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    My Cosmos elite just arrived today. My only other VR setup was the original vive that died not too long ago. So I already had the 1.0 lighthouses set up and the wireless adapter configured. With that being said Setting up the Cosmos elite was not too hard. The difference in the HMD clarity is amazing. I did have a tracking issue with the wand controllers it came with. They were very shaky at times, It turned out to be my CPU running 100% all the time. I have a i7 9700k on a z390-e motherboard, 2 1tb ssd's in raid 0, and a 2080 super so this was a bit alarming. After a few hours trouble shooting, I found moving my wireless adapter to another pcie 1 slot dropped the cpu load to 60-70 % and the tracking is near perfect. I don't think the tracking is a good as the original vive, but it is VERY close. I am very happy with the cosmos elite combo. I am going to assume that with a few updates since this package is new that the tracking will meet or exceed the original vive. I am aware that the resolution is a lot higher and will need more processing power for both the image and the tracking to work correctly. I am sure once a few updates arrive it will run even better! I actually like the halo head strap better than the elastic band on the original. The speakers are amazing coming from ear buds from the original vive setup. I now just need another 21w battery for my wireless setup. I am not sure how long it lasted to be honest because of the trouble shooting I was doing. I honestly got tired of playing and the battery was at 1 dot even after a few hours of on and off again trouble shooting. So all in all I can definitely recommend this for some one wanting a new VR kit with external tracking, especially if they have previous experience with past vive VR setups.
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    First I have to say, i'm a very critical consumer, as an engineer and It professional I expect a certain standard of quality. I was skeptical but after updating tonight this is a step in the right direction. Bow and Arrow games are now playable, the controllers snap into view a lot faster, albeit there is still some drift with the controllers. Over all thought the responsiveness of the tracking is much better from the last update. Having said this I'm still getting a lot of drift in a particular game, "The Curious Tale of the stolen pets". The controller drift and HMD drift has not improved at all. Please look into this, thanks.
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    I've tested the Sniper Rifle in Arizona Sunshine that previously was unusable, I can't remember exactly but I think I was using beta previously when it was too frustrating to use. It works better, I can use it but the limitation is that the hand you use for the gun trigger (closest to head) because you need to put your head closer to to the sight to see in it; the headset and controller are to close to each other and can't track height changes (Y-movement), it only registers the gyro movement within the same X/Y-coordinates. It's the same with bows, they work better but the Y-movements stop registering when you have the arrow drawn back. It seems to register X-movements when you move your hand further away from the headset and THEN it registers Y-movements again (as I guess the camera can easily track the controller when further away from the camera). Possible solution?: Is there any data from controller that can be used to simulate the movement of the controller when it's to close to the headset, to guess the distance from the floor to at least give some Y-movements when it's that close? For example what doesn't work in snipers and bows is that if I want to aim higher, I lower my right back hand while holding my left forward hand in the same position, but this lowering (Y-movement) isn't registered.
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    Today, we've released a new ROM update version 3.07.623.3 for the Focus Plus. This update is available as a FOTA and you should receive a message in your device prompting you to make the update. It includes a medley of improvements, listed below. Here are the release notes: Add support for Wi-Fi 2.4GHz band. Add support for VIVEPORT Streaming. Add Wi-Fi setting and Cast function on the Power button menu when in Kiosk mode (to disable, go to More Settings > Kiosk mode). Enable/Disable “Lost tracking” warning in Developer options. Adjust the play area size (2x2m, 3x3m, or 4x4m) in Developer options. Show controller firmware version in Quick Settings > Controller. Add a 5GHz regulatory e-label for Japan in More Settings > About > Certification. Add Korean language support. Update WAVE SDK version to 3.1.7.
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    I recently got a Cosmos and Vive Wireless and I would like to chime in. Not all PCI-E lanes are the same. Some of them are directly connected with the CPU (Good for Wireless) and some are handled by the Chipset (Bad for Wireless). I'm using an i7-3770 (clocked to 4.3ghz on all four cores) and an Asus Maximus V Formula motherboard (Yes.. it is a potatoe on paper but it works well enough with my 1080 Ti). The first two pci-e slots are directly connect to the CPU and I haven't had too many pixelation events when using the Wireless card on those slots. However, if put the wireless card on the other spots, I get constant pixelations, likely due to added latency. Right now I'm testing which processes (vrserver.exe, vrcompositer.exe, vivevrserver.exe, vivevrcompositer.exe) I can switch to high priority with Process Lasso as I'm getting some pixelations in demanding games. I want to squeeze as much from my 3770 + 1080Ti system. So yeah, all tips and tricks are welcome.
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    I tried with a USBHub to power the Leap Motion, but it didn't work so probably the USB-C connection does nothing in terms of communication while using the wireless adapter. Eventually the only solution left to use was Vive Hand Tracking which proved to be very unreliable and buggy in combination with the Wireless Adapter (jittering, hand jumping, loss of tracking). Unfortunately not even the latest 0.9.1 update didn't manage to fix that so we had to scrape that project altogether and go for a standalone solution.
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    Hi, I have a Cosmos with the Wireless Adapter and have not had any problems installing Beta updates or reverting to Public Updates. Just to let you know I'm currently running the public I must admit I'm enjoying the Freedom of wireless. I'm beginning to quite like the Cosmos. Though it can be frustrating at times. I have recently started playing the Game A4 Tech in Viveport and the Bow and Arrow setup works much better than I had expected. The tracking is surprisingly accurate. The Bow can lose tracking a bit and go wonky if I pull my hand when drawing the arrow very close to my face, but I can reload and fire accurately. It's actually quite enjoyable to play. I think tracking is definitely improving. On Monday I somehow managed to click on the order button within 30sec for a valve index. I hadn't expected to get it. I am quite intrigued by all the stories of its performance/display/controllers. Sad that it is cabled and not wireless. The Cosmos really does have its advantages. I can't yet make up my mind wether to keep index or not? It would have to be fantastically good to keep a cabled index? Any thoughts? Expensive though? On a final note I was, up to this Monday having difficulty running Beat Saber on my System. For some reason and I'm not totally certain why it is now running smoothly and fast with excellent tracking. I removed the Windows update ending I think *996 and uninstalled steam and cosmos software. I then reinstalled steam and cosmos software. It then worked. Fingers crossed I don't jinx it by saying anything? Haha!
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    Hi, Rifle-type actions: These are areas that HTC are actively working on, and we should continue to see improvements (it used to be really really bad). Occlusion: Unfortunately with inside-out tracking there are limits to what can be achieved. If the cameras can't see the hidden controller, then the HMD can't be sure where it is exactly. There's a lot of AI in all VR tracking, so I'm assuming that they would need to improve the machine learning code further (which can be combined with the gyroscope readings). It's already drastically improved from a few months ago IMHO.
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    I was wrong, 10.7 is much better than 9.6.
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    hy, guys I wanted to share with you my feelings after 6 hours of play ....AMAZING ! no tracking problem with the htc cosmos controllers, the aim is very correct, the only negative point is the use of the left hand with the torch that cannot be placed on the top of the right hand, there has some dropout happening. For those who have it, what graphic options did you select in steam ? and in the game ?
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    OK just spent a couple of hours on Alyx, and by god it's good. Also zero VR "exhaustion" after 2-3 hours, and I only stopped cos the zombies were freaking me out a bit >_< Image is crisp and clear on the Cosmos, and head tracking is perfect. Controllers can be a bit moody here and there, but 95% of the time they're 100% playable. I only have 1 complaint tho (you can call it two kinda) .... reloading the gun! Man these controllers make it stressful. 1) Getting the mag from over your shoulder sometimes throws the tracking completely out of whack, and of course always happens when a zombie is rushing you and you're panic reloading (!!) 2) Pulling the gun chamber is an exercise in frustration! You try to slide the chamber, and the controller circly bits just smash into each-other and you can never reach the slider properly. (also is there a way to keep this forum signed in?? Keeps kicking me out after an hour or so)
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    With base stations comes accuracy. God knows how a lot of us are praying for the tracking plate to come out so we can actually use bases! I wouldn't know buddy. I have no problems in Elite personally with the Cosmos. From experience I know the Oculus is HORRIBLE with glasses. The only other VR's I ever tried was the good old Vive, and the Cosmos. And I love the Cosmos for its screen, resolution and comfort. It would be perfect if they every solved the controller issues,
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    I don't play shooters, but the rifle tip is definitely more stable. Hand cross-over is still sticky, so we hope to keep seeing great improvements. Here is vs on Boneworks.
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    @TomCgcmfc Vive Cosmos' stock linkbox does not have the correct SteamVR bluetooth circuitry to power manage base-stations. Vive Pro's does. The Elite does not ship with a linkbox but instead ships with an inline breakway converter. The ET/Elite have the circutiry for BT power management in the faceplate itself. If you get an ET to use with a standard Cosmos, BT power management will work for you regardless of the linkbox/converter situation. I've just tested this IRL to confirm. I personally use a Pro linkbox at my new home workstation for Cosmos/Elite/Pro/Pro Eye. Never have had an issue personally but it may not be advisable in a in-home use scenario due to the different power requirements you mentioned. @eddyfanbo I've sent out an internal request for clarification on Chinese availability @Shevron We're exploring potential options but have nothing hard to share at this time per a controller/basestation bundle. The COVID situation makes everything dramatically more challenging. @Beta_Tester Definitely doesn't hurt to ask and I'll forward that request to some folk on the hardware team because it doesn't hurt to ask ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Generally though, it's not feasible for us to "play favorites" with community members, especially given the ET/Cosmos tracking community dynamic. If you're developing content that will publish to a storefront, that potentially opens some doors. I'd post-face all of this all with to note that I am not on Vive's hardware team and am actually on the Viveport Content team so I am not a definitive source of truth for Vive hardware matters - I am merely someone who believes very strongly in community hence my forum activity.
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    I found the tracking really depends on the lighting of the room, not sure this particular update did much to improve. In the previous patches, sometimes the tracking is really good, you can do nice overlaps (occlusions and two hand holding without much problem) but sometimes is really bad, like going all over the place... it is particularly bad during the day, when sun light is allowed in the room. with the curtain drawn it is a bit better, but still not great. when at night when using in-door lights the tracking performs overall better, but not always. after this update I found it crashed my steam VR a few times, like same issue with some other users. then the tracking becomes really bad, like I couldnt even play half life alyx at all. before it was fine, i manage to complete the game without much issue with version I think. Really hope vive could fix this tracking problem in the future, also I found the online tracking guidance a nice improvement, because it acknowledges the limitation of this particular device. but with that said, it will be nice to have tracking working with a wide range of lighting conditions/setups. Thank you VIVE. I wish not to return this product
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    might want to check in steam vr settings while your game is running to make sure the super sampling does not automatically adjust to 200+ percent like mine was doing. I adjusted the global resolution down to 100 percent because it was at 150 and disabled the supersampling. After than it runs flawlessly with the wireless adapter. In fact I could go back in and adjust the resolution back up it was running so good. If you open the steam vr setting while in your headset and go down to developer then click show gpu graph in headset you can see all the little changes you make in resolution, texture quality, etc in real time. You want the value of the graph to be 10 or less. If you want butter smooth I would shoot for 8 or less. Apparently steam vr detects my setup automatically and assumes I want all the sliders maxed out. So I might would dive through your settings if you already haven’t and see if it’s default is pushing your setup too hard at times.
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    I'm sorry but right now there is global pandemic and quarantine. This is the only reason why we get updates once per month. I'm actually surprised that they managed to make this update. We need to wait till everything settles in so the dev team can continue updates.
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    I'd just like to say that this is an incredible improvement for my team and our product. We're looking to give Kiosk Mode enabled headsets to people at home, and were very concerned about the process of setting up wifi when the user gets home. This removes something like 4 screens and a passcode from that process for our end users. It's so much simpler. Thank you and please keep doing more along this line of thinking!
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    Hi mate. I've only played for about 1 hour so far but yes, it is probably the best game optimised for VR, aside from Lone Echo, that I've played. My average frame rate never drops below 89.9 so I'm really happy with it as is my visual cortex. As far as the settings go, I just use the defaults because I have endlessly tweaked settings to get games that just aren't optimised for VR working e.g. Fallout 4 and Subnautica and at the end of the day the more time that you spend in VR the more your brain adapts to your environment so after a relatively short time you just accept your situation in game as long as it flows and nothing ganky or jerky shocks you out of the immersion. In other words you stop being so critical of every pixel and frame drop because it isn't so important to the experience your enjoying. Plus it looks and feels great to me as is but if I get time maybe I'll try it with the wireless adaptor and see how that goes. I hope this does become the new standard for developers to aspire to going forward. Oh by the way, as far as tracking goes there are still the issues when close to the head and occlusion of controllers but generally still very playable, hopefully there will still be improvements as I am interested in the AR face plate which will need better tracking to make it viable or it probably just won't be competitive in the emerging market. Fink
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    UPDATE : It was an incorrect code. has since been rectified by Support.
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    Thanks for the great info @spike50002, it's good to hear there are minimal issues with the Elite. I'm very happy with the resolution and display of the Cosmos, with the accurate tracking of the Elite I imagine it's a solid combination.
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    I have had the chance to play with both systems as I own both of them. The last few days I have been comparing the two HMDs in VR. Tracking aside, because we all know inside out will never compare to Light House tracking, here are some of the major differences, pros, and cons between the two HMDs. Despite the Cosmos having a larger screen resolution over the Index, the Index image quality is much better. Not only is the Image in the index sharper, I also prefer the colour reproduction in the Index over the Cosmos HMD. This disparity was very noticeable in Dirt Rally 2 2 when I was playing. In Dirt Rally 2 the Cosmos has blurry edges and it looked like I was looking through a Vaseline smeared lens, the colours where also washed out. DIrt Rally 2 in the Index was nice and crisp and the colours were crisp and natural. The detail was welcome in the Index, it allowed me to spot cars in the side mirror, I couldn't do that in the Cosmos. The Dirt Rally comparison was kind of the worst case scenario. Other games the difference is less noticeable. Note that for both HDMs I run the resolution @ 150% scale. Maybe the above is due to the lens differences between the two VR headsets. I run the refresh rate on the Index @ 120hz, Cosmos @ 90Hz. For most games this is not a big deal, but there were a few instances where the fresh rate mattered, usually fast paced games. Overall I would say 90Hz is fine though. The Index has a lot of God rays, I mean a ton lot. It's on par with the original HTC Vive, which I used to own as well. It's fine in a brightly lit setting but when there is a dark scene on the Index the God rays are very noticeable. The screen door effect is less noticeable in the Index I know the panels have some sort of coating in the Index. Having said this the Screen door effect is not very noticeable in the Cosmos either. IPD adjustment is way easier to dial on on the Index, it's more precise. However the IPD slider is not as secure on the Index as on the Cosmos. Violent and jerky motions, like in boxing games, I have experienced the IPD adjustment slide on the Index, not so much on the Cosmos. Lens distance can be adjusted on the Index, not so much on the Cosmos. This is a nice feature, especially for immersion in VR. Cosmos lens positions is a bit further back vs the Index, this is probably to accommodate people with glasses. On the Index I have my lenses as close to my face as I can without touching any part of my face. Overall comfort, I prefer the Index, not a fan of the halo strap, the sweet spot is much harder to achieve on the Cosmos. I like how secure the Index feels on my face. In games where you have to crawl around the Cosmos feels like it's going to fall off my head, this is not the case for the Index. This is a bitter sweet thought, because I do like the ability of flipping up the Cosmos HMD when I need to, but for more active games the Cosmos halo strap is a no go. I find that the Cosmos resting on your forehead allows for too much slippage and you loose your sweet spot too easily. And loosing the sweet spot leads to more eye strain for me. I find in order for the Cosmos to sit firmly on my face I really have to dial in the halo strap, this can become uncomfortable and cause pressure spots on your head. WIth the Index design I don't have to do this and can wear the HMD a little looser on the head due to the fundamental design difference between how you wear the two HMDs. I have a big head and the Cosmos face plate/cushion has a better fit for my large round head. Also the nose flaps are better on the Cosmos, they let in a lot less light in between your nose and the HMD. These flaps are almost non existent on the Index. Built in Audio is great on both HMDs. However with the Cosmos headphones I find it is harder to dial in the sweet spot, it's a very small spot. I am also experiencing an issue where one of the side headphones keeps popping up on me, this could be a defect on the Cosmos though, not sure about that. With the Cosmos headphone you are immersed and you can not hear any of the outside world. The Index headphones sit a bit away from your ears, the sound is great, and the sweet spot for the audio is quite large. I like the idea of hearing a little more of my surroundings with the Index and the distance provides a nice level of comfort and you don't sweat on the headphones. The HMD cable is lighter and thinner on the Cosmos, you might not thing this is a big deal but it does make a difference during game play. A lighter and thinner cable is much easier to manage and handle during Vr sessions. The Index cable is thick and heavier, not saying it's hard to manage, but it does bunch up more, and handling it during game play is nto as easy as it is with the Cosmos. Breakout cable connector seems a little flimsy on the Index. I feel like I'm going to break the connector on the HDM side every time I plug the index into it's breakout cable. The Cosmos does not give me this anxiety. The Index cable feels more secure in it's breakout cable connection, not sure yet if that is a good or a bad thing. All in all both HMDs have their Pros and Cons.
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    Then buy them from Amazon and Ebay. You're the consumer, it is your choice, vote with your wallet. I bought my Cosmos locally because I did not want to pay for shipping.
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    @Glaucoma Predator No doubt about it, base station tracking (or external sensors like my Rift cv1) will always be better than inside-out tracking. However, the Rift S (which I have used) inside-out tracking is very good and it certainly is a lot easier to setup and move to different locations if need be. Hopefully the Cosmos will improve to those standards in the near future. If and wen it does I'll probably take it out of storage and use my Wireless adapter with it. Good luck with your Index mate.
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    I just didn’t have all the cords plugged in. I was missing the display cord apparently. It’s working now
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    Was hoping you'd come back and say that! 😄😄😄
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    @stvnxu Here's the prototype setup. It's not bright at all, despite what the pictures show. The room is about as dim as it would be when I am having problems. I would describe this beast as: cumbersome yet delicate. The wiring on the mesh LED netting is not reliable, and has been pulled apart and required repair during modifications on several occasions. It serves it's purpose well, but the issue I have with it is that it blocks my monitor and streaming camera, as well as my keyboard. I hope to make version 2 with a number of changes. Revision 1: No PVC, instead use cardboard (on two sides) covered with black construction paper. Ideally this would be a vinyl material for a final product. Holes will go in the cardboard/construction paper "shell" and behind that will be a semi-transparent white paper/vinyl. Inside this "shell" will be a distributed lighting source, in which the shell holes will become lit "dots", mimicking positioning targets for a 3D scan. Allow a cut through on the bottom for the keyboard and peripherals. I am currently clipping a towel to the PVC, so the cardboard/vinyl shell will be solid so as not to require this "wall". The purpose of this is to preserve the grid and prevent any light from bleeding into the room. Revision 2: Instead of using the shell method, use a black material to make a 120 degree black wall, placing 3D positioning stickers on the wall. The stickers will need to be lit with something, whether on the wall itself or on the user's head.
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    Hello everyone! I've been lurking on these forums for a few weeks and figured it would be worth getting into the conversation. I guess I was looking to get in touch with other Cosmos owners and get a feel for where everyone was at. Reading some of the recent beta posts and news regarding "new" versions of Cosmos obviously has some of us feeling a little shaken up. I'm an early adopter of the Cosmos. Pre-ordered before anyone had released reviews or impressions on it. It was the breath of fresh air I was waiting for in the VR world, as other HMD's just seemed to be slight improvements or variations of each other - Cosmos was one of the first in my mind to attempt breaking the mold and trying something new. After receiving it at launch I was a little worried. My play area is in a basement bedroom and gets little to no natural light. Off the hop it wouldn't work given the low light but I was undeterred, installing new lights and modifying the space. The visuals were amazing, the HMD fit great, games became playable but tracking was clearly lacking. Any form of shooting game that required the use of two hands was not happening. From release up until now I have seen a lot of improvement to the tracking. At the time of writing this I can actually shoot a bow or rifle with both hands, with the controllers only occasionally losing position or jumping slightly if I'm completely still. I own games that were relatively unplayable in the beginning and now I'm having little to no trouble playing H3VR, Boneworks, Sairento, Blade & Sorcery and so on. Just wanted to thank the dev team for their work so far, and to keep refining and improving the experience. I have zero issues with the Cosmos aside from controllers getting jumpy and occasionally missing a long range shot or two. If we keep seeing continual improvement I imagine a lot more people will be standing by HTC inside-out tech. Throwing more money at my system for a tracking upgrade isn't ideal at all. TLDR; Cosmos tracking was awful at launch, I've seen tracking improve a great deal since then. Will be standing by for more updates. Will not be spending an arm and leg for SteamVR Faceplate + 2x Basestation + 2x Vive Controller. First post! (Shoutout to my fave contributors on here - A-Jey, I'm loving your optimism and ride-or-die Cosmos mentality, you've inspired me to stick with the Cosmos on this journey, buying a different VR or spending more isn't an option. And TomCgcmfc, you are a true realist and I agree attention needs to be brought to the Cosmos' shortcomings, the pricepoint of it was no joke and we deserve to feel fully satisfied with the purchase.) @C.T. @stvnxu
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    @jvicente1971 not a gamer, but referring to your previous statement about HP Reverb I evaluated it too for professional usage, but does have a narrow FoV and Windows Mixed Reality tracking is renowed to be not so good, last time I looked at YouTube for usage examples was almost all on racing or flight sim, really not needing 6DoF. I personally find Cosmos good and using it with lenses, as other state need to adjust it regularly, trying to push it even during action to find best position, after that working fine.
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    Ya, you have to luv Google Translate. It produces this; Hello @tonton I bounce on the post of @TomCgcmfc, because somewhere there for a little reason, I understand your frustration, I also somewhere I tell myself that for the price it is a little cow, and in addition me mine, i already have a few dead pixels, but I'm not making it a disease. I have not said anything until now, but there frankly, it is pulled on the rope, your assessments are perhaps (surely) justified but we all understood that you were disappointed, a good hearer ..... Sorry for our English-speaking friends, but I don't have the courage to translate ....... I bounce on the post of @TomCgcmfc, because somewhere there for a little reason, I understand your frustration, I also somewhere I tell myself that for the price it is a little cow, and in addition me mine, i already have a few dead pixels, but I'm not making it a disease. I have not said anything until now, but there frankly, it is pulled on the rope, your assessments are perhaps (surely) justified but we all understood that you were disappointed, a good hearer ..... Sorry for our English-speaking friends, but I don't have the courage to translate .......
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    Have you considered a complete upgrade kit for existing base Cosmos customers at a reasonable price? I don't mind having to send proof of purchase or something.
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    @stvnxu Good! I am glad it is helpful. I am down to keep trying some stuff out. I tried it on my workstation today as well: AMD 3970x + TRX40 Creator + GTX1080 which has plenty of PCIe gen4 16x slots. The GPU was in slot 1 and the WiGig card in #2 Still gave me motion sickness from the subtle latency / shake. Basically the same performance as the other machine.
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    We use TextMeshPro to create debug objects within a scene and use that to display error logs within the headset. @chengnay
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    @SanityGaming - I totally get it - there's a number of advantages to ordering from Amazon. I just can't really overemphasize how messed up global logistics are due to COVID in general - I haven't heard back from our EU team yet on this unfortunately. I've been locked down for 10 days myself in SF.
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    Wow, everywhere I looked said A+B, so really helpful to see the opposite! Thanks, now it's working fine!
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    Change the base station that has Channel A to C. You want to always use Channels B+C. Let me know if that resolved it. Also, feel free to contact our customer support. They're quicker in response and is a sure way to get your issues resolved if you're on a time crunch. Thanks, Steve
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    Edit: Looks like we posted at about the same time. Glad it is working for you. Thanks! @GruntFX Sorry for the issues you have gone through. I have seen a couple of cases such as yours. The way the redemption works is the inbox code unlocks whatever promotion we are running at a given time, in this case it unlocks a 6 month Infinity subscription (that you can apply in your Viveport software) and Half Life: Alyx (that you apply in Steam). I will need some info from you, I will send you a PM. Thank you, John
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    I had this issue and switched the USB for the link box from a red outlet (USB 3.1 Gen 2) to the normal blue (USB 3.1 Gen 1), and then the mic showed up both in Device Manager and in Sound options, no restart etc needed.
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    At the title says, I'm pretty annoyed with HTC Vive/Cosmos as a whole right now. From day one we have had tracking issues and still have them. There is no "Upgrade kit" in the foreseeable future with a rebate for current Cosmos owners to upgrade to an Elite system. Since our face plate & controllers are useless. It is more cost effective to purchase a new Cosmos Elite than to upgrade. Feels pretty shitty to be honest. @C.T. @stvnxu
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    found the issue. 🙂
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    While the Cosmos has a nice screen and the idea of inside out tracking is appealing, the performance of the device is just not acceptable. Being a day one adopter of VR and having bought and used the original Vive, this is nowhere near the the performance I expect from a VR HMD. Yes the gradual improvements of inside out tracking are welcome, but the performance will never compare to light house tracking. HTC is trying hard to remedy the problem but the only way to do that would be to do some sort of external tracking. This is why... Maybe if HTC offers good pricing on upgrading the Cosmos to Light House tracking I might buy it and send the HDM to my brother but for now it will be sitting in a box collecting dust. Because for the life no one want's this thing and I have tried to sell it for the last month and a half. HTC if you are reading this, yes you have improved the tracking. But you need to go a step further, the default controllers are nice and going to light house tracking with the elite package as a consumer you are taking two steps forward one step back. The controllers that come with the current package are far superior to the default HTC VIVE and HTC VIVE PRO controllers. They are even capable of competing with the knuckle controllers. So my suggestion to the Management/Engineering in the VR department is instead of light houses sell 2 custom 90+ hz external cameras with a good FOV that are capable of of low light and bright light performance. Make them pair with wifi, or bluetooth. Then in conjunction with the inside out tracking on the HMD you can get your algorithm right. You will have many points of reference for tracking at this point. Camera sensors are pretty cheap these days, every smartphone has one. My $0.02 @C.T.
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    @VibrantNebula Thank you so much! This is extremely helpful -- I'll check it out.
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    @A-Jey Sorry you've been ill mate and I hope you are feeling better now. I'll probably take my Cosmos out of storage (hope that's a better place to mention, lol!) once I hear that its inside out tracking is better. I'm currently managing 2x VR headsets on my PC; Vive Pro w/2.0 base stations/controllers and an Oculus Rift cv1 w/2x sensors. Both of these are working great and because of the Pro Link Box on/off switch and the Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) switching options it's very easy to go from one to the other. When I do get my Cosmos going again I'll probably use it with my Vive Wireless adapter for games that require a bit more moving around, but are not too CPU intensive like most of my flight/racing sims are. Also, for some reason, I found that the wireless worked better with my Cosmos (better visuals/stability) than my Vive Pro. Like you, I'm not really interested in the SteamVR faceplate (even though I already have 2.0 base stations/controllers) because I prefer the Cosmos controllers over the Vive wands (and Index controllers are still not available in Australia). Also, I'm hoping that by running it wireless (without a link box) it will be easier to switch between it and my Vive Pro. One potential problem I have heard mentioned is that a Cosmos with a wireless adapter does not always install Cosmos updates very well and often you may need to convert it back to wired to complete firmware updates. Hence why I am reluctant to bring it out of storage until its tracking is improved a bit more. Again, hope you're feeling better mate.
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    Games with two-handed poses see improvement - For bows I tested Apex Legends, Blade and Sorcery and Longbow in The Lab. For rifles tested H3VR, and Boneworks. Bows were much less jittery and had better accuracy, with only occasional controller drift and position loss. Rifles were steadier, could actually hit a target through a scope (impossible at launch). Occasional position loss and slight delay when "leaving" locked pose I personally saw some improvement to headset jittering, was previously noticing it during load screens or in slight movement when standing still ingame, a bit smoother now. +Controller position will lock in place every once in a while, either low at the sides or high, but is quick to regain actual position All in all - another great step in the right direction. Thanks guys!
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    Hahaha, thanks man. Himalayan salt is life - every time a computer makes me want to pull some hair out I just stare at it, instant chill out.
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    Here's a bunch of gameplay from Boneworks on I agree still some issues with the rifle action. It is difficult to aim. Otherwise everything else is great. Played two hours and almost got dizzy jumping and running around. I love how Boneworks uses capacitive touch on some of the buttons.
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