HTC on this? I am pretty sure you're incorrect. Having said that, inside-out tracking is really complex and took Facebook 4 months to become stable. I'm happy to give HTC another couple of months before I start to get concerned.
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    try what this guy suggested, works for me. I think HTC only added the reset front direction/floor height function, not the redo room setup just yet.
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    OK, then I guess that Boneworks doesn' t work in combination with wireless - game crashed every time I tried. Playing wireless with the OG Vive works perfectly. thx for the info 👍
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    Tethered my man. Can't afford wireless adapter yet unfortunately
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    I bought this cable last year: It solved my grey screen problem (OG Vive). And yes, my wireless module is getting very hot, but there are no issues anymore.
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    Try to change software version: If you're on beta, opt out, if you're not, opt in. With doing that you force the headset to get an update. Hopefully it works again afterwards.
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    Ill give it another try with that method. Cheers
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    I've got these, Definitely not as thick as the OEM Foam. But they moved me into the sweet spot and are super comfortable. (About 8hours use so far) Squish them a few times. Cheers
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    Went to beta release last night to check and see if the tracking is improved, can confirm it is not! The headset will not track my hands when playing boxing games, the boxing gloves drift in front of my vision obscuring what I can see. The tracking is also way too slow, when the HMD looses tracking of the controller often times when it reorients the gloves it's too slow and I miss my target. There is also too much drift in this HMD device, this is especially noticeable when playing games and standing still. Both the controllers and the HMD drift when standing still. Coming from the original Vive I know what is possible, this is a terrible state to be in, hire somebody if you can't figure this out.
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    Next thing I'd like you all to test, please log/monitor your CPU usage while using the HTC Wireless while it is having temperature issues. If you can all provide some of that info, We can narrow down the issues & specific faults to 2 things. CPU utilization for the VR Compositor as it pipes the signal to your HMD as well as the Vive wireless overheating. Cheers
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    Hi All. @HoZy @joellipenta @stvnxu @C.T. Same experience here: Starts at 09:09: M_Temperature=32, R_Temperature=31 (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 3, performanceQuality = 3 Terminates at 09:20: M_Temperature=90, R_Temperature=71 (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 255, performanceQuality = 3 (ControlCenter)CallbackDeviceStatus : SDK_WIGIGFSM_STATE_STOPPED(3), reason = SDK_CURRENT_STATE_REASON_LINK_LOSS(1) (ControlCenter)CallbackDeviceStatus : SDK_WIGIGFSM_STATE_SCANNING(4), reason = SDK_CURRENT_STATE_REASON_REQUESTED_BY_APPLICATION(9) That took 20 minutes though the temp is rising fast here in Sydney today, is was at 24 C in the room at the time I tested it. I would like someone from HTC\Vive to comment on this topic to know if this is some sort anomaly, a known issue, a fault or something else. Clarity is always appreciated As someone said they did the fan mod and it still is having issues so what is the require operating temperature for this device. After all when purchasing the wireless device there is no mention of any temperature limitations or that you have to also go out and buy a small fan to plonk on top of it and hack into the battery to get it working for more that 15 minutes 🙂 I think a comment from one of the engineers or employees and some guidance on the issue is in order so can we please have a comment? Thanks Fink
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    In most cases, it's best to restart the application after adjusting the render target multiplier. A handful of apps let you get away without restarting, but generally speaking - it's going to be far more stable to restart the target app and in some cases, it's mandatory to see a change. SteamVR's old UI used to have text recommending this but it's cleaner now.
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    This happens with the provided 21W battery or a 3rd party one.
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    Something I haven't seen mentioned here, Check the temps of your Wireless. C:\ProgramData\Vive Wireless\ConnectionUtility\Log Open up your log and look for M_Temperature, Post an exert of when it starts, and then 30minutes later. It'll probably be hitting about 90c and Overheating. Causes controller tracking to lag, sometimes grey screen flashes & other times you straight up fall through the world depending on the game. Cheers
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    HTC added the foam after somebody burnt their head back in 2018, It's a known issue. Has anything been done? Nope. The community take it into their own hands by adding a fan or actually installing a heat-sink on the SOC. And it stops the dropouts and stuttering. Cheers @Synthesis
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    Having seen both packaging styles that is the only difference. The reply in my post is from HTC staff. Cheers Also, It's the retailer listing it as Rev. 1. Not HTC.
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    Just to give a feedback, using this release I received some alerts about too high environmental light for good tracking I didn't received in the same situation before. Difficult to be objective since I'm testing it in and out from VR continuously for business purpose and not for gaming, but this is the feeling.
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    Hi @CSharpMaster Thanks for the steps to reproduce. We will investigate the reason and I think it can be improved in the next version. Target release date is end of February. As for now, one suggestion is to move the HMD slower and don't make long moves. Or you can add hints to users and let them put hands down and up again.
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    i have played a lot these last days, a lot of different games, still disapointed. Left side waist height tracking all over the place. This evening i tried to play the battlewake just for the fun of it, and after 2 minutes i could NOT reach the wheel anymore while i was still standing inside the red floor circle. It still looks like not all the camera's work together or are used all of the time. I admit you made some progress but after 4 months i had expected more.
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    @GestureLab You can start the calibration via code with the "LaunchEyeCalibration" function or you can start it manually: - Run "EyeCalibration.exe" manually in C:\Program Files\VIVE\SRanipal\tools\eye_calibration
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    @sphinckoma please tell me more about the grey screens and overheating. I'm experiencing grey screens generally 20-30mins on. Vive told me it was reflections causing it but we always face the same direction and in the same room. The Wigig adaptor is warm to touch and looks to have no passive or active cooling at all. Could the on board chips be throttling down because of heat issues? How did you power the fan? was there a noticeable difference in performance. @Synthesis
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    Interesting. Infrared is obviously electromagnetic radiation, but invisible to the naked eye. Obviously there is little stray infrared around in VR play areas, which will help with Oculus' tracking. Having said that, the Cosmos Controller have LEDs which are visible to the naked eye, but I think the Cosmos is designed to pick up the specific frequency that the LEDs emit, so I would suggest that tracking issues will probably be more prevalent if you have bright lighting of the same frequency. The Cosmos cameras are also looking for the particular shape on the controller which improve the tracking further. In terms of occluded issues, I would have thought that the infrared tracking would have exactly the same issues as visible light tracking. If one controller is in front of another, then the infrared signals cannot pass through the front controller. I know Facebook has done a lot of work with occlusion mitigation though. I suspect that we just need to give HTC more time. One thing I don't quite understand is why HTC didn't use the ultrasonic tracking used in the Vive Focus Plus?
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    Personally i still believe its in the software, considering how the outline mode passthrough camera works, (that it can even pick up the faintest of outlines in my shadow, and the finest lines of individual books on a shelf. https://imgur.com/a/GolYBwm (The first two screenshots are from months ago back in november (where the 3rd screen shot is from January,) you can see how they have improved the tracking They will figure out the correct algorithm in time. It may of hurt the launch of the headset but its not a dead headset, its still very playable on most games and the games its not playable on are more shooting games or toms favorite angry birds slingshot.
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    I've explained how the tracking methods work before in another thread. Cossack isn't wrong it's definitely a hardware limitation in how HTC attempted to track the controllers on the Cosmos. Briefly, The Oculus still uses infrared emitters in their controller loops on the S/Quest, Which helps keep accurate tracking during occluded gameplay meanwhile the Cosmos uses light loops, Nothing fancy. So if they are occluded, blown out from other lighting etc. They simply don't know where your hands are. It's also why there is a limit on how far you can bring them to your face due for hand movements in games etc. End of the day, Software will only do so much when the hardware is in fact the issue. I've also done a break down of the cost to upgrade to the tracking MOD and it is significantly more expensive than the cost of the Cosmos itself or even just purchasing a Valve Index, Leaving you with 2 almost new controllers and a HMD faceplate that contains 2 cameras sitting in your junk drawer. Cheers
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    I have been playing with Cosmos since the first week of December. Bought open box cosmos ($450)+ openbox wireless ($150). My kids play on Oculus Quest. I don't know completely understand why this forum is so negative. I have not played on index and only minimally on vive at the bowling arcade etc. I think the cosmos is just fine. I doesn't seem any worse or better than oculus quest where I play Sword of Gargantua with my kids together. I do like the higher resolution of pc driven on the Cosmos and this is clearly noticeable. I have not been playing beta firmware, but have been thinking about it and why I read this forum, but I think the tracking is pretty good since 1.08 back in mid December. It was noticeably than 1.07 where I first started with Cosmos. I have not played with as much, but I couldn't tell as much a difference compared from 1.07 -> 1.08. The other games I primarily play is Archangel:Hellfire (solo campaign), Vox Machinae, and The Wizards. These games play just fine and I enjoy playing them. I have certainly seen when tracking is lost and comes back particulary when I am curious about the boundaries of my controllers and trying to understand this poor tracking that everyone keeps tallking about, but it doesn't happen that often if at all in the games I play. This seems kind of like that open wound that you can't help but keep poking at and constantly messing with, because you just can't get it our of your mind? Perhaps its because I have yet to notice the wound because I have not played on Index or Vive/PRO, but compared to quest anyone who says that is so much better is simply not true. I will take my cosmos over my kids quest any day, and my kids rather play on my wireless cosmos as well, but I tell them that its hands off and they can go to quest link or their quest native games.
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    You can user YouTube VR (Steam Store), Big-picture app (Steam Store), the Steam Desktop viewer (double press the Vive button on the left controller to select) with your browser of choice and a number of other utility apps on Steam that provide access to your desktop apps.
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    Echoing what @A-Jey has said. This beta seems to be a step back in many ways, but it is a beta. If you don't like testing unstable/buggy software, go back to the public version. As I have said previously, it took Facebook 4 months to get the Rift S/Quest tracking stable. Given that the Oculus dev team is enormous, we need to give the Vive devs a bit longer. If you are experiencing particular tracking issues, log an issue report in Viveport, or post the details on here (with videos preferably).
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    One problem I see is that Rift S developers got much more feedback and data to work with. But with only 5 people concerning about an unlucky beta version progress takes much longer time I guess. You could help by doing videos of the things that don't work and send it in, together with an issue report. Your data can help. We're a small community of users who had the balls to get this headset... now have the balls to help getting it better 😉
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    I'm very sad by all the mean comments here. I understand that you are dissatisfied with the tracking right now and I was the same at first. Angry and saying this is unfixable hardware problem and even created thread about it. But after just 2 months that I joined - DEV team made so many updates that made the tracking tons better. When I was playing MMO Tera online, I knew developer from forum chatting. He was very kind guy and he once told me "The worst thing about fixing patches, is that as soon as you fix something - you break 3 more mechanics". Trust me the HTC team already knows that this patch broke something and they will fix it. I played yesterday for few hours and tracking with rifle is much better. I can actually zoom. All they need is just to fix the error in tracking that they created and keep improving on the rifle stance. We are much closer to Rift S tracking right now. We just have some tracking issues that are fixable.
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    @A-Jey I think the biggest issue is that we are kept being told that a firmware update will be able to fix a hardware issue. Regardless if this Beta was a step forward or back the tracking issue will remain as it is a hardware limitation. The only way forward to fix it will unfortunately cost all users a great some of money.
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    C'mon guys. Are u all going to shitstorm now or what? This is the first update which a step back and it's a beta, don't forget that. They probably tried something out with that. Beta versions tend to be experimental. If you don't want that just stay on public. It isn't true that there's no progress as the tracking got better which each beta (except this one). You can support the developers by describing what's not working and what exactly happens. Ranting doesn't help to get things done. Right, I'm also not happy with the actual state but except of this update I see progress.
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    After testing and un-/reinstalling and testing on and on, tonight I removed the wireless module from the Cosmos to play again with my original Vive (played Beat Saber and Boneworks all the night - what a JOY). Took the 800€-elctronic-waste out of my sight. If there ever will be a functioning tracking solution, which can be verified by the forum users, I'll try again. Epic Fail by HTC. First they killed their Smartphone Market...and now this...
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    I feel your pain. The thought of paying more money to fix the Cosmos tracking actually makes me feel sick. They are literally going to charge the same price as the original unit to fix the original unit which will realistically just make it a new version of the PRO which they should have just done at the start. Vive allow us to trade in the controllers and face plate for a heavily discounted on the new face plate, controllers and base stations to fix the Cosmos to how it should have been released.
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    OK, tried this a few more times under different lighting conditions. I also opted out of SteamVR beta to the current stable version. Under all conditions the tracking was worse than the previous beta and while the previous beta was the best so far it is still far from acceptable imho. I really am quite disappointed with this update and after +3 months of mucking around I'm getting pretty tired of being a Vive Cosmos Beta-tester. Given the poor show from Vive Cosmos engineers to date I really doubt that this headset is going to achieve Oculus Rift S inside-out equivalence within the next few months. Promises and excuses are likely to drag on for some time, esp. given the upcoming Chinese new year (when everything seems to stop). Until Vive throws enough resources and expertise at the Cosmos I think this will drag on for maybe a lot longer. I hope I'm wrong btw. All I want to do is enjoy my VR experience. Currently, only my Oculus Rift cv1 w/2x sensors and Vive Pro w/2.0 base stations allow me to do so. While I like being involved with early development projects, these are only satisfying to me if I can see good progress. Right now the Cosmos development process is far from satisfying for me. So, I will immediately pack up my Cosmos and park it under my pool table. I will monitor-only (no posts) the Cosmos forum to see if and when significant progress is made before taking it out of it's parking bay. For those brave souls who intend to soldier on, I salute you! Good Luck, and cheers.
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    Yes, I am using the wireless adapter. This feature was the main reason for me to buy the Cosmos. Otherwise I would have bought the Valve Index. Here are my specs: MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUSbe quiet! BN204 Dark Power Pro 10 80Plus Gold 1000 WattAMD Ryzen 7 3700XARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x 16GB) DDR4 3200MHz C16 XMP2.0ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 Super ROG Strix OCASUS Xonar DGX 5.1 GamingXIAOMI Mi Curved Display 34-inch UWQHD 21:9 144Hz AMD FreesyncHTC ViveHTC VIve Cosmos VR Games installed on: Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB M.2 NVMe
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    Hi - Are there any updates to this? We are needing a solution for spatial mapping with an inside out tracking headset where Cosmos + SRWorks may be the solution. Is this now working? @Jad @Daniel_Y @Andy.YC_Wang
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    VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes Released January 17th2020 [Tracking] Controller Optimized controller pose tracking [Lens] Fixed a bug where the setting your forward direction through Lens wasn't working Fixed Setting UI bugs (Thanks to @Mr.Killjoy) [Origin] Added Chinese New Year decorations
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    Just to give you an example of the over heating. After a tone of research it looks like the overheating is a major cause of Grey screens and stuttering as the Display link processor throttles performance to main temperature. Currently working on a fan mod for mine as well. Room temp around 22C. Temps in Celsius. at boot up: 20-01-04 18:30:36.677 +10 0x42FC INFO LOG] M_Temperature=44, R_Temperature=38 [2020-01-04 18:30:37.001 +10 0x1AF0 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 3, performanceQuality = 3 30mins latter: 20-01-04 18:59:46.685 +10 0x42FC INFO LOG] M_Temperature=91, R_Temperature=64 [2020-01-04 19:00:02.034 +10 0x1AF0 INFO LOG] (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 2, performanceQuality = 3
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