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    2020-04-04 20-35-26_Trim level insane impossible.mp4 Thanks to your team's hard work, controller tracking response has improved and Beat Saber is playing quite well. I am able to complete all main Vol 1-3 songs at Expert+ at over A or above, except one song. There is one unique song that requires more horizontal movements on both hands. As you can see in the video, the controller lags behind when there is a wide left-right movement and especially when both hands need to do it. It's a long enough lag that makes the song impossible to complete. Thanks, and looking forward to the next update!
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    Edit: Looks like we posted at about the same time. Glad it is working for you. Thanks! @GruntFX Sorry for the issues you have gone through. I have seen a couple of cases such as yours. The way the redemption works is the inbox code unlocks whatever promotion we are running at a given time, in this case it unlocks a 6 month Infinity subscription (that you can apply in your Viveport software) and Half Life: Alyx (that you apply in Steam). I will need some info from you, I will send you a PM. Thank you, John
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    UPDATE : It was an incorrect code. has since been rectified by Support.
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    Have you tried to redeem the code on Steam?
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