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    @A-Jey I only get the very odd too dark message now, even under poorly lit night conditions. Also, these are now very easy to dismiss by just moving your head left/right ~90 degrees a couple of times. Since the last 2x updates I have never seen a too bright message btw. Tracking is slowly improving but still has a way to go to match the Rift S inside-out tracking. Actually I'm looking forward to the SteamVR faceplate since base stations will always produce the best tracking. Xmas cheers!
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    As others have said I am finding the tracking much better. But I am still seeing major issues when moving the controllers near to the headset (sometimes I see this when using a bow and arrow) - they just completely freeze until you move them away. Beat Saber is a lot better, but I still see occasions when a controller looses sync after a lot of movement. I do understand that this was never going to be a quick fix, but I am happy that significant progress is being made.
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    HTC Cosmos - Definitely on the right path towards correcting the inside out flaws of tracking issues for OOBE, still RIFT S is more polished. Nice update before the holidays...Maybe we can get Reset View / Reset Position by New Year's 2020. Haahaaa maybe that's a little too much.
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    OK, I just tried this beta and I think it's a pretty significant improvement in tracking. Still not quite Rift S gold standard for inside out, but getting a lot closer. Longbow in the lab is actually quite playable now. The slingshot in Angry birds vr is still pretty unstable but if you hold it at a bit of an angle it's at least playable now. Two handled rifles still kinda wander around though. The Xmas theme in Origin looks great and I like the candy cane magic markers. I noticed a significant improvement in controller occlusions when drawing and moving the other controller in front and behind each other. Also, drawing circles out to the sides produced nice smooth, unbroken curves. I use rechargeable eneloop batteries and normally get ~4 hours runtime so I'll keep an eye on these and see if I notice any improvements. Overall, I give this update a big thumbs up. Thanks Vive engineers and have yourselves a merry little xmas! Cheers.
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