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    OK, tried it but since I was not really having any of the issues that this beta update addressed I did not notice any difference but I hope it helped some. I'm looking forward to the next beta that hopefully improves tracking and variable lighting conditions (actually the two are kind of related imho). Thanks to all the Vive engineers for all their hard work. Cheers.
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    This beta update ( made things worse for me. It introduced instability/compatibility issues to my Elite Dangerous game play. I was kicked out of the game at least five times during one session. It also brought back the low light warning to my Cosmos. These issues were absent with update Controller tracking is worse not better in my case, particularly my right controller. To HTC Vive engineers: I Know this is not easy, but it is what you guys do for a living. Please get this tracking fixed as soon as possible without introducing unintended problems. We are all pulling for you. It is very much in our interest to do so. Best of luck and I hope you can make some real progress with controller tracking and eliminating unintended consequences with the next update.
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    VIVE Cosmos Beta – Beta Release Notes Released November 11th 2019  [Vive Console] Default disable USB power saving, which can improve the experience on Vive Wireless Adapter. Added the ability for users to set Origin as the default home environment. Users will now be notified when there’s a software update, with a link to the release notes. Updated language strings for French and Spanish. Adjusted the behavior of ViveVR startup, now will no longer launch automatically on boot. [OOBE & Room Setup] Fixed an issue where the initial setup was erroneously blocked by certain anti-virus applications. Fixed a bug that did not allow the setup guide to be resumed. Fixed a bug that could cause the Room Setup to crash. Fixed DPI scaling of icons on high DPI 4K screens. Added a pop-up dialog to remind users to pair the controllers before performing Room Setup. Fine-tuned the boundary system and anti-aliasing to improve visual quality. Updated Japanese and Czech strings in Room Setup. [Lens] Updated Viveport Infinity icon on the Overview and Viveport pages. Updated the download icon for content to now show the download progress directly on the app tile. Updated strings for German, Spanish, Finish, French, and Polish. Fixed an issue where the default minimum boundary transparency wasn’t aligned with the settings option. Fixed loading scene does not close when content is ready to play issue. Fixed extra pointer during the loading scene prior launching content.
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    All, I understand there is some confusion on this so hopefully this will help clarify. If you purchased during the pre-order but missed the redemption period for the 1 year, the inbox code will unlock the current promotion, which is 6 months currently. Go ahead and redeem this and follow the instructions below for getting the remaining period of your subscription. Please get in touch with our escalation team by emailing THIS ADDRESS with the following information: Your Name and Location (EU, North America, etc): A screenshot of your Viveport Account ID from this site (you will need to sign in using the account you use your Viveport service with and that you used to redeem the previous code) https://account.htcvive.com/troubleshooting : Proof of Purchase for your Cosmos purchase The team will confirm what you have redeemed and your eligibility for the Cosmos Pre-Order 1 year Infinity promotion and provide you with a separate code to complete the remaining full year period. @Dickytwo Please follow the instructions above and the escalation team will get you sorted. @Fink same for you. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns. Kind Regards, John
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    @joellipenta & anybody else who may be getting one soon - please remember that international & carrier regulations prevent us from shipping fully charged batteries so you'll want to get the battery plugged in and charging while you install the PCI-e card. It will charge fastest via a QC3.0 charger.
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    @stvnxu , ya tracking now seems to be the same as Pretty good improvement over original but still need more work of course. Looking forward t Pistol Whip! Thanks.
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    @TomCgcmfc, Thanks for your quick feedback! Glad the low light with wireless is better. Love your creative suggestions to make the wireless experience more enjoyable - I'm going to try to use that linkbox USB cable idea then I don't think i'll need to do one turn around the headband. 🙂 Is there anything regarding tracking performance you could share with the Beta version? I'm just hoping what 88sooner is reporting about tracking being worse is unique. I'm aware results may be different since 88sooner may be testing this version with a tethered Cosmos versus you with wireless. Regardless, it's good to hear feedback on both sides. The last thing we'd want is to push an update that negatively impacted tracking performance. If this is the case, we'll delay this update and investigate further to make sure that doesn't happen. Please remember Beta version does not have tracking improvements in its release notes. It is to improve other areas such as wireless performance. Tracking performance should be the same as, not worse. If you do feel its worse, please let us know. Thanks, Steve PS. Weekend is almost here! Pistol whip here i come!!
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    Hi All. I've only been getting a little over 1 hour, maybe 1.5 hours on my Cosmos with the wireless adapter and the 21w battery. I queried this with HTC and they asked me to send the battery back to be checked. I'll hopefully ship it tomorrow. At the moment they are not selling just the battery (21w) so I ordered another Cosmos attachment kit which has the battery as well as the cables. Should be here soon. It will be interesting to see if that gives the same play time?
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    @Mr George, Just wanted to update you, the studio behind Racket Fury got back to me saying they do have plans to integrate the Cosmos bindings. They're aiming for the next 2 weeks. Stay posted on their game updates / announcement! Thanks for your patience. Steve
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    @A-Jey, No worries! Whenever you get the chance - your feedback has been helpful. Thank you. @88sooner, Confirming I've received your new issue report submitted. Will be forwarding it to engineering. Will update you if i hear anything from them on your case. Thanks again. @TomCgcmfc, Nice! Glad it improved the wireless performance. Keep me posted if the low light problem occurs for you too. (Fingers crossed it doesn't) Thanks, Steve
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    Heya folks. I just purchased the discounted yearly subscription of Viveport Infinity. And with my free year plan I could add an additional discount of 10%. So I payed 64,69 € for a complete year and I'm good to go until Oct.17th 2021 now 🙂
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    yep ! But why HTC doesn’t he supply the charger ? we won’t ask ourselves that kind of question!
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    hi @TomCgcmfc Full charged 3hrs with a samsung travel adapter
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    Hello everyone,, If your Vive Focus+ dev kit is having storage issues it may be caused by the ChripController log files. To clean up space use these instructions. Vive Focus Storage Full Steps to Fix: - Settings - More Settings - Storage - Apps - 3 dots, top right - Show System - ChirpController App - Clear Data - OK
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    I actually went back to beta because I thought my wireless worked a little better. It gave me the option to remove power savings from the wireless and this seems to have helped improve my wireless performance, esp. with X Plane 11. I'm not sure about low light problems. I guess I'll find out tonight, lol!
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    @stvnxu I think I can't get into testing before weekend as I got fully working days and too many other tasks.
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    Hi @TomCgcmfc I feel irony in your words, and i want to explain my actions : i I spent two hours to configure PCars2, 'i played only 10mn, the default of center view is critical, every time can i play, the screen slipped or left or right, I understood that it was necessary to launch the game with the head in front of the screen to have a Chance to have a centered screen, and again it didn’t work all time. I I had to do it again a room setup several times. But i confirm with this actions my battery pack lasted 2 hours. Please @HTC resolve this issue as soon as possible ! My config : MOBO 7270 PRO GAMING M5 I7 6700K 16GB Ram SSD 1To RTX 2060 T500RS + Paddle + Gear
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    @Cappy1 in most games you can call up lense, go to settings, and adjust your height. Not a very elegant way to do it but I find this often helps get you on the right level at least. Fortunately many games at least have a re-centre function and while it can get you pointed in the right direction, it does not always get your height right. BTW, once I got my direction in about the right orientation I've never needed to go through the Cosmos setup ever again.
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    No I apologize, I was just frustrated but should not have taken it out publicly like that or to that extent. You guys have an awesome product that I thoroughly enjoy using and thank you for continuing to make it better! JP
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    Update; I rolled back to and while I still got the odd low light message it was short and did not seem to effect the image quality so I think I'll stick to that for now. One thing I notice it that every time I change headset software I get prompted to update VivePort software and this just goes back to the same version as before. Also, after an update if I go into Origin it hangs. If I exit it and try again it is fine. Not that I use Origin much, I just thought I would mention this.
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    To be honest I just run cheap Energizer rechargeable and they last at least the 8. Only problem I have now are intermittent tracking issues and they are getting much better. Overall I'm loving the cosmos. Just need to spring for the wireless kit.😁
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    @A-Jey They're super popular in the photography world where they've been regarded as one of the highest quality brands available for over a decade. The quick charger they're bundling with nowadays (Panasonic BQ-CC55) is also best in class for it's price point.
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    @A-Jey - We use Eneloops internally, they're a very reliable and trusted battery.
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    There's already setting in lens to select between Vivid, Normal, and Night mode. Maybe you can also add 2 sliders for brightness and contrast.
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    I think the issue may have stemmed from a faulty battery for the batteries supplied in box. New batteries resolved the issue.
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    Hey @TomCgcmfc, Totally fair request. This isn't a report I could raise to our engineering team, but I'll escalate it internally to get some traction. We do have a 18W battery sold separately, which we know isn't for Cosmos, but hope this pattern means there is already a 21W battery individual SKU in the pipeline. I'll update you on what I hear. Thanks, Steve
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    Hi @chtan, Thanks for reaching out and sorry about the problem you're experiencing with your content. There were similar reports about the game scene being dark in other experiences. I'll forward to engineering team to look into this. I'll follow up with you here when I hear back from them. Thanks for helping us identify this. Steve
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    A simpler way, 1. Perform 3D reconstruction like this video first and save the scanned result as OBJ. 2. Reload the OBJ into you scene. 3. Through SRWorks Unity API, ex: GetAllHorizontal(Vertical) / GetLargestHorizontal(Vertical) / GetColliderWithProperties( property array ), to get your desired collider property for your virtual object placement. 4. Or, you could even perform 3D Semantic Segmentation like this video to find wall or floor. A Sample code provided in Experience_Unity > Assets > ViveSR_Experience > Scenes\Sample9 – Semantic Segmentation.
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    I'm starting a thread on confirmed working batteries for the vive cosmos wireless. I am currently using the Omnicharge Ultimate which works great with the cosmos wireless, although a bit heavy. Please only post confirmed batteries. This should be helpful for those looking for extra batteries.
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    Following this. Got the wireless and it's a game changer. However, having a second battery is a must. Ran through a fully charged battery last night and while it did last about 2 1/2 hours, I wanted to keep going.
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    Hi, I purchased the wireless adapter and the adapter kit with the 21w battery. No issues so far other than poor battery life. I'm only getting a little over 1 hours use. I would prefer a second battery but don't know of a compatible one and HTC are not selling one at the moment, but I do have a support request with them.
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    AWESOME!!! You're the man VibrantNebula!!! Thank you for taking the time to post. I appreciate your insite and help. Have a wonderful weekend!
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    I was finally able to get this, running everything on admin. thanks!
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    Thanks for that. I will definitely buy a QC3.0 wall charger. These are supposed to charge QC3.0 devices (like the Cosmos wireless battery) at 18W. My conventional 5v/2A = 10W so a QC3.0 should charge almost twice as fast. I still would like an extra Cosmos battery though so I could have one charged up and ready to swap. Thanks again.
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    You have to install a card in your PC and mount a transmitter connected to it so that the wireless receiver gets the video and audio signals to transfer to the Cosmos HMD. It simply replaces the wire connection, no more.
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    Hi Keane0411, for 300€ don't hesitate the problems described will be fixed I have no doubt htc has already made great efforts so far That's my opinion.
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    Hi all, as noted in this thread there is an error in v1.1.0.1, specifically when passing data through the EyeData struct. EyeData.timestamp is supposed to deliver milliseconds of time elapsed, but instead gives microseconds. This ends up surpassing the int size and looping around and giving a number like 18446744072381490631 (when cast as a ulong). In v1.1.2.0 of SR_runtime.exe, this seems to have been addressed, and so when you case to a ulong , EyeData.timestamp will return something like 3327942. the precision is less also, by about 1000 (since these are no correctly milliseconds of time, and not microseconds). If you used timestamps and have upgraded (the SR_runtime does sort of encourage you strongly to upgrade) and your project is not behaving as expected, this could be the culprit. @Daniel_Y @Corvus
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    After an extended leave of absence (after returning my Cosmos which was refused by HTC on a technicality, your customer support still stinks on returns and repairs HTC), I have tried the latest update whilst I speak to my credit card company. I have to say this f/w is a big step in the right direction. Remaining immediate basic problems are:- Tracking whilst controllers are close to the headset still sucks. This is a basic requirement and needs confirmation if this is actually possible by HTC as it is now 1.5 months since release. If not, then the product is not fit for purpose. Bow and arrow plus gun games aren't able to be played. Light conditions still aren't perfect. Putting controllers on the floor in a normally bulb lit room results in them following you back up and then snapping back to the floor. However performance in this lighting condition has improved. Button to re-centre display still not present, again a basic function. Still waiting on that olive branch for your alpha/beta testers (oops I meant pre-orders). If you could get this stuff right, I would even consider keeping my Cosmos. But saying your 'improving' it from month to month isn't enough, I want to hear that you will do these things (and more importantly) that you are able to do these things.
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    hi all, my feedback with wireless adapter : 2hrs with controller battery 50%
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    my graphics card crashed ( gtx1060 6gb) 😭 ... I have to wait a bit before buying one 🤑... maybe as a Christmas present. So for now i am using my laptop and it does not allow me to use my Cosmos... Thx for all your advices I will check up as soon as I get my new one 🙂
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    Just think of the VR HMD as a monitor strapped to your face; it does not care what you do so long as you stay tethered. Are you trolling, because these questions sure sound like you may be? Sorry for my poor English.
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    i have 2 vive cosmos. One works fine, but not one. So, It was entrusted to a Korean service center. But the service is too slow. So I decided to refund. @stvnxu
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