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    Step by step we're getting there. Maybe too slow for some users here but the developers making progress. As usual I tested Beat Saber. The room was far away from being well lit (lights off and cloudy day on sunset. I immediately could finish a level on expert with full combo where I failed everytime before due to glitches or track loss. Cross movements seems more stable now. So definetily a great move into right direction again. Also tried the rifle mode in Overkill VR. At least you can aim but still it's very stuttering, shaky, unstable. Still a lot of improvements to do there. I'd say NOW we're on that 90% some were talking about longer ago. Thanks for keeping up the good work on improvements. I wish you all a happy new year and many highscores and achievements in 2020 😉
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    Just wanted to share this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4124195 HTC Vive Wireless Dual 30mm Cooling Fan. 2x - 30x30x6mm 12v Fans @ 7.5v (Low speed fan resistors I had sitting around) 1x - 1.3 ID x 3.5mm OD DC Jack This was built due to Grey/Blue screen flashes on the HMD, Falling through the world or slowly losing tracking on the Vive Cosmos during wireless play. Looking at logs in C:\ProgramData\Vive Wireless\ConnectionUtility\Log The HTC Vive Wireless would start with temps reporting [2020-01-19 17:36:58 +10 0xB70 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=36, R_Temperature=33 -After 20minutes play time- [2020-01-19 17:56:46 +10 0xB70 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=91, R_Temperature=62 After the modification was performed the log output reported [2020-01-24 14:45:39 +10 0x4394 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=30, R_Temperature=23 -After 20minutes play time- [2020-01-24 15:05:19 +10 0x4394 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=48, R_Temperature=49 Both of these were experienced with the same room temperature of 24c and 20minutes of playtime in Beat Saber. After extended use it originally used to display temperatures reporting [2020-01-07 18:19:42 +10 0x32B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=99, R_Temperature=63 [2020-01-07 18:19:52 +10 0x32B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=100, R_Temperature=65 [2020-01-07 18:20:22 +10 0x32B0 INFO LOG] M_Temperature=102, R_Temperature=66 With a grey/blue HMD flicker every few minutes. This has cut cut the temperature by half and resulted in no drop outs after hours of use. Cheers
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    Vive wireless Noctua Cooler Mod 👍🙂 ...no more grey screens,overheating 😉
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    Hi guys, I have tested both games. This was a hell of torture for me even without sound. This is kinda hardcore horror. Scared the shit out of me, man. (Reiko's Fragment, Sinister Halloween, Both from Viveport). The Test-Build nothing changed here. But I have to say, it should't change anything, because for me the colormapping and gamma are totally fine. Sure there are some dark areas, but these are meant to be dark. I have already compared it with my oled TV. Looks the same. This is kind of an example, where we would benefit from an oled screen for a better immersive contrast in black levels. So, I am pretty sure, in this case everything is fine. I tried so many games so far. (Steam, Viveport, Revive) I haven't found any wrong color mapping in a game provided by Steam or Viveport. Best regards Clark
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    No noticeable loss in image quality - as long as your CPU and computer is up to the task. Wireless is far more dependant on CPU performance than a wired connection. I believe that 7 Gbps is more than ample - the video streams are compressed (and uncompressed?) in real-time (hence the CPU performance impact).
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    I have a fan on mine and it keeps the temps down to around 50 but still have the issue. Also as joellipenta said it happens with both the HTC and third party batteries. @Synthesis
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    Tested now and it works, confirmed you need to restart the application after setting the new resolution.
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    I totally get you and I'd prefer either but it makes no sense to let a musician do the painters work and vice versa.
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    @tonton and others. Please post in English or at least add a google translate version. I'm often reading these posts on my iPhone and cannot easily access google translate. I'd hate to miss something important you have to say, thanks mate.
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    Glad you're up and running. What ended up being the fix? (in case someone else has a similar problem)
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    @bkz444, The key to all of that is to hold the HMD with one hand in the focus sweet spot while reaching back with the other hand to tighten the headstrap band. That's a universal step across all HMD's - if you don't hold it in place while tightening it, the HMD will slip out of the focus sweet spot.
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    Been busy due to holidays, but finally got it working after a lot of troubleshooting. What finally fixed it for me was flashing my BIOS to the most recent (and beta) version. I also switched my power supply to a more powerful one, as the one I had just barely matched the minimum requirements for my video card. However, I tried that before updating my BIOS and it still gave me the same error. So, I'm not sure if just the updated BIOS would have also worked with my old power supply. Motherboard: MSI B350 Tomahawk CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Processor with Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics Video Card: ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2070 AMP Extreme 8GB GDDR6 (not a super) Old PSU: Seasonic G Series 550 550W New PSU: Seasonic G Series 650 650W @stvnxu
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    That usb port supports everything. I have managed to connect another gaming headset with a way better Mic and also connect my nolo vr tracker to use for body tracking.
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    Update: Sorry for the radio silence, I was emailing back and forth with support. I ended up returning the headset for a new one and it works perfectly now. I guess something happened to the old headset.
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    This is like the cherry on top from the previous update, i though the previous beta was a big step forward with tracking, this beta is almost just as big of a step. Keep up the good work.
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    Nice tracking improvements. I can almost play Angry Birds slingshot now! Still not Rift S standards yet but getting closer. If you move the controllers in a circle in front of you, like winding a winch, controllers still do a bit of wandering. Not sure what this most requested thing was? I thought it was going to be a re-centre function but I don't see this yet. Still, a good positive way to start 2020 imho. Cheers and Happy New Year Mates!
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    I've just tried the update and for me it's a great improvement. Just a little bit of drift at the side of my head but otherwise very well done. To the team who did this update a big thank you for persevering, it was a nice way to finish off the year and wishing a happy new year to you all. Cheers! Fink.
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    Next thing I'd like you all to test, please log/monitor your CPU usage while using the HTC Wireless while it is having temperature issues. If you can all provide some of that info, We can narrow down the issues & specific faults to 2 things. CPU utilization for the VR Compositor as it pipes the signal to your HMD as well as the Vive wireless overheating. Cheers
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    Hi All. @HoZy @joellipenta @stvnxu @C.T. Same experience here: Starts at 09:09: M_Temperature=32, R_Temperature=31 (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 3, performanceQuality = 3 Terminates at 09:20: M_Temperature=90, R_Temperature=71 (ControlCenter)Link Condition Change : peerSignalQuality = 255, performanceQuality = 3 (ControlCenter)CallbackDeviceStatus : SDK_WIGIGFSM_STATE_STOPPED(3), reason = SDK_CURRENT_STATE_REASON_LINK_LOSS(1) (ControlCenter)CallbackDeviceStatus : SDK_WIGIGFSM_STATE_SCANNING(4), reason = SDK_CURRENT_STATE_REASON_REQUESTED_BY_APPLICATION(9) That took 20 minutes though the temp is rising fast here in Sydney today, is was at 24 C in the room at the time I tested it. I would like someone from HTC\Vive to comment on this topic to know if this is some sort anomaly, a known issue, a fault or something else. Clarity is always appreciated As someone said they did the fan mod and it still is having issues so what is the require operating temperature for this device. After all when purchasing the wireless device there is no mention of any temperature limitations or that you have to also go out and buy a small fan to plonk on top of it and hack into the battery to get it working for more that 15 minutes 🙂 I think a comment from one of the engineers or employees and some guidance on the issue is in order so can we please have a comment? Thanks Fink
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    This happens with the provided 21W battery or a 3rd party one.
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    Interesting. Infrared is obviously electromagnetic radiation, but invisible to the naked eye. Obviously there is little stray infrared around in VR play areas, which will help with Oculus' tracking. Having said that, the Cosmos Controller have LEDs which are visible to the naked eye, but I think the Cosmos is designed to pick up the specific frequency that the LEDs emit, so I would suggest that tracking issues will probably be more prevalent if you have bright lighting of the same frequency. The Cosmos cameras are also looking for the particular shape on the controller which improve the tracking further. In terms of occluded issues, I would have thought that the infrared tracking would have exactly the same issues as visible light tracking. If one controller is in front of another, then the infrared signals cannot pass through the front controller. I know Facebook has done a lot of work with occlusion mitigation though. I suspect that we just need to give HTC more time. One thing I don't quite understand is why HTC didn't use the ultrasonic tracking used in the Vive Focus Plus?
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    You can user YouTube VR (Steam Store), Big-picture app (Steam Store), the Steam Desktop viewer (double press the Vive button on the left controller to select) with your browser of choice and a number of other utility apps on Steam that provide access to your desktop apps.
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    Resolution need to work in this way in VR Reading in SteamVR forum some advice to restart the VR application/game you are using to load the new settings after you changed the resolution in SteamVR, didn't have the opportunity to test till tomorrow, maybe you can.
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    I feel your pain. The thought of paying more money to fix the Cosmos tracking actually makes me feel sick. They are literally going to charge the same price as the original unit to fix the original unit which will realistically just make it a new version of the PRO which they should have just done at the start. Vive allow us to trade in the controllers and face plate for a heavily discounted on the new face plate, controllers and base stations to fix the Cosmos to how it should have been released.
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    @Nemmy1234 - We're testing a UI solution for this setting in the beta release of beta of the Vive Cosmos software.
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    Okay, let us see what we can do on our side to get it working for you in your dual GPU setup. Will get back to you.
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    Hey Davide, 2 things: 1. Can you try all the original cabling? Without using any adapters whatsoever. 2. Can you try removing one GPU or disabling it in device manager and seeing if it works? Thanks! /shen
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    @Hooflee, Thanks for sharing and being active in helping us out. In your issue summary once you submit your report, could you also add the following tag "rd_log_request". This will help us better filter logs for our R&D to leverage in improving our products with updates such as this crouching tracking experience. Thank you, Steve
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    Please close it off and get rid of this offensive video. Thanks.
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    Just do a swap, there is just no other option.
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    @Lionel, Oh sorry I didn't mean to hype it up. Nothing happens LOL I just didn't know I could drive it off and was happy when I found out haha. I'll keep you posted on anymore I find. Steve
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    I have had the cosmos since launch and have been faithful to it sticking by it through its worst with the tracking, i am glad the tracking is much better, to the point where you can actually play gun games. What i had discovered today which surprised me though was the microphone on the headset..... and were it is placed. Right below were your nose goes..... OH GOD THE LOUD NOSE BREATHING SOUND ON STREAMS AND VIDEOS. Why on earth was it placed here. Obviously no software fix will fix it so i ask what i can do as a work around. I like the earphones that come with the cosmos and not too keen removing them for a headset/mic solution and will do it as a last choice as i have a astro a50, the only issue is its much heavier. As much as some people like to watch me shit myself at scary VR games, the loud heavy breathing wind tunnel is real put off lol. What are some ways you guys combat this? (Not breathing is not an option unfortunately) @stvnxu @C.T.
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    Feel free to exit from the beta program and into the public release of the update. We did some backend changes to try and resolve the issue. Thanks
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    From what I've seen the Rings were flipped from underneath to on top for the Rift S & Quest controllers because they still use IR LED in the ring of the controller (According to their press info) but without the base stations so I assume the cameras don't have IR filters in them so that's how they work a lot better for occluded controllers Vs. the Cosmos which just looks for the rings from what I gather I haven't tried to purposely cover the cosmos ring to see if it still tracks at all. Cheers Also, I wouldn't stress too much. Very much so enjoying the Cosmos here. The last couple of updates helped the tracking a LOT.
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    I can confirm that after this update the tracking is MILES! better.. pavlov actually seems to work now. Boneworks is a lot nicer to play now too. Faith restored :) - I'm sure if Oculus can do it, so can you.
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    fixed. now showing
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    1.FOV is approximately the same.With the new Cover Pad the distance to the lenses are lower,it balances out.I have the same Mod on my Vive Pro,same result. The FOV is still small on all HMD's on the market except the Pimax,their SweetSpot is superb. 2.SweetSpot covers 95% of the area,5% of the very outer lens area are still slightly blurry like the original fresnel lenses. 3.NO Godrays and Lensflare! Is the conversion worth it? In my opinion, YES! 100%. If you want the biggest FOV,go with Pimax. 5k+,on second picture. 😉 If you want one of the best LCD Displays,go with Cosmos. Cosmos shines in three categories: less ScreenDoorEffect and higher PixelDensity, wireless option, coming lighthouse FrontPlate Mod. Still best Comfort right ou the box: Vive Pro (AMOLED Display).👍🙂
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    @oxygen4004 - Yeah - this is confusing. The Cosmos is a new enough headset that all units are still under warranty. I'm not sure who Regenersis is but they're not an authorized service provider and I have no idea what type of repair services they could have offered for Cosmos. In any case, I'm glad you're up and running.
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    I noticed a new option in SteamVR when selecting the "Power" icon: reset seating position! This should take care of #2 and allow HTC to focus on #1 and #3. I'm glad the updates keep coming, although it is hard to know exactly how much better the tracking is, since much of the experience is pretty subjective. I still notice quite a bit of wobble when holding my hands out infront of me otherwise still (or while making small movements). Occlusion, as others have stated, is still pretty bad when trying to hold a rifle.
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    Great update but still very bad tracking in rifle mode on Onward, Pavlov, The Last Player etc...due to occlusion
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    @Annabell By looking into SteamVR Plugin, there is a function(FindExistingActionForPartialPath) in SteamVR_Action.cs. Probably you could write your own custom function that will give you actions by using names. EDIT: I found a way that you could get a full list of actions SteamVR_Input.actions <-- will return full array of SteamVR_Action foreach(var action in SteamVR_Input.actions) { Debug.Log("action: " + action.fullPath); }
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    You may give this one a try until HTC comes with a fix... https://forum.vive.com/topic/6815-darkness-problem/?tab=comments#comment-30847
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    Turns out it was residual data left behind in the. TMP folder that was stopping downloads from occurring. Took over 6 hours to work out. Once I deleted all remnants of htc & vive from this folder, i could finally download viveport & drivers successfully.
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    @Tony PH Lin, hello. I would prefer the UE 4.24 because there's fixed some bugs (AI, Navigation) and adds a new features. One of them is Auto-Instancing on Mobile, which reduces draw calls to improve graphics performance. Auto-instancing has been found to be most effective on heavily CPU-bound games rather than GPU-bound games.
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    @JuicyJimme That's awful! I'm very sorry to hear that! I frankly have never heard of anything like this before surrounding VR - I can't provide any useful advice here except to say that if you're having reactions this adverse to a VR device, that I'd strongly recommend that you stop using your HMD any further and that you avoid all VR & AR products now and in the future until you qualified medical staff weigh in on what's happening. Feeling a bit weird after a VR experience isn't unheard of - what you're describing is well beyond that and VR simply isn't worth your health and well-being. Hope you're feeling better soon!
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    Hi, Same issue... I deleted steam, steamVR and viveport I re installed them with cosmos connected Then it worked!
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    C'mon, we both know the graphics guys are not the tracking developement guys so the one got nothing to do with the others. You can't seriously demand HTC do do nothing else on the software until tracking works completely.
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    No surprise...hardware was the problem...Hardware is always the problem when there is a problem...Regenersis fixed it (for about 250euros) and now headset is working well and very happy with my cosmos
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