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    I've tested the Sniper Rifle in Arizona Sunshine that previously was unusable, I can't remember exactly but I think I was using beta previously when it was too frustrating to use. It works better, I can use it but the limitation is that the hand you use for the gun trigger (closest to head) because you need to put your head closer to to the sight to see in it; the headset and controller are to close to each other and can't track height changes (Y-movement), it only registers the gyro movement within the same X/Y-coordinates. It's the same with bows, they work better but the Y-movements stop registering when you have the arrow drawn back. It seems to register X-movements when you move your hand further away from the headset and THEN it registers Y-movements again (as I guess the camera can easily track the controller when further away from the camera). Possible solution?: Is there any data from controller that can be used to simulate the movement of the controller when it's to close to the headset, to guess the distance from the floor to at least give some Y-movements when it's that close? For example what doesn't work in snipers and bows is that if I want to aim higher, I lower my right back hand while holding my left forward hand in the same position, but this lowering (Y-movement) isn't registered.
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    OK just spent a couple of hours on Alyx, and by god it's good. Also zero VR "exhaustion" after 2-3 hours, and I only stopped cos the zombies were freaking me out a bit >_< Image is crisp and clear on the Cosmos, and head tracking is perfect. Controllers can be a bit moody here and there, but 95% of the time they're 100% playable. I only have 1 complaint tho (you can call it two kinda) .... reloading the gun! Man these controllers make it stressful. 1) Getting the mag from over your shoulder sometimes throws the tracking completely out of whack, and of course always happens when a zombie is rushing you and you're panic reloading (!!) 2) Pulling the gun chamber is an exercise in frustration! You try to slide the chamber, and the controller circly bits just smash into each-other and you can never reach the slider properly. (also is there a way to keep this forum signed in?? Keeps kicking me out after an hour or so)
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    With base stations comes accuracy. God knows how a lot of us are praying for the tracking plate to come out so we can actually use bases! I wouldn't know buddy. I have no problems in Elite personally with the Cosmos. From experience I know the Oculus is HORRIBLE with glasses. The only other VR's I ever tried was the good old Vive, and the Cosmos. And I love the Cosmos for its screen, resolution and comfort. It would be perfect if they every solved the controller issues,
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    I don't play shooters, but the rifle tip is definitely more stable. Hand cross-over is still sticky, so we hope to keep seeing great improvements. Here is vs on Boneworks.
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    @TomCgcmfc Vive Cosmos' stock linkbox does not have the correct SteamVR bluetooth circuitry to power manage base-stations. Vive Pro's does. The Elite does not ship with a linkbox but instead ships with an inline breakway converter. The ET/Elite have the circutiry for BT power management in the faceplate itself. If you get an ET to use with a standard Cosmos, BT power management will work for you regardless of the linkbox/converter situation. I've just tested this IRL to confirm. I personally use a Pro linkbox at my new home workstation for Cosmos/Elite/Pro/Pro Eye. Never have had an issue personally but it may not be advisable in a in-home use scenario due to the different power requirements you mentioned. @eddyfanbo I've sent out an internal request for clarification on Chinese availability @Shevron We're exploring potential options but have nothing hard to share at this time per a controller/basestation bundle. The COVID situation makes everything dramatically more challenging. @Beta_Tester Definitely doesn't hurt to ask and I'll forward that request to some folk on the hardware team because it doesn't hurt to ask ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Generally though, it's not feasible for us to "play favorites" with community members, especially given the ET/Cosmos tracking community dynamic. If you're developing content that will publish to a storefront, that potentially opens some doors. I'd post-face all of this all with to note that I am not on Vive's hardware team and am actually on the Viveport Content team so I am not a definitive source of truth for Vive hardware matters - I am merely someone who believes very strongly in community hence my forum activity.
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    I found the tracking really depends on the lighting of the room, not sure this particular update did much to improve. In the previous patches, sometimes the tracking is really good, you can do nice overlaps (occlusions and two hand holding without much problem) but sometimes is really bad, like going all over the place... it is particularly bad during the day, when sun light is allowed in the room. with the curtain drawn it is a bit better, but still not great. when at night when using in-door lights the tracking performs overall better, but not always. after this update I found it crashed my steam VR a few times, like same issue with some other users. then the tracking becomes really bad, like I couldnt even play half life alyx at all. before it was fine, i manage to complete the game without much issue with version I think. Really hope vive could fix this tracking problem in the future, also I found the online tracking guidance a nice improvement, because it acknowledges the limitation of this particular device. but with that said, it will be nice to have tracking working with a wide range of lighting conditions/setups. Thank you VIVE. I wish not to return this product
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    I'd just like to say that this is an incredible improvement for my team and our product. We're looking to give Kiosk Mode enabled headsets to people at home, and were very concerned about the process of setting up wifi when the user gets home. This removes something like 4 screens and a passcode from that process for our end users. It's so much simpler. Thank you and please keep doing more along this line of thinking!
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    I hear that the Valve controllers are the best and should be compatable with anything using lighthouses As for a PC You might be okay building your own with last years parts. but building a PC for a VR experience you probably want to spend about the same amount on the PC as the headset. And given the current global *situation* extra face cushions are a must have if you plan to share your vive.
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    Good question: I have had my HTC Vive for a while now, and I have my whole setup complete. (keep in mind that all of these accessories are not required, so don't feel obliged to buy them just to play in VR. Anyway, here are a couple of the things that I would recommend: Deluxe Vive Audio Strap This add-on allows you to hear VR audio and also have a nice, snug fit for your headset. It’s definitely worth it. Alienware M15 Gaming Laptop Not just any Windows PC will run your VR system well. You’ll need the power of a gaming machine. This Dell Alienware gaming laptop is the right mix of cost (not too expensive) and power (plenty of power to run VR). A powerful computer is crucial for a smooth and high def gaming experience, since the VR headset and software will run from the computer. In my opinion, it’s good to get a notebook instead of a desktop so that your VR setup is portable. However, a notebook is not easy to upgrade, so you might need to upgrade your notebook after a few years. If you prefer another brand of computer, here are the minimum specs I recommend to give you a bit of future proofing, and also will be able to support your own VR creations, if you decide to start building your own VR scenes: Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 or better Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-7820 or better Memory: 16 GB RAM Video out: HDMI 1.4 for the Vive, plus a second video out for an external display USB ports: 2x USB 2.0 port I recommend the Alienware M15 Gaming Laptop Intel i7-8750H (2.2-4.1 Ghz on 6 cores). This machine meets or exceeds these requirements with a 15.6″ LCD, 16GB RAM, 512 GB PCIe M.2 SSD storage, NVIDIA GEForce RTX 2060 graphics card with 6GB. Lighthouse Mount Stand Kit These stands are for mounting the light houses (sensors for HTC) without drilling wholes into your walls. Leather VR Face Cushion These leather cushions provide nice padding, important for a pleasant VR experience. The cushions will wear out after a while and also become dirty after several people use the headset for a while. I found an article with more useful items and links to buy them here: https://grantreviews.blog/2019/04/21/htc-vive-equipment/ and I strongly recommend that you check them out.
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    2020-04-04 20-35-26_Trim level insane impossible.mp4 Thanks to your team's hard work, controller tracking response has improved and Beat Saber is playing quite well. I am able to complete all main Vol 1-3 songs at Expert+ at over A or above, except one song. There is one unique song that requires more horizontal movements on both hands. As you can see in the video, the controller lags behind when there is a wide left-right movement and especially when both hands need to do it. It's a long enough lag that makes the song impossible to complete. Thanks, and looking forward to the next update!
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    @TomCgcmfc Yes, you may be right. However I can only find the McClaren version of the Vive Pro in my area, which is AUD$300 more than the Elite (and $700 more than the Cosmos) @Shevron Yep, it's easily the best headset I've tried, comfort wise. Even the controllers feel better than any other VR controller (excluding perhaps the Valve knuckle controllers, which are almost impossible to find in Aus anyway) It's just a shame that they don't actually work 😕
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    Hello dear reader! (And VIVE Employees!) It has come to my attention that in the game Boneworks. The glitch of flying out of the map with a windy screen is not on the developers of the game, Stress Level Zero's fault. After I talked with developers of Boneworks, this glitch is not fixable on their part. Instead, it is on VIVEPORT'S part. For some reason the software of VIVEPORT wants to fling your character 10,000 meters away from the origin point where you respawn, thus causing you to go into an endless void with wind noises. A quote from one of the developer's was "the vive cosmos was reporting a starting location of (0, 0, 10,000) meaning the viveport tracking setup is bugged by ten thousand meters on the z axis". Apparently this problem is present because Boneworks uses a different style of tracking that is called skeletal system tracking (I think it has to do with the special physics of your character within the game). It has been the lack of compatibility on VIVEPORT's end with SteamVR, so in order to fix this problem, VIVEPORT just needs to update their system to accept this skeletal system tracking. Hopefully my explanation was good enough, I'm trying my best to explain the situation, but some concepts I may have not nailed one-hundred percent. Please correct me if needed. To the Employees at VIVE. Have you guys noticed this problem before, for the VIVE Cosmos? If so, how is the progress on the compatibility of this Skeletal System Tracking? Also here is my output log of the error. Hopefully this helps! output_log.txt
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    @stvnxu Hello! I was 100% referring to the Vive Console! My bad! And thank you so much for responding back!
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    @Wearied Thanks for sharing this information! Your explanation was very clear, but I do have one question to clarify specifically on the terminology. Viveport is the app store so I'm a bit confused as to how it could be in the same conversation as tracking.. unless you're referring to the vive console, which is the software that tracks the Vive Cosmos (like SteamVR). Let me know if this was a mix up or it is actually viveport that you think is causing this. Nonetheless, I'll prepare a report to send to Eng team. Thank you Steve
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    @davide445 - No, as previously stated - XR plate has a device-specific NDA. I'll let that team know you're interested in the plate but generally speaking, we're primarily working with teams we've established a relationship with over the last few device launches over the years.
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    @asdfrewq Just my fellow Aussie opinion but if I were you I would consider forking out $aud200 more and get the Vive Pro full kit w/2.0 base stations/controllers while they still have stock. I think it's a better headset and the oled screens look much better in darkish games/sims (better blacks/contrast). Since I got my Pro my poor old pre-ordered Cosmos has been stored away. I may reinstall it one day if inside-out tracking ever meets Rift S standards and probably put my wireless adapter on it. Anyway, your $'s so your choice. I'm sure the Elite would work well though.
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    Ya, you have to luv Google Translate. It produces this; Hello @tonton I bounce on the post of @TomCgcmfc, because somewhere there for a little reason, I understand your frustration, I also somewhere I tell myself that for the price it is a little cow, and in addition me mine, i already have a few dead pixels, but I'm not making it a disease. I have not said anything until now, but there frankly, it is pulled on the rope, your assessments are perhaps (surely) justified but we all understood that you were disappointed, a good hearer ..... Sorry for our English-speaking friends, but I don't have the courage to translate ....... I bounce on the post of @TomCgcmfc, because somewhere there for a little reason, I understand your frustration, I also somewhere I tell myself that for the price it is a little cow, and in addition me mine, i already have a few dead pixels, but I'm not making it a disease. I have not said anything until now, but there frankly, it is pulled on the rope, your assessments are perhaps (surely) justified but we all understood that you were disappointed, a good hearer ..... Sorry for our English-speaking friends, but I don't have the courage to translate .......
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    Hi @VibrantNebula thanks for what you're doing for the community! I just want to add my +1 to the sentiments of @Shevron and @Beta_Tester. I'd be much more likely to stick with my recently purchased, but barely working, Cosmos if I had some sort of reassurance that there will be a reasonably priced ET upgrade kit on the horizon. I actually really like the Cosmos HMD, it's comfortable to wear, the screen is nice and even the head tracking is mostly fine. But the software issues and, imo, the completely broken controller tracking make the Cosmos unusable right now. As it stands, I'd be looking at forking out more than AUD$1300 to upgrade my Cosmos system to ET (2 base stations + controllers + faceplate). If this is my only option to get an actual working unit, I'm just going to return the Cosmos to where I bought it and fork out the extra AUD$400 to buy a Cosmos Elite kit instead.
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    @llealloo Could you try this: "Launch task manager and In task manager click the "details" tab - locate 'vrcompositor' and 'vrserver' > right click-->'set priority' > 'High' " Let me know if that helps.
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    @VibrantNebula Would love to get the faceplate, however I am going to struggle to justify the cost. Any chance of a discount code for all the help & feedback we have given HTC over the past few months (hint hint)?? 😉
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    I have -2.5 with astigmatism but I've found that my good quality high index lens (= thinner/lighter) with rimless titanium frames (140x40mm) fit and work perfect under any VR headset, including Rift cv1, Cosmos, and Vive Pro. The main thing with glasses is to make sure you do not use strong bifocals. Fortunately I have transition lens (no sharp bifocal horizon) with a pretty weak 1.0 bifocal and this seems to work fine.
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    Have you considered a complete upgrade kit for existing base Cosmos customers at a reasonable price? I don't mind having to send proof of purchase or something.
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    Yeah I love how perfect glasses fit in the whole thing. The Oculus smashed my glasses into my face, so much I could feel my eye lashes touching the lenses and left a mark on my nosebridge
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    hi all, me what I noticed especially is that when the batteries of the controllers are weak the tracking is very bad, which is normal, but when the batteries are replaced, the tracking does not improve except restarting steamvr + vive console
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    @richardparrker It's generally straightforward with the caveat that your power supply has to have both the right connector to attach to the GPU as well as enough capacity to drive the new GPU. The 2060s/2070's generally need a 500-600w power supply and 6/8 pin PEG connectors depending on the card. The other thing to think about is that modern GPUs are freaking massive - you want to ensure that your case can fit the full length and width of the card, most GPUs nowadays take up 2 PCI slots.
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    We made an official post about the ET faceplate today as well as a new "HMD Only" SKU of Elite. https://blog.vive.com/us/2020/03/30/cosmoselite/ @sbrandon111 - We're exploring that scenario but don't have hard info to share on that specific scenario as of today. Everything is extra tricky right now due to the ongoing health crisis.
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    @NRip nice! now time to wait for the mods... https://www.roadtovr.com/half-life-alyx-mods-love-to-see/ Another really great game if you get the chance is Westworld Awakening VR. Keep in mind though they didn't have the same budget and wide timeline as Valve, so try not to compare the art and physics haha.
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    bonjour jai teste sur 5 ou 6 jeux ! tres bon boulot htc enfin du progrès dans la position fusil 🙂
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    hy guys, that's it, this is the end ! I finished the game last night, and my appreciation is the same, tracking very correct, but i also share the opinion of @Klayburn on arms reloading which is sometimes frustrating. and what is even more so is the lenght of the game, a little short...(17H)...but good experience.
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    Hello @tonton Je rebondis sur le post de @TomCgcmfc, parce que quelque part il à un peu raison, je comprends ta frustration, moi aussi quelque part je me dis que pour le prix c'est un peu vache, et en plus moi le mien, j'ai déjà quelques pixels morts, mais j'en fais pas une maladie. j'ai rien dit jusqu'à maintenant, mais là franchement, c'est tiré sur la corde, tes appréciations sont peut-être (surement) justifiées mais on à tous compris que tu était déçu, a bon entendeur..... Désolé pour nos amis anglophone, mais j'ai pas le courage de traduire .......
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    @stvnxu Good! I am glad it is helpful. I am down to keep trying some stuff out. I tried it on my workstation today as well: AMD 3970x + TRX40 Creator + GTX1080 which has plenty of PCIe gen4 16x slots. The GPU was in slot 1 and the WiGig card in #2 Still gave me motion sickness from the subtle latency / shake. Basically the same performance as the other machine.
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    @tonton You multitude (6x on this last page already!) of rants are not helping anyone and are a bit annoying. Maybe give this a rest for a while and just enjoy your Rift cv1. Monitor this forum and if you see any new updates that others report improvements with, try them out and comment on them. Thanks mate.
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    Lag & shakiness is still present with the 1080 vs the Vega64. It's juuuust noticeable enough to be a little off-putting to my motion sickness tolerances. Definitely enough that I am hesitant to use this for a long session. I've tried turning off supersampling and lowered the resolution to be 1:1 with the cosmos resolution. Shakiness is still present. Open to trying some other suggestions? Other things I have tried: moving the PCIe card to the 1X right above the GPU (this did help a lot) trying both AMD/Nvidia trying both wired and wireless (wired feels a lot smoother) @C.T. @stvnxu
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    Okay after A-B'ing the wired vs wireless, it's pretty clear that there is a rather large delay with the wireless and that is probably contributing a lot more to the wonkiness. The wired did not leave me feeling nauseous just now. Going to try restarting.
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    I had a similar issue and got some prescription lenses from https://vroptician.com/prescription-lens-inserts/htc-vive-cosmos/ - they fit perfectly and everything is crystal clear.
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    Hello everyone! I recently uploaded a new video on YouTube that outlines how to tighten a loose headphone on the Deluxe Audio Strap. This guide can also be useful to anyone trying to remove their headphones entirely. Thanks in advance for watching.
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    I changed the bios settings to Gen 3 (instead of auto) on my AMD motherboard for the PCI slots and it seems to have resolved the issue. Couldn't play more than 5 minutes. Just went an hour without a hiccup. No other changes made a difference.
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    might want to check in steam vr settings while your game is running to make sure the super sampling does not automatically adjust to 200+ percent like mine was doing. I adjusted the global resolution down to 100 percent because it was at 150 and disabled the supersampling. After than it runs flawlessly with the wireless adapter. In fact I could go back in and adjust the resolution back up it was running so good. If you open the steam vr setting while in your headset and go down to developer then click show gpu graph in headset you can see all the little changes you make in resolution, texture quality, etc in real time. You want the value of the graph to be 10 or less. If you want butter smooth I would shoot for 8 or less. Apparently steam vr detects my setup automatically and assumes I want all the sliders maxed out. So I might would dive through your settings if you already haven’t and see if it’s default is pushing your setup too hard at times.
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    I'm sorry but right now there is global pandemic and quarantine. This is the only reason why we get updates once per month. I'm actually surprised that they managed to make this update. We need to wait till everything settles in so the dev team can continue updates.
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    Hi @stvnxu always with the very nice responses, thank you for that! I am happy to report that after a number of restarts, setup changes, and configuration changes back and forth between the Cosmos and Index HMD the issue somewhere along those lines resolved. The whole system is working rather flawlessly, as expected. That initial period of accelerometer hyperactivity was rather strange, no idea if it was a hardware break in period or some kind of software calibration issue. Thankfully it is not happening anymore. If it happens again I will try to somehow capture in a video. My PC / setup specs are: 9900k + Vega64. Using Index controllers and base stations. Just played a nice long bit with this setup and I am in love. Being untethered is utterly fantastic. Thank you
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    @Lucky VR Inc. Yes, you can check the Viveport Infinity subscription status with the subscription api. https://developer.vive.com/resources/documentation/viveport-sdk/apis/subscription-api/
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    Edit: Looks like we posted at about the same time. Glad it is working for you. Thanks! @GruntFX Sorry for the issues you have gone through. I have seen a couple of cases such as yours. The way the redemption works is the inbox code unlocks whatever promotion we are running at a given time, in this case it unlocks a 6 month Infinity subscription (that you can apply in your Viveport software) and Half Life: Alyx (that you apply in Steam). I will need some info from you, I will send you a PM. Thank you, John
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    UPDATE : It was an incorrect code. has since been rectified by Support.
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    Have you tried to redeem the code on Steam?
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    Then buy them from Amazon and Ebay. You're the consumer, it is your choice, vote with your wallet. I bought my Cosmos locally because I did not want to pay for shipping.
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    I guess the actual path might vary for difference people, so I can't tell where it is in your PC. The way I found mine is to use a software called Sandboxie. I used Sandboxie to launch VIVE Console, adjust the chaperone settings in Lens, and close the VR. It will crash for some reasons, but Sandboxie can log what files have been modified by Vive Console in the independent environment. Find the correct text file location and there you can change the alpha from 15 to 0. Or let's hope Vive will fix this soon.
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